12 Days of the Foot

Chickenfoot '12 Days of the Foot' Podcast
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Join the band each day for a new episode with their commentary on each song from the album.
view episodes (one each day):
Day 01: Avenida Revolution
Day 02: Soap On A Rope
Day 03: Sexy Little Thing
Day 04: Oh Yeah
Day 05: Runnin' Out
Day 06: Get It Up
Day 07: Down The Drain
Day 08: My Kinda Girl
Day 09: Learning To Fall
Day 10: Turnin' Left
Day 11: Future In The Past
Day 12: Bitten By The Wolf (Bonus)
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My Kinda Girl

Too commercial? No way. This song is super real to me and embodies two my-kinda-girls. That is, the one I want to hang with as well as the one who raised me. Great piece of rock-n-roll gents. Oh and by the way, sounds awesome cranked in a RED convertible GT Mustang headed to the beach.

I went to see the show

when I first heard chickenfoot I was hooked the next day I found myself playing the intro to that voodo song I could not wait till they came to Phx. I pawned my guitar and went to the show it was so much fun watching Satriani play I like all the guys on chickenfoot Sammy and Michael with Vh I saw them at Norfolk Scope Chad and the Chili Peppers my favorite since day onewell since mothers milk and to get these guys together with Joe in a band onstage is unbeliebable what a show I bought my concert shirt and smiled for a week.

This will be the best rock

This will be the best rock album of 2009 bar none! can't wait to head to bestbuy in few weeks :) Will be waiting outside the place for the doors to open up with the contadora de billetes .

I don’t know why “Bitten” was

I don’t know why “Bitten” was left off the CD, I think it’s a great ending to the album. Since I don’t own a record player I was very happy to see this included on the itunes album, which I downloaded this morning. I plan on getting the CD cctv too later on today. By the way, this album went WAY beyond my expectations - a total blast!

so as a guitarist and

so as a guitarist and drummer, i've been a huge fan of joe and sammy separately -seen joe live at the house of blues dallas recently and sammy a few times with van halen- and always been respectful of chad's drumming and the bass mikey brought to vh.. all i can say is wow. sammy, you have set yourself one hell of a bar to top as far as love songs go, not the least of which is "returning of the wish". from what i have seen, you have brought the coolest philosophies to making music and that has really stuck with me. and joe, you have always brought taste to virtuoso guitar playing. can't wait to see where you guys take this. if ever you are in need of photography, let me know.

sammys lyrics

Backstage without a pass, this bud's for you tatooed on her ass!
Those have to be my favorite lyrics since "she dont like the way i dress, she dont like the way i wear my hair but when i roll you over baby, you dont care! Cant wait to see the foot in L.A. My 47th Sammy show.


what kind of sunglasses is sammy wearing on the first part of the videos i hear him say something about mountain or something but i was looking for them because they look cool and i can't find them no where any info would be great thanks. see ya in tulsa

chicken foot

to be perfectly honest...when I heard Joe was playin with sammy and mike, I was like...wtf is he thinkin??? lmao (no offense, love your music too guys) but since having heard some of the tracks...I fell in love with the project!! now I'm pissed off cuz there aren't any tour dates in Washington State!! I seen Joe for the first time in 85 or 86 when he played Parker's in Seattle, been in love with his music ever since...you guys ROCK! bring it to Washington!! Peace!

Bitten by the Wolf

Wouldn't it be cool if Bitten by the Wolf was offered to the Fan Club members as a free download?

I agree!

It sure would be! You can buy all the songs seperately on iTunes... except bitten by the wolf! It's just plain torture.

on the 4th day of chickenfot

on the 4th day of chickenfot Joey said to us...;))..the album rocks...

Original HSAS

The original HSAS was Sammy Hagar/ Neal Schon / Kenny Aaronson / Michael Shrieve

The 1984 album "Through The Fire" featured the singles Top Of The Rock & Whiter Shade of Pale.

It was on Geffen records not sure if it is still in print.

oh..ok..thanx for the

oh..ok..thanx for the reply..i never heard em. Neal and Sammy seam like an odd pairing. don.t know the other two by name.

other 2 players

Michael Shrieve was the drummer for Santana for about 25 years (played woodstock and all that) and Kenny Aaronson was bass player for Foghat, Hall & Oats and Billy Idol.

pure magic

this is the greatest rock album ever made...period...end of story. I think Eddie must be shocked.

They rock!!

Hey, if you love this CD you should try and see them live!!
One week later and I'm still lost for words... man oh man. It was amazing.

HSAS part 2

Hagar/ Satriani / Anthony / Smith aka Chickenfoot!

This is the best CD I have listened to in years, can't stop listening, every song is amazing!

Let's hope this is more than the one off that the last HSAS line up recorded.

This is the best band on the planet period!

last HSAS lineup?

