Mar 01, 2012
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (TV Appearance)
Burbank, CA

Live TV performance. View the full show here and the backstage interview here.

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Too bad I didn't get to see you guys perform on the Jay Leno Show. I was ill and missed the show. I thought I would be able to view it here or on the Jay Leno site, but since I live in Canada it was blocked. You would think I would be able to catch the show here no matter where I live since I am a fan, but apparently only US residents can view it. I think if you are a member you should be able to view whatever is on this site. Disappointed. Also disappointed about Satchurated. Theatres dates were available for the US, UK and Australia. The DVD was filmed in Montreal Canada so you think we would be one of the first to view the 3D concert video. Once again disappointed. Hopefully things will change for Canadian fans.


hi and sorry that you're feeling a bit left out up there in canada! I do know that there is work actively being done to arrange a satchurated show up there, but i'm not sure 100% sure if it will happen and if it will be in montreal.

the tonight show is being unusually protective around the band's performance and our hands have been tied from being able to share it with everyone who missed it live. we will continue to work on that though and of course post it if it is released!

Why oh Why cant we see this in Australia....and when will you guys get down here !

Great show with Leno guys. You really kick ass. See u in Lake Tahoe May 5th.

AWESOME Go Tear Down The Walls Tonight, That shit rocks /|\