How Many times Have you seen "the Foot" live?

Vegas will be my 7th show!

May 22, Chicago, IL Park West
August 18, Baltimore, MD Lyric Opera House
August 23, Hampton Beach, NH Casino Ballroom Hampton Beach
August 24, Boston, MA Bank Of America Pavilion
August 26, Portsmouth, VA Ntelos Pavilion
October 10, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Cabo Wabo Cantina
December 5, Las Vegas, NV The Joint

They get better and better with each show. We need more music guys!

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Been to 3 shows , vancouver , Tahoe , and Vegas , cant wait till next year !

February 2008, Las Vegas, NV ~ The Palms (3 song encore, when it all started).
May 2009, Hollywood, CA ~ The Roxy
June 2009, Los Angeles, CA ~ Best Buy CD Signing
September 2009, Rincon, CA ~ Harrah's Outdoor Theater
September 2009, Los Angeles, CA ~ Gibson Amphitheater
December 2009, Las Vegas, NV ~ The Joint

Looks like a total of 6 for us!

I'm gonna have to say 1/4 of a show cause tuned in for the fantastic livefeed so gotta say i have now seen my first live Chickenfoot gig :) Thanks again guys for putting that all together for the fans was Awesome.

This just might be, no wait..THIS WILL BE MY FIRST CHICKENFOOT SHOW!!
OK So I won a trip to Vegas! Never been to Vegas.
Flying in Friday and have been sitting here at the computer looking around for something to do on Saturday night..husband hates to gamble, go figure, and low and flippin' behold I found a Chickenfoot concert! WOOHOO JACKPOT! He's a huge old school Montrose fan...I just love Sammy's energy--doesn't matter who he's playing with! We've been to so many Sammy shows over the years..mainly in Kansas City, but the last one was at Harrah's, I think it was, in Council Bluffs, outdoor summer concert...great time!
Anyways, I bought the Chickenfoot cd first day it went on sale and was so damn excited to see tour dates come up...but then couldn't make it to the KC show at the Uptown Theater..still pissed about that one!
So I guess if everything goes right...I'll be ordering tickets tomorrow and having one helluva' good time Saturday night!

Philadelphia PA
Portsmouth VA
Charlotte NC
Myrtle Beach SC
Atlanta GA
Valley Center CA
Universal City CA

The Philly show gave me goosebumps! My favorite though was the Ports-Mouth show...lots of off the cuff jams, Sammy seemed to be in great spirits, lots of interaction with the crowd!! The fans were the best in the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach. Each show was unique and special... the shows were never the same but they were always kick ass!

Wish I were headed to Vegas.

Isn't a Port and a Mouth the same thing?=)

Yeah that was a totally rocking show, and I might have enjoyed that show the most. It was the only show that I saw with the big screens getting up close and personal, especially on Joe. The boys were in such a great mood, and it was just a fun show overall. Every show did kick ass, yet in a different way!

OMG, Chad cracked me up when he said that!! I agree with Mare, I think this was my favorite show. The crowd interaction and the heartfelt words from Sammy thanking us for allowing them to do this! The whole night was just awesome. All I know is that when Sammy came over to where I was and looked down at me and said, "You fucking rock!" it made my night!! Then Chad came over and said the same thing!! I was a happy girl and glad I made the 3,000 mile journey.

5 Days
4 Shows
Chickenfoot Pluckin' Rocks!

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!

Rock on,
Michelle - has 3 guitar pics, 2 drumsticks and 1 scar from my Chickenfoot trips!!

Three times seeing the FOOT for me. 3 times in three months.
KC MO - Uptown Theatre in August 2009
Tulsa OK - Brady Theatre -September 2009
Cabo San Lucas - October 10 2009

Over the last 12 months, I have seen Sammy 9 times. Up Front FAN-atic for sure! I listen to the FOOT CD almost daily and dig the album more & more each time I hear it. LONG LIVE THE FOOT! What a gift !

Yeah Sammy is the best. I have seen him those 7 times with the foot and 7 times with the Wabos since the 2008 Bash show--at the Birthday Show in '08, the two St. Louis KSHE 95 birthday shows in St. Louis in November of 2008, and all four of the birthday bash shows this year. How he does it is amazing. You hear of guys younger than him losing their voice during shows. You see guys just standing around singing on stage. You see guys falling into drug and alcohol addictions. Sammy just goes up there, sings, plays guitar, dances, runs around, and signs things like it's nobody's business. The Red Rocker is the ULTIMATE ROCKER!

May 24, 2009 Toronto, Ont @ Mod club
Aug. 8, 2009 Detroit, MI @ Fillmore
Aug. 13, 2009 Grand Rapids, MI @ 5/3 Ballpark
Aug. 15, 2009 Cleveland, OH @ Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

May 24, 2009 Toronto, ONT @ MOD Club
Aug. 8, 2009 Detroit, MI @ Fillmore
Aug. 13, 2009 Grand Rapids, MI @ 5/3 Ballpark
Aug. 15, 2009 Cleveland, OH @ Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Vegas will be my 8th show!
Seattle, WA (the first show)
Portsmouth, VA
Charlotte, NC
Myrtle Beach, SC
Atlanta, GA
Valley Center, CA
Universal City, CA
Vegas, baby!!!! Can't wait to see them AGAIN! The Foot f'n ROCKS!!!!!!


Cambridge, MA
Hampton, NH
Boston, Ma

Three times

London, with Pete from Denmark, Dave and Sheenagh, and Donnie from Austin Texas.
Pistoia Italy, with Cabo Christie, Scott and Nino,
Lignano Italy

Each one was special in its own way.

I've seen "the Foot" live twice:

Philadelphia Pretour Show
Cleveland Rock and Roll Hll of Fame Show.

Great Band and the Philly "drumstick holder" bit has to be on a video.

Hopefully there will be another album and tour soon....

10 times!! But really, I'm NOT a groupie, Lol!

Madrid (cancelled)

Next up, Vegas baby! :)

probably easier to list the shows you werent at..awesome!.....well i was only at 3 but front row for each
Filmore @ Irving Plaza
Beacon Theater , NYC
Atlantic city, House of Blues
...and so many souvenirs i have a drawer full of Chickenfoot stuff as my walls have filled

I've been looking for someone who had seen them more than me! I knew they were out there. That's some serious traveling! I loved each show, but the Hampton Beach show might have been one of my favorites! It was hot as hell in there though. See you in Vegas!

Boston Warm Up
Philly Warm Up
Hampton Beach
Cabo San Lucas

(favorite was philly warm up show)

LOL, I thought that Hampton Beach show was phenomenal. Wish I could have made more of the warm ups!

I was up close and in bliss at the concert in Houston Sept. 16th, a night to remember. It was so good I talked my husband into taking my to Vegas to see the show Dec. 5th. I'm counting the days down!

I've been blessed to have seen them TWICE!
First in S.F. and then in Berkeley.
Now Vegas will make it THREE!
Third time's a CHARM, right?! ;-)


i was at both of those as well! great shows, great band

hope Vegas will be 8!

I've only seen them once in Chicago August 7. I did follow the tour closely and agree that they got even better as the tour went on. The Chicago show was fantastic. Met some great people there as well.