Last HSAS lineup?? Who would that have been?


My reply to this some how got listed above please look there

cant get enough of chickenfoot.

Finally an album you can listen to all the way from front to back. its not all the same. theres something for everyone. Make sure when you do your canadian tour you include Winnipeg in there. you can tell there is chemistry with all four guys. Sammy and Mike, im glad you guys are back together.

The Marquee, Cork

I had a feeling this would be pretty sweet and I rarely disappoint myself. 4 superstars together and not so much as a hint of an ego, well, not much (but that's allowed for the individuals involved). Great gig. Cork is quiet though and we're not overly expressive but we love to see people playing in the real capital for a change. God bless the Marquee! Michael Anthony, I'd love to know if you could still knock back half a bottle of JD before a solo but one thing's for sure, you can still hit those notes. Great to see a band that are just enjoying what they're doing. Oh and Chad, I think I could actually hear the depletion of the rain-forests with the rate you were chucking out the drumsticks. Great Show. Thanks for coming. See you all again soon.


WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Love this Superband!!! But... WHY DONT YOU MAKE A TOUR IN SOUTH AMERICA??? We are tired of the music of our side of the world, only Reggaeton and national Rock who sucks hard...

Come and make us came alive again!!!!!!

The podcasts

I was watching some of the podcasts back....they are so cool. It was a fun way of counting down the album...and they still are a blast. I love having a video iPOD for this kind of stuff.....thanks for taking the time and doing all this for the fans...hey Joe have you ever thought about posting some of those Quicktime clips for the song demos...that would be interesting to see...it is always cool to see a song in its beginnings. Just a thought. See you on the road (again :-)) soon.
Brent (hammerboy)
ps Hey Joe....you gave Chad a guitar....you gave Conan the road Chickenfoot guitar....you are becoming the rock n roll Santa....that Chickenfoot guitar would have been awesome to have too...it was SWEET!!!

The "Missing Foot" has arrived in Style

How can you describe Rock'n'Roll genius..These 4 together!!!!.look forward to new adventures.All the best to you & please consider a trip to Australia...The album is a classic..Rock'n'Roll will never die

Am I dead?

I've died and gone to rock n' roll heaven! Can't wait to see y'all in concert!


That is so funny. It's the same thing I said on FB. I've died and gone to rock n roll heaven. How is it possible that 4 of my absolute favorites are together in one band. Of course Sammy has always been my number one.

I Love the"I've died and gone to Rock & Roll Heaven" Comment

Because that's exactly what I thought when I was rockin' out to Chickenfoot at the Roxy. SAME EXACT THOUGHT!! This is the ultimate Rock & Roll Band. CHICKENFOOT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its official, I now have a foot fetish!!!!

The new disc sounds great. Such a wide range of music. Every time I listen to it I am amazed at all the different layers and styles in each and every tune. I gotta agree though, only making "Bitten" available on vinyl kinda blows. Wish I had know it before I bought the disc.

Bitten By The Wolf

The album rocks - here's another fan hoping you'll make "Bitten by the Wolf" available for individual download via iTunes. Hey, I bought the CD - can't I pay 99 cents (or $1.29) to download it via iTunes instead of paying $9.99 all over again for 1 track? Ya know, I seem to recall Sammy having a big problem with Van Halen's record company releasing a "Greatest Hits" album with a bonus track available nowhere else as he saw it (rightfully so) as a rip off to the fans. So, what's the difference in this case?

Don't get me wrong though - love the tunes - which is why I really want the bonus track - I WANT MORE CHICKENFOOT!!!!


PS: You guys smoked on Conan last week

Dream Team of Music

You dudes are awesome!
Chad can Dribble Down the court & Groove
Joe can setup the team to Score with his great tones & Jam
Michael Dude your Glue! You keep the foundation that rocks
Sammy Your the Icing on the top of the Cake!

All I ask is if you guy stay around for a long time and give us Tons of music for years to come!
Derek Young

All Hail Chickenfoot

How can you go wrong with these legends?? Most honest to rock album I've heard in years. Thank You!!
p.s. Great Tonight Show performance! Don't stop rockin' us!

kick ass

It is about time to hear some good music. With all the wanna be bands out there, along comes CHICKENFOOT!!!! This gruop of guys are going to rock the world with this band they have put togather I am as happy as a monkey eating a bannana and the Red Rocker sipping tequila. God bless the new band CHICKENFOOT!!!

Love It!

Not a bad song on the CD. This is first "New" album I've bought in years, and I'm glad I did.

I almost didn't buy this because Michael Anthony was in it... I went to see Van Halen's Monster of Rock in Washington D.C. MA was so wasted that he literally ruined the show. By far worst group in the whole show.

Does not sound like Van Halen or Van Hagar, they have their own sound and it ROCKS!

The Year of The 'Foot!

