Aug 27, 2009
The Uptown Amphitheatre at The Music Factory
Charlotte, NC
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Simply Extraordinary, by far the best concert that I had seen in years. I never wanted the show to end. Can't wait for the next Chickenfoot concert to come to the Carolinas. JohnD'

by far the best concert of 2009...and my friends that were with me, totally agreed...we high five'd one another and were in total bliss...come back to Charlotte, where im sure you will rawk us again...but better yet maybe we will rock you, love to all, high fives Joe and truly are an inspiration to the wanna~bees....Keep RawkN...Lauren

Excellent concert!! One of the best I've seen in years. The music was great! The venue and sound quality was top notch! I definitely recommend the new Music Factory in Charlotte to everyone.

Just being able to witness Satriani, Smith, Hagar, and Anthony playing, obviously having fun, and making great music in a live setting was well worth the ticket. We had lawn seats, but it wasn't your typical lawn seat. You could easily see all of the band members and you could clearly see them playing from any place in the lawn area. It was awesome!!

They brought out Brad Whitford as a suprise guest at the end of the show and had a big jam session between him, Sammy, and Joe which was freakin awesome!

The only complaint I had was that they played songs from the new album in exact order if I recall (which, is that really a complaint? The album rocks!!).

In summary, overall one of the best concert experiencies I've ever had, and I've seen a lot of bands.

You're watching a group of legends when you see these guys.

This was SOOOO good, so good, so good. We're long-time Satriani fans, and he did the business. It was a tight band, wonderful drummer, bass and Sammy H. World class.

I really wanted to like this band as a long time RHCP fan (my log in name may indicate that), a long time fan of VH and also a converted fan of Sammy's since I attended the Sam and Dave tour. I went to that show several years back..going in with a bad attitude after being a DLR Van Halen era fan.... and leaving with a new found appreciation, love and respect for the Red Rocker (joing the fan club immediately after that show!).

I purchased the Chickenfoot CD but just didn't take the time to really listen until now. My husband got me comp tickets to the show (he worked the Merch table) and I took my 12 year old son. My son saw the VH reunion tour and saw the Chili's 3 times (his favorite band), so it wasn't difficult to convince him to go. He plays guitar and a little bit on drums; But generally if he doesn't know the songs he gets bored at a concert, NOT THIS ONE... it blew him away even though he didn't know a single song until the Encore.

OK, I guess I should not have been surprised at this, but yet I found myself strangely surprised and wildly entertained by this show. The energy was amazing, Chad stole the show (a change from his usual position in the Chilis) and the interaction between all four band members was like watching a bunch of REALLY talented KIDS playing games. These guys looked like they would have done this even if they were not getting paid. Speaking of getting paid... The low ticket sales for this show probably was a result of lack of air play for the CD.. SHAME ON YOU CLEAR CHANNEL COMMUNICATIONS!!! SHAME SHAME....

I would recommend this show to anyone from age 10 to 100 if you like rock and roll music, this is it at it's purest form! All four were outstanding and Brad Whitford's appearance just put icing on the there were 5 boys playing and having a great time.

If you were not having fun at this show, they Sucked you straight into it and you had fun anyway! To paraphrase a quote from the movie "Almost Famous", they found the one fan in the crowd that was not getting off and they made them get off!

On another note the opening band, Davey Knowles is someone to watch for the future... the next generation of rock super star. He was not only an awesome guitarist, vocalist and song writer, but one heck of a nice guy (along with the keyboardist for his band) while signing autographs and talking to my 12 year old about his future music career!

Now I've never been all that enthralled with Sammy Hagar's music. I'm learning to play guitar and really mostly wanted to see Satriani in action. I'm pretty old (48) and once saw piles upon piles of incredible concerts back in the 70's, so I do have standards. I thought I'd long moved past the true concert thrill with career and kids and serious stuff, but this group just plain blew me out. This concert made me remember why I loved this stuff in high school. Sammy Hagar is flat out a fantastic entertainer who has fun doing what he does, and everyone in this band goes right along with that theme. Great performance, high energy rock and roll, totally amazing guitar playing with good solid riffs supporting the songs instead just neverending solos, etc. If you're reading this and have any question about whether to see this band, maybe because they have but one album to their credit, whatever, I'm begging you to take these guys in or you will kick yourself but hard. Matter of fact, I battled the irritation of trying to figure out how to log onto this site just so I could tell you people to go see this band. Oh, as for the details of the performance, in my opinion