Aug 29, 2009
House of Blues, Myrtle Beach
N. Myrtle Beach, SC
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Great show, the band was tight!

The best part was the fact that all four of the guys were having fun!


1. Fans kept telling Sammy his zipper was broken on his jeans, he smiled looked down and zipped it up and down and threw his hands up like, "this is the way it is"

2. Mike kept sharing shooters and beers with fans...we got three picks from him that night. I stuck two on my head and he did the same :) see photo's

3. Joe absolutely rocked!

4. Met Chad before the show as he had relatives. He was so friendly and kind, he also took a pic with us and spent a few minutes talking with us even though some drunk fans were being jerks, calling him "Will Ferrel"...

All I can say is "WOW !!!" I thought Sammy rocked The HOB last time he was in Myrtle Beach... This show blew that one away....
They came out and rocked the house from the first song and never let up. My son is 12 years old and had saved up all summer to surprise me and buy tickets for my birthday.....He and I got there early and got right up front. He has a Van Halen striped helmet that he brought in hopes of getting signed. He got that and so much more!!!! Sammy and Michael both wore the helmet on stage and the whole band signed it for him. Chad also gave him a drumstick (my boy plays drums). We also got to catch Michael out back before he left. He was so cordial and talked to everyone. Those guys are all so cool, not like most "big head" bands out there. They genuinely were having a good time and the MB crowd showed them how much they appreciated it. Chad was right, they should have filmed this show.....
The guitar playing of Joe Satriani was just as good as I knew it would be.....Boy, Sammy knows how to pick 'em....first Eddie, then Satch......geez......
Thanks Sammy, Michael, Joe and Chad for an unbelievable show!!!


I was lucky enough to catch one of Chad's FUNK BLASTER drumsticks!
----------------LONG LIVE CHICKENFOOT!!----------------------

We missed the first band & got there late, but ended up 10-feet from the stage just as soon as the curtain dropped..the crew still had to set up the chickenpen stage, so after about 15 minutes or so, they hit the stage w/avenda revolution. The House of Blues was PACKED! Chad was the main character all night..these guys play around and have fun on stage just as much as they do playing. Michael Anthony's bass tech. was switching guitars w/Mikey, and Chad pelted him w/4 or 5 drumsticks. He had to have thrown out 30 drum sticks into the crowd, and all over the stage..they were throwing out handfuls of guitar picks and tequila shots to the ones up front. They signed fan's stuff right there on stage...held up a chickenfoot logo flag that read 'GOT FETISH?' Chad commented that they SHOULD have filmed their DVD tonight in Myrtle Beach, because we were THE best crowd of the whole tour! maybe he says that to everyone, who knows?..point is, these guys are on far the best Rock tour out right now. They film the DVD tonight in Atlanta, wish I could go,this band is awesome. Joe doesn't steal the show w/ 20-minute solos, he plays the hell outa the guitar at the appropriate time, and comes from another planet! That cat is killer!I saw Van Halen on the OICU812 tour, and Sammy was wearing that tour shirt tonight. Chickenfoot will rock your socks off!! I truly hope they make this band priority #1 for each of them, cuz they are rockin' the house down!!
They ended the show w/bad motor scooter & my generation by the who. GREAT sound!! GREAT lights!! My ears have been ringing all F^%$%in day! I can't hear chit..haha..we were right in front of Satch for the show..he is awesome.there are no words to describe his finesse & ability on the geetar. Sammy's voice sounds better than ever! Mikey's voice makes it all sound better!-Just like w/ VH. His voice is as powerful as ever, also. Chad has to be one of the coolest cats and top-5 drummer of all time. Led Zeppelin would have LOVED to had him. KILLER SHOW!!!!! If they come to your area, DO NOT pass up the opportunity to see this concert!! It is unreal. Great Show!

"We missed the first band & got there late, but ended up 10-feet from the stage just as soon as the curtain dropped.."

so you were one of those a-hole that elbowed and pushed their way to the front...

By far the best concert I have seen in years! Awsome show. It renewed my faith in Rock music. Satriani was great, I don't think I ever watched anyone play and got chill bumps. Smith; played the hell outa a set of drumes. Anthony..never will be a better base player as far as I see it. And Hagar..the Red Rocker still has what it takes to be the best front man in Rock today. And The house of Blues in Myrtle Beach was the perfect setting for it all.

Thank you guys for an outstanding performance.

Another great show, my 2nd one as I attended Charlotte the night before last (review is up for that too). I thought I would do the 'pass the line' deal at the HOB and apparently about 200 people or more also had the same idea, super long line! Neverthless I got inside and got an awesome spot, basically right up front.

The band was on fire yet again, as I said in the previous review for Charlotte...there is just something about these 4 guys that WORKS when they get together, you can feel it. It was great being up front and getting to really experience the interaction with the audience, that's one thing this band is all about. Another thing they're about: having fun. This is riff rock at it's best, and after seeing them on this 2nd night I will probably say they may be the best band around right now. Just all around "wow".

I WISH more than anything that I had the money to attend the Atlanta show tonight as well, I think I am addicted to Chickenfoot...but alas money is tight, wish I could be there! I sincerely hope these guys continue on and on, I know Chad is about to join up with the Chilis again but I just hope it's not put on the backburner too long. They have gained quite the momentum and are killing it out there, and I want more already! Thanks 'Foot!

The House of Blues show was the 2nd time for me to see Chickenfoot after having been blown away by them in Charlotte. This time I went from back row (at Uptown backrow is still close)to Front Row Center! I don't want my view of the show to taint the reveiw, but let me say that musically front row is not what it's cracked up to be. I'm glad I saw Charlotte from farther back to appreciate the entire band's music. But as a fan this was THE place to be, they are so interactive with their fans.

These guys took a bike helmet with the Van Halen Black,White,Red paint job on it from a kid standing next to me and Sammy and Mike both wore it, then made sure the entire band signed it. They touched each of our hands and gave many members of the crowd their left over drinks. There was plenty of Cabo available to all. Chad must have thrown out 15 or 20 drum sticks and all of the guitar picks were in the audiance by the end of the night.

Musically the front row does not give a great sound.. but I heard everyone farther back commenting on how awesome the show and sound was. Once again the four guys were having fun, playing like they would do it for free and showing the crowd they are the best of the best in rock an roll. This band may not ever have the commercial air play they deserve but as a Live Performance, they are simply the best band I've ever seen(including RHCP, Van Halen and many many others). You can not attend a Chickenfoot concert without having fun, this band will find you and make you have fun!

AND... once again let me give this prediction: Davey Knowles (opening act) will become a rock superstar! He's got talent, charm, good looks, backing of rock ledgends like Peter Frampton and he's one of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure of meeting at a rock concert. WATH OUT FOR HIM....comming to a radio a record store and a sold out arena near you soon!

Hey, That was my son that they got the helmet from....Was that cool or what? We were apprehensive about taking it, but I know how cool Sammy is so we took a chance and man, it paid off big!!! That made my son's night and Chad giving him a stick (my son is a drummer) just made it better.....What a great show!!!