I knew from the teasers that I would enjoy this album, but it has far exceeded my expectations. It has been a LOOOOONG time since nearly an entire album made the hair stand up on my arms. The great thing about 'Foot I is that it rocks, yet there are some change-ups to keep it interesting.

I can't wait to see the live show at the Rock'n'Roll HOF! I'm proud to say I'm a Chickenhead, which is damn funny, if nothing else;)

To the band, I say, "Thank you!". This album is truly an inspiration.

Bitten By the Wolf

Friken AWESOME, just wish you put it on the CD now I have get it on Itunes.
Thanks for a truly great CD guys!!!!!!

You Are Awesome

I saw you perform at the Conan O'Brian Show, and can i just say you are amazing!!!!!!

It was awesome of Satriani to give Conan O'Brian the Chickenfoot Official Guitar.

You Guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Are Awesome

I saw you perform at the Conan O'Brian Show, and can i just say you are amazing!!!!!!

It was awesome of Satriani to give Conan O'Brian the Chickenfoot Official Guitar.

You Guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I even saw the first official show, in Seattle, WA, and it was freakin' awesome, but I was disappointed the band chose to release the bonus song Bitten By The Wolf, only on the vinyl copy. If it wasn't an outdated form it would be ok, but even if I bought the vinyl copy I still would not be able to listen to it. So far that is the only thing about the FOOT that has let me down.
Update: Checked iTunes and you can get the bonus track that way, but only if you buy the whole album. I think It ridiculous to have to buy the album twice and will find it by other means.
Saw the FOOT on Conan O'Brien and they nailed Oh Yeah! This Band rocks and I will see them again.


WOOHOOO!!!! I had the best surprise coming home from school today! My foot had arrived!!! Absolutely amazing album, going to go listen to it yet again now. Amazing!!!

Footday Cometh!

Happy Footday! I expect many more albums like this guys! Great job! See ya soon!

Brings a tear to your eye

Happy Foot Day! Kind of a bittersweet day...... looked forward to seeing a new clip each and every day..... Now is the time to go out and ROCK!

i expect more great stuff

i expect more great stuff coming from these guys ..especially videos for the songs as mentioned in the 12 days...im addicted to the Chickenfoot Updates! Happy /|\ Day

iTunes link not working again

The title of the song is Future "IN" the Past, not Future "IS" the Past.
Again, just trying to help. Feel free to delete this post.


Anyone interested in seeing a TON of photos from the NYC show on 5/28??

Go to my MobileMe website: http://gallery.me.com/jbassuk

They should be viewable AND downloadable for anyone who wants 'em! (Just gimme some love when you talk about the shots...lol)

I was right there in front havin a blast, and I'm waiting for August 17th for the Beacon show for another one!! I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot of you there! This was a TRULY amazing show, and the CD rocks out to the highest levels of Rockivity!!!

If anyone who I ran into at the show is on Facebook, please drop me a friend request...search for me as "Jon Bassuk" in Westchester, NY.


GET IT UP!!!!!!!!!

Chickenfoot Pictures

Johnny- can't see the pic.'s Where did you get your CW tat done? It looks gr8!

To VIP or not to VIP...that is the question....

Hey Axe...*wink* I KNOW YOU DUDE!!! lol!

Not sure whether I'll be VIP for this one, but I DID manage to sell my extra swag on eBay just yesterday, and got the money back for that ticket...not bad!
Listening to the CD nonstop and nowhere near getting tired of ANY of the songs. Tryin to hook up with a manager from Best Buy near me to snag one of the sandwich board-style promo posters they got at the front of the store...THAT would be sweet...will know soon.

Either way, I'm sure I'll be seeing you on August 17th!!




Better Than

I Have Always followed satriani, red hot chili peppers, and especially van halen in their careers even though im only 15
and now that you are all in one band is just amazing
the podcast is great, the songs are great, the lyrics are great
-Mike is the greatest Bass Player and not only that, he can hit those amazing high notes
-Greatest Singer is Sammy(Hits unbelievable notes)
-Amazing Guitarist Satriani just blew me away the first time i heard it
-And well Chad is hilarious and by the way a great drummer from a great band

And I am here to say that



NYC Concert-Irving Plaza

I was fortunate enough to witness history in the making. No joke. This band is simply amazing. They have it all-insane guitar riffs from a legend, in-your-face vocals like no other, and a rhythm section that will blow your doors off! Period. They rocked solid for two hours-all original material-no fillers. If they come to your town, drop everything and make sure that you're there. Trust me, you can thank me later. One funny note, during the show, Chad Smith chucked one of his drum sticks into the audience and hit the dude behind me in the face and knocked out his front tooth!!! I nearly pissed myself. These guys are the real thing. I can't wait til the CD drops on Friday.


Loving it all. Cant wait for this disc to drop.