May 11, 2012
The Brick
Minneapolis, MN
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the concert was great.would see chickenfoot again!

Had a fantastic time at the show last night!! Thanks to the band, roadies and especially Lindsey for making the meet and greet a lot of fun

Great show last night. You guys sounded amazing and Sammy's screams were circa 1986! Can't wait to see you guys again.

I'm really stoked about being selected for the meet & greet tomorrow night !! Looking forward to meeting the guys and seeing another awesome show. /|\ /|\

Damn you! :)
We really wanted those meet n greets!
Oh well, still going to the show!!!
If you can't make it, let me know, I'd gladly take em off your hands! ;)

Congrats on winning the drawing! We really like being part of such a great prize giveaway :)

Can hardly wait to see Satch & Sammy. Have seen them every time they come to Minneapolis since 1986. We all r going to rock HARD :))

Unfortunately, this venue is getting very bad reviews after their first concert on monday(janes addiction). Oversold, too crowded, can't see. They are promising to make the proper changes and are not hiding from the problems. Hope it gets better before The Foot comes stomping into town.

Too bad they got off to a rough start. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Hopefully they're taking fan feedback to heart as well as to action.

Hell yeah... just bought my tickets and can't wait. Getting my Sammy fix with Chickenfoot... can't get any better.

Hi guys - I will be over from Scotland visiting a friend at this time - she got our tickets on Friday ! Haven't seen yo before and I'm so looking forward to the gig ( last UK tour was 2 dates and both in england - gonna by you guys a map of Britain!) Anyway lets see if Minneapolis can rock as good as Glasgow !! ps should I wear my kilt that night or could it get hot n sweaty down under ? YUEK !

Hi Guys - got our tickets on Friday !! 4000 miles for a gig ! Think I should wear my kilt ?

Got my ticket today...Can't wait to see the Foot !!!!

When You purchase meet & greet where are your concert seats? I would expect nothing less than front row for $550? I see the Brick is GA? Can you clarify the seating arrangements? Is the area at least sectioned I can grab a beer and get my place back?


For the few venues that are GA, the packages include early access to the venue so you can get a good spot right up front. I don't believe there is any easy access to return to your spot if you leave. If you have additional questions, please contact VIP Nation at INFO@VIPNATION.COM or CALL TOLL-FREE: +1-888-458-8297 toll-free from the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Any details on exactly where or how the tickets will be sold, how much $$ they will cost? (not that it matters, I'm going anyway)
As of today - 5 days before the presale date - the venue website has no info about the show.

We will post the ticket links as soon as they are available (we are hoping by end of day Monday)

I am pumped about the foot on tour. Anyone know what tix are going to cost?

This is a brand new venue, hasn't opened yet. Opens March 15. Because of that, I know nothing about it, but I intend to be front row and meetin' & greetin' with a vip package!!!
Excited to see a new venue, even more excited to see CHICKENFOOT again, after all, it's been since November that I last saw them, lol.

The show isn't listed as of this posting on the venue's ticketing site, but you can sign up there for notifications. Info will be on CHICKENFOOT.US as soon as it's available! Here is a link to the venue's general ticketing information, including the box office phone number:

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PPLLEEAASSEE let this be an all ages show!! Or maybe even 16+ PLEASE!! I'm not going to miss you guys live!

The Brick's website doesn't list this show. D'oh!

This soldier will be there!!

Chickenfoot, Van Halen and Nickelback. All within 2 weeks !!!!!! "Joe" with "Mike and "Sammy"!!!. "Eddie" and "Alex" back with "Dave" and Wolfie. Last saw Joe @ River Fest in St.Paul, MN.

You lost me at "Nickelback"...

You lost me at "Nickelback"... I know !!! But the girl wants to see them.?? What do ya do !!???

I'm so there!!!