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April 14, 2009
Las Vegas, NV
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Not attending any upcoming shows.


Chickenfoot Pluckin' ROCKS!!!

Sally, Colleen, Michelle and Linda are UP FRONT FANATICS for The Foot!!! What an AMAZING show, thanks guys!

Rock on,

CWT was flowing at El Corazon!
A toast to Rock-n-Roll!

Pre-func at the new Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle.

Movie night

Oh yeah, what a GREAT movie! It was very hard to sit still in the seat, I just HAD to rock out! By the end of the show, the rest of the audience was rockin' with me, complete with a standing ovation at the end!!

7-Footer after show glow

Mare, me, Dan and Karen all smiles after the Gibson show!! Talk about an awesome show, Chickenfoot pluckin' ROCKED us again! Great way to end our 7-Footer concert run.

Sign outside the venue

Loved this sign! Well duh, I know I'm gonna stand up AND be loud!!! Isn't that what you're supposed to do at a concert???


Caught a drumstick with my face, split my lip open, blood everywhere. The small scar it left above my lip is my favorite concert momento!! Rock-n-roll battlescars!!

Sammy holding up my sign

5 Days 4 Shows Because Chickenfoot Pluckin' Rocks!! Sammy holding up my sign at the end of the show. Never saw it again, I was too star-struck to ask him to give it back to me.

Sammy holding up my license plate!

At the end of the show Sammy came over to where I was standing and started holding up all my stuff! Terri Brill took this picture because I was in la-la land!


A little role switch-a-roo, Chad on vocals and Sammy on drums!


Mikey was asking the crowd, "Has anyone seen Sammy?" OMG that was so funny!


The boys practicing Rock-n-Roll for the show!


Very cool lighting at The Joint.

Michelle, Crystal & Leanne gettin' their buzz on!

Celebrating at the new Vegas Cabo Wabo!

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