Chris Coarse


April 14, 2009
Wilmington, DE
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Drummer Girl

Chad noticed a girl (Camille) in the audience had put a drumstick (that she had caught) down the front of her blouse. So, Chad being Chad, invited her onstage to hold his sticks. The man is incredible!! He pulled this stunt and never, NEVER missed a beat. He even remembered her and mentioned her at the Atlantic City show a few months later. Awesome. Camille's story of that night is available on this site. Just click on the TLA location and it should take you there.


A little blurry, but the best shot I got of Joe. Larger version available.

The Rhythm Section

Chad was difficult for me to photograph. He hides behind that drum kit. Here you can tell that both he and Mike are putting their all into it. Larger photograph available.

Three of four band members.

Awesome shot. Sammy saw the camera and waited for me to take the photo. I can't imagine what the guy in front of me (who's flash you see in the photo) got. This photo is nice in that I got Chad, Mike and Sam in the same shot. I was trying for a full band shot, but Joe doesn't move much from his side of the stage. Larger image available.

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