May 09, 2012
The Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO
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Update on the Pick Sets for VIP Packages! Good news, they finally showed up about two months from the show date, but I got them! So they are probably filling all missed shows in order!
Doug aka "CWG"

Has anyone who had any of the VIP Packages gotten their Pick Collection yet? We were told they would be sent to us by the concert representative since they didn't get them on time to put in our bags! I've been in touch with VIP Nation by phone & e-mail several times & just get the runaround! I suggest we all start to complain...the phone number is 1-888-458-8297 & the e-mail address is!

I received this update from VIP Nation today:

"We spent all last week shipping picks and have shipped out everything
through the Atlantic City 5/18 show. Picks shipped USPS, 7-10 days for
delivery. Only 2 shows left that we will handle right after the holiday."

Hey Live Nation, We had two VIP Packages but didn't get our Guitar Pick Sets! No one that had the VIP Packages got them! Will you be sending them out to us later?
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

The VIP shirts that come with the packages are a cream colored shirt with the Chickenfoot logo on the front & VIP on the left sleeve in black print! Very basic shirts, the nice thing is they are Trunk Ltd. shirts! If you have never had a Trunk Ltd. shirt, they are very light weight cotton & very soft!!

These questions go directly to Live Nation. From the FAQ at :

The Official Chickenfoot Fan Club and Official Online Store is managed by Live Nation Merchandise. All questions regarding non-Premium Ticket Package Presales (and presale Codes), and Fan Club membership need to be directed to FANCLUBSUPPORT@LIVENATIONMERCHANDISE.COM or 1-800-767-7160 (6am - 9pm Pacific).

ChickenFoot kicked Ass last night, they are such an amazing band, I can't believe so many ppl have never heard of this band!!!! It was just like the 1st Foot tour, 95% guys, and me, and some females who were with their signifiant others!!LOL Had 2 men approach me n ask if i wanted to go on their shoulders, WOW BOYS SETTLE DOWN!!!! Love the Sam Man, THE FOOT,Montrose, Waboritas, and VAN HAGAR! Sam has more class, more talent, and can play a few instruments, instead of ninja gynastics,lol! 5150 BAD ASS! I think the Sam/Dave debate is unfair, Dave fell off the charts.....after Steve Vai n Billy Sheean did a project with him, but he can't be without a talent, Sammy writes, plays, sings, rocks, and is so cool to his fans. He is amazing solo,with a group, or a super group! I'm just saying, Eddie n Alex should have changed the name of the band, and I think Sam was killer in Halen! I love the old Halen with Roth, but i think that when he left, he showed what he was capable of..... Red Rocker is AWESOME!

Going to the Connecticut show next week, have VIP tix. Can anyone tell me what the shirts look like that come with the VIP package? What are the other goodies?

The shirt is off white Chickenfoot Logo and name on front VIP on sleeve, poster, we are still waiting on our picks and pictures. Have fun Greatest Show on EARTH.


Looking forward to the 9th of May!
It's gonna be a great event for sure.
Thanks for the announcement!

Since Chickenfoot cannot make it to Indy , I'll be "coming closer" to them!  Willl see you in Denver with my BFF and "Sammy Hagar For Dummies" co author.  Will also be in Chicago on Saturday with my "other half" .

See you guys in May- best Mothers day ever!!!!
:) Linda

Any of the Cabo B-Bash regulars going to Denver? Anyone get VIP packages for Denver? Like to know whos going!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

We will be there but just general admin.
Dee & Pat

Any idea yet as to when the Filmore show is going on sale?

Just received confirmation on presale and onsale dates - see above!

Does anyone know what the story is on tickets for the Denver show? I thought there would be an update by now as there are obviosuly a lot of eager fans wanting tickets.

Are we going to get presales for Denver?

Why can't we get presale information for the Denver show? I would love to buy VIP tickets?

If they are having trouble booking the about Red Rocks!!! Looks available the 9th.

well it is 10:00 and here we are. How about an explaination from the web host on the Denver show lack of options

TICKET PRESALES for Fan Club members begin Feb 28th at 10am local time. Ticket links will be posted on the main "Tour" page as soon as they are available. Shows without pre-sale dates listed are happening after the 28th and will be announced as soon as they are determined.

Yes, wassup? I've been looking forward to this presale for a while; was probably even going to buy a couple of VIP packages like I did the last time they were in Denver (awesome show!). But it looks like the Denver Fillmore presale option is gone!? Very disappointing. Hopefully this will be corrected soon :-).

Info for presale/VIP for this and a handful of other dates will be released as soon as we have it. Thanks for your patience!

This page lists the information you want, updates to follow:

What happened to the Denver show? It was here 2 days ago, and now that it's presale time, it's missing? I checked the Fillmore's website and they are hosting something else that night. Is Chickenfoot having trouble finding a venue in Denver that night?

Yes, wassup? I've been looking forward to this presale for awhile; was probably even going to buy some VIP packages like I did the last time they were in Denver (awesome show!), but looks like the Denver Fillmore presale is gone!? Hope this gets corrected soon.

Flying into Denver from Indy for this show....sooooo fired up for it.