Aug 30, 2009
The Tabernacle
Atlanta, GA
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my husband and I (long time fans) loved the show in atlanta too bad you aren't coming back but we will see you in st louis in may!!! We are riding the hogs out for a vacation with the red rocker........God bless Ronnie!!

Hey guy's please come back to Hotlanta we need some original butt-kicking jam's back in the southeast.Be looking for ya your the best..

the show kicked ass first of all, the red hat sammy had on was my hat , and yes i did get it back,and got it signed in st. louis at a meet and greet with him

Great Show!!! My 12 year old son came along for the ride and now he's a ChickenFoot fanatic like his Dad. Thanks for rocking our faces off at the Tabernacle!!!

The Tabernacle in Atlanta. Great City, Great State, Greatest Night Of Rock. You guys are always welcome in the Peach State!!!

3rd row on the floor right in front of Joe which was amazing as always.
I had a blast watching Chad Smith. His drums literally quaked the entire show. He was constantly tuning and tightening between songs.
Sammy was on fire. Probably the best performance I have ever saw from him. A side note...As much as I love Van Halen with David Lee Roth, I mean I grew up during their debut and roll through 1984..Love it. My preference is Van Hagar. Thank you Sammy.
Michael Anthony...I was the bald guy who opened the barricade for you guys for sound check. I probably wasn't supposed to but hey....Mikey you are as much responsible for Van Halen's signature sound as any of the other guys. Probably one of the things that grabbed me early on with Van Halen was your vocal harmonies. Thank You Mike for all the music and memories and best wishes for the progression of Chickenfoot. Have fun. You deserve it.
We travelled from Arkansas to see this show and it was well worth the trip.

First things first....Davy Knowles and his band were tremendous, and did exactly what they were supposed to do and that is jam like madmen and make people not give a rip they were having to wait for Chickenfoot to come on. If the opening act is doing their job right, then it makes the transition and wait for the headliner that much smoother, and Davy Knowles and company did their job. I hope to catch these guys out on their own. Again, thanks guys. Whatever the title of that second song was and the Almost Cut My Hair cover were the highlights for me, but the whole performance was stellar.
Chickenfoot just plain kicked ass right out of the gate, and never looked back. Chad Smith is probably the most entertaining drummer I've ever had the joy of watching, and one of the most entertaining musicians in general I've seen. Satch as Sammy explained "doesn't say much, but lets his guitar do the talking", and that he did, all f'n night long. I was on the floor, his side of the stage, and would find myself just in a daze watching him play. Michael and Sammy just make a great team, vocally, camaraderie, just geniunely looking like they cherish those moments on stage together, and Sammy's voice and stage presence was as always, great. It was just a great rock n roll show the way rock n roll shows should be...loose, fun, but ass kicking. They played all but one tune off the album, a little Manic Depression and Immigrant Song tease, a bluesy number, and the encore of Bad Motor Scooter/My Generation complete with Chad Smith smashing the drum set was insane. Great to see the Red Rocker right out front ripping that last solo up.
In closing, great show, great venue, great fans, and my neck is still a little sore from turning around occasionally to see the aforementioned blondes up in the balcony doing a little bumping and grinding (Sammy was nice enough to point them out to us) and an extra thanks to the girls stage right in the balcony that showed them tigolbitties to the band and the rest of the Tabernacle not long after the show ended. And I hope the dude that was a few people in front of me got his umbrella back. Peace and PLEASE KEEP MAKING NEW MUSIC AND TOURING.

Just woke up and my ears still ringing like a GA tornado siren! these mofo's rock the house down..I been a huge fan of all of these guys projects,I cant wait to hear the next album..

A great night. I appreciate the boys and the great show. It felt like two shows with the two girls in full lezbo action all night. Those there know what I mean. My girl and I were just ten feet away and the boys were good but they were competing with a coupla sassy sexy southern lezbells.

Great show! The Tabernacle is a fantastic venue, and I loved the intimacy this gave you with the band! The set was great, and everyone was on top of their game, including the girls in the balcony....! This show was filmed, and I will definitely be buying a dvd if one is put out for this show (BIG HINT!). Thanks for the show guys, and come back to Atlanta!