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The guys took a break from recent recording sessions to talk a little about an obscure, yet effective, technique they are working with. Come learn a little about the A.M.P.F. technology and if you are up for it, share your own videos on how you can apply the A.M.P.F. system in your life!

Wondering what else the guys have been up to? Well, Joe made a new record this summer, Chad is also in the studio with the RHCP's, Sammy is on tour with Aerosmith, and Mike has been in the kitchen perfecting a new hot sauce and will be out of the hospital burn ward soon. The guys will be returning to the studio next month and also playing two special shows in September. See http://www.chickenfoot.us/ for the latest there. For the latest on each of them check out http://www.satriani.com/ http://www.redrocker.com/ http://www.redhotchilipeppers.com/ http://www.madanthonycafe.com/

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This MUST be one of the new ones!

I'm like very positive the song used in this is one of the new ones "No Change"!! From what I hear, even though it's just a demo, it sounds amazing guys! Can't wait for Chickenfoot IV :D

AMPF - Applying AMPF on my computer system

nlnl ae;jv;emv;qv'evm'ev[pevv'qev;em . o[o[lm'lm Yeah !!

A.M.P.F. Technology

I tried using the A.M.P.F. technology with my photography and at first the results were mixed, but with practice it really works!
My customers seem pleased with the finished product.
Thanks Foot!

AMPF Video

Hey this is brilliant we tried it out ourselves!!
Check it out here



Chickenfoot A.M.P.F'n = Godlike legends!!!!!!

CHICKENFOOT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is great. What's it's about

This is fantastic.
Having fun and making music.
What it is all about. Doing what you love and having fun with it.
I cannot wait for more from you guys.


I'm All A.M.P.F.ed up! I'm gonna request the glasses adaptive version. Last time I velcro'd myself it got ugly. Love the jam as well as the new concept. Thanks for taking the time and sharing a glimpse. Can't wait to see the results of recordings! The Foot is coming down soon! Peace


New song sounds AWESOME!!! I like how they did this video just to showcase a section of a new song. Sounds bad ass from what we can hear!

Applying the A.M.P.F technique at work

I can't wait to try this at work! i'll add this to my headphone technique
i'm digging the new music, it sounds crunchy and heavy.
and of course i'm hoping Chad will have an A.M.P.F. drivers school... yes please!