May 12, 2012
Chicago Theater
Chicago, IL
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Great Concert.. You must see it to appreciate the sound these guys put out, just FANTASTIC!!
Like the addition of more lighting, video used from previous tour. If yoy havent seen these guys live, U need to get a ticketand see 4 yourself the music and tightness of the group..Foot lives on in Chicago.. Rock Candy tribute was awesome itself. Great job again FOOT!!

The show was HUGE!!!! Incredible to say the least.
Total energy all the way. The boys were tight,
sounding just like the albums. My wife is now
officially a Foot Soldier!!!!! CHICKENFOOT is
the best!!!!!!!!!

Amazing!!! The FOOT once again shook the chandeliers of the Chicago Theatre. The energy that comes from this band is incredible. Rodney and I brought his 14 year old boy, my buddy Floyd drove three hours with his 13 year old boy. Both boy's were rockin it big time. They loved it and have become fans of the FOOT. Mike, Joe, Kenny and Sammy - thank you so much for sharing your music. Even with all the BS from Ticketmaster...err...Ticketcrookster and LiveNation it was worth it. I wish you guy's and your crew safe travel's...enjoy Detroit and the rest of the tour. From a Chicago Rocker who does not "think were all that" I just know Chicago kick's ass!!

Please pick me for the Vip upgrade. My wife would be so Happy!

I am soooo super excited to go to the show Sat. and of course super excited for meet and greet! I am having a hard time getting a hold of the person who I need to meet with before the show . If I can't get a hold of her is it ok to just show up at the right time? Thanks A lot!!!!! I have seen Sammy a lot and he never disappoints!

I just received the "itenerary" for the 5/12 Chicago meet-&-greet. Extremely angry and irritated with the band and the promoters. No autographs; and no personal items or cell phones allowed. There were no advance warnings of "no, no, no" when I paid the $1100 charge for the meet-&-greet for me and a friend. What happened to you boys? I've been to a number of the "meet-&-greets" in the past; and it always was a joy and and a backstage celebration dedicated to the fans. Are the "meet-&-greet" purchasers at least going to get a sound-check performance? Of course, no one would know because we are not allowed to bring in cell phones to the session. I don't need to spend a $475 sur-charge for a photograph with the band and a "backstage tour". A big disappointment here - I'll not do another "VIP" package again; not sure I'll do another Chickenfoot purchase again.

Well did u ever stopped to think that this whole thing bout "no personal items and no cell phones" may not be all of what the band intended for the Meet & Greets? At least they want to meet their fans! At least fans get to meet and get a picture with them. The autograph thing is iffy because of time restrictions which is understandable. There's a strong possibility that their manager and promoters that came up with all or most of these Meet & Greet rules. So what if you most likely won't get anything autographed? At least we get spots right up front and we get to meet them in person! It's not the band's fault. So don't get so mad at them. Usually when they do autograph personal stuff is when u meet them outside the meet & greets. So do what Sammy's been saying since Chickenfoot III came out: Lighten Up

Just got my email with details about the VIP meet and greet. I am very disappointed to learn that for the $550 I paid for this, we cannot bring any kind of camera or cell phone. I have done meet and greets before with VIP Nation and I Love All Access and have never had cameras banned before. In fact, I have many great candid photos of the fans at the meet and greet and the artists either talking to fans or having their pictures taken. We are also not allowed to bring anything to be autographed due to time restrictions which I can understand. However, I wondered if the camera restriction could be reconsidered. Fans taking candid shots don't take any more of the artists' time nor does it require the band to interact with the attendee in a any additional way. It is a lot of money for a meet and greet that, at least based on the email, is only going to allow a quick photo that won't be available for a week or two and no other interaction with the band. Admin - any thoughts on this?

I am still a bit irrateted at the lousy seats I got in the Fan club presale only to see better seats show up later. What can you do I guess I am sure it will still be a good time.

I'm so stoked!! First time i've seen these guys since 2009 at the Myth in MN!!! GONNA BE THE BEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR!!

my husband and I will be in row 4 at the chicago theater! can't wait!

I took a pic of the Chicago Theatre yesterday as I was walking by...Chickenfoot for all to see.

Photo on left :)

Can't wait for the show! Four Legends of rock in one Band! AWESOME !!!

Sammy and band can't wait for the Foot to rock Chicago. Sammy maybe a Montrose tribute is in order for Ronnie's passing.

tried to purchase meet & greet package 4 CHI TOWN what a joke..... logged onto VIP NATION @1002am and it stated meet and greet packages were already sold out. called customer service @ VIP NATION and was told the package was pulled off the website last night. Customer service had no explaination why this happened. Gave VIP NATION another call a few minutes ago and asked them if they were going to be available, they said this was switched over to ticketmaster early this morning. just checked and nothing on there about any VIP packages. VIP NATION sounds they are as organized as a chinese fire drill or a 1 person carpool driving with the parking brake on in the express lane...

Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience - the VIP ticket packages will be back online Tuesday the 6th on the Ticketmaster site and we've been informed there will be packages of all types available at that time.

Was on right at 10 A.M. and kept showing 'no tickets available'. Finally after about the 10th try, wound up with a pair in the front row!

Bucket List, Grew up in Rialto,CA next door to Sammy. I've been a fan since Montrose, seen the red rocker many
times. I relocated to Green Bay after my military service. The Foot is my favorite, MUST SEE, to
bad not coming to WIS. Told all my friends about CKNFOOT i'll go anywhere to see them. Looks
like Chicago, Somehow I got great seats. So we'll see you there my fellow foot soldiers


Stopped at a public library to use their computer...... I was on at 10 am .. they must of thought I was UP NEXT got great seats ROW 7 ...I was just taken back by the $14 per ticket handling few....But the FOOT is well worth it.... ROCK ON BITCHES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

presale code does not work for package??

The VIP Packages have a special code - see details on


Two hours..........nothing thanks Ticketmaster, as said by PJ - "The Have's, Have Not a Clue" Seems the only way to secure decent seats is through a broker or buy a VIP package. I dont think that the band really needs money that bad to be behind something like this. Only leaves the folks at I mean Ticketmaster. Mr. Moderator, seen your comment, I understand.....I been going to shows for over 30 years and cannot believe that it has gotten worse for the fan's, terrible!!

Very sorry to hear you had a bad experience - report is that regular presale tickets for this show sold quicker than many others but when we informed them, additional tickets were released and I verified that there are still some available now.

That sucks I was in right at 10am and got 18th row. People log in later and get better seats. That really sucks.

If that is the case, it definitely does not seem right. I would think that additional tickets that were released would not be better than the original ones, but we have no way of verifying that since it is the local promoters who control the release of tickets.

I Bought my tickets one minute after they went on sale and listed best available and they gave me second row balcony... wish i coulda gotten floor seats but oh well.. ticketmaster sucks.. still gonna be an awesome show though cant wait!

well I got my tickets at 10am 18th row. At 10:26 I checked and 5th row came up. 18th row isnt horrible but it certainly isnt 5th. I will be checking on saturday and will be very upset if better seats come up then.

I have been a member of the Metalica fan club and have never not gotten really good seats. Just saying.

There are many aspects of this pre-sale that are "not right". I got in at 10:05, great seats...then booted off, same thing happened two more times over a three hour period. Finally secured tickets at 1:15pm, 25th row, 5 rows from the back of the floor.......I did everything right, played by the rules and this is what happens. Again my apologies to the moderator for my poor use of words here yesterday - just terribly frustrating....I hate Ticketscalper, wish bands would use another agent. MAKE them improve by competiton, right now it is a monopoly, no incentive to do right by the fans.

FOOT FOOT FOOT!! Chickago OR Bust!!!

Ticketmaster is horrible, funny how a comment I made about them and the decision makers to use them did not make it past the moderator here......censorship? how nice.

Agreed I got in right at 10am got 18th row. I checked on another brower after that it said sold out then similar seats came up so I took the 18th row. At 26 after i check and 5th row came up. I hate tickemaster

Got in. VIP Nation!!! See you all there!!!!

What pass word did you use? I tried my code several times and it won't let me in for the VIP tickets.


Please read the information about the VIP ticket packages on the tour page which, when logged in, will include the necessary password. Backstage Tour and VIP Tour packages are still available.

Thanks I just must have missed the password in that section. Meet & Greet is sold out for the Chicago show all others are still available.

WTF....Ticketmaster not letting me in

Ticketmaster sucks ass!!, started at 10am sharp, finally secured tix at 10:05, ordered the shirt....then got booted out. I had 4L row 15, now cant even get in. Whoever made the deal with Ticketmaster should be kicked in the nuts.....

Got my pair of tickets -- see you fellow Chickenfoot fans there on May 12th!!

Can't wait. Now to wait for Detroit TicketS!!!

I'm in the front of the line! Who's next?!

Already been there, where ya been???


on sale is 2/28 at 10am local time and links will be posted here as soon as they are available!

It's awesome they are coming to town... venue choice, not so awesome. Chicago Theater has poor sound. I'll probably still go but I hope they come around and play somewhere a little nicer.

The road test tour was awesome!


Awesome, great venue....where is the on sale info!!!