May 05, 2012
Harrah's Hotel & Casino
Lake Tahoe, NV
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I hope to meet some of the favorite Hollywood stars inside the hotel to satisfy my stay there. I was wondering where to Buy Tickets Online which offers cheap and economical tickets available. Any suggestions guys?

I hope I'll have the chance to find events like this during my stay in Hawaii. I found some good deals on hawaii vacation hotels and I plan to stick with my plan. Having fun has become one of my priorities, it's time for a new lifestyle.

Show was off the charts & drank a lot of Wabaritas to get primed for the show. In fact I'll have another!!! No wait that was the Horse that Won the Kentucky Derby or was that Me... To all of the great people I met in line hope to see you at one of the CF shows in the future.

I went to both the may 4Th & 5Th shows in Tahoe, and I must say the May 4Th show was better. Due to the fact that there wasn't as many "VIP" or meet & greet people there. I understand why people wait in line ALL day just to be able to get the chance to be up front, but then the people with "VIP" or Meet & Greet passes go in first & the GA people get stuck to the sides or in the back. Not everyone can afford these tickets, and I think its unfair. We are ALL fans of Sammy & the Wabos, and Chickenfoot.
I think if you got the chance to meet them, that's cool, but then the GA people don't get that opportunity. I mean is it too much to ask that they stand in line with the GA people after the M & G. Even people without either pass tried to cut in line. It sucks.
Won't do it again, if that's the way it's gonna keep going.


We were at the Cinco de Mayo show in Tahoe, it was awesome meet and greet and soundcheck, my husband got his Gibson Explorer RED ROCKER Chickenfoot guitar signed by Sammy, best rock and roll experience ever. Thanks guys for a great time.

Had a blast at both shows...but someone grabbed my VIP/SWAG bag at the end of the 2nd show...if by some chance it was an accident...shoot me an email! We did get soundcheck though, so it was pretty good trade off!


1.Lighten Up
2.Alright Alright
3.Big Foot
4.Sexy Little Thing
5.Soap on a Rope
6.Last Temptation
7.My Kinda Girl
8.Down The Drain
9.Something Gone Wrong
10.Turning Left
11.Future in the Past
12.Come Closer
13.Oh Yeah
14.Rock Candy
15.Different Devil

Any coincidence that the super moon of 2012 (the biggest full moon of the year) will occur on Saturday (May 5)?

Look out S.L.T.!


May 5th look for our crew at the Embassy Suites "Evening Manager's Reception" they won't know what hit them!

Hope they have Sammy's Beach Bar Rum on Tap! ~MM~

Who is going to Tahoe?

We've got some plans in the works, for fans attending either of these shows. Stay tuned, and get psyched for Chickenfoot by the lake!

In short - all you official Foot Soldiers, check your email while in Tahoe or en route. We'll be announcing a fan club gathering for Saturday midday. Messages will go out tomorrow, in the morning!

Got a crew of 20 breaking out of Folsom for May 5th!

We are leaving in 3 more days and going all 4 days. Can't wait to see what plans you guys have for us Redheads!! I'm sure it will be off the hook. Are We Having Any Fun Yet!! :-)

Hey Jack! Thanks for the pick/sticker from the Ronnie Montrose Tribute show and for letting my son crash in your chair. We had a great time hanging out in line with you and Tony (I hope he found his phone)! We stood on Joe's side during the show and got some nice pics, crowd got a little wild near the end. Take care!

They sold out during presale before I could get home from work and NOW they sold out during public sale before I could get home from work. Now I have to buy tickets for Friday. Atleast we still get to go.

We love Chickenfoot but...what happened to the fan club presale We really wanted 4 tickets for each night and ended up with 3 for friday and I had to go through stubhub for saturday and pay a ridiculous amount~ come on baby!!!!!!!

Hi - the fan club presale happened as scheduled on the 28th and ended last night. The public onsale is scheduled to start in another 10 minutes and more tickets will be available then. Additional VIP Ticket Packages will become available on Tuesday March 6th.

We're going both nights! Best of both worlds!

So stoked!!!!!!! Saw them in San Francisco. Just got 2 tickets for the Saturday show in Tahoe. YES!!!!!!

I have to be a PAID fan club member to get a presale code? That just ain't right, Sammy!

we didn't get ours...hopefully there were only two dozen available this morning.

Got mine! Cinco de Mayo with the boy's! Looking forward to another Rocking good time!


I totally agree with you. In minutes..

Wow! did that just sell out in 1 minute?! Go Chickenfoot!! But I was denied tickets and am bummed:(

What happened to the Bay Area? I've got to go to Tahoe to see Chikenfoot! Don't you like your fans from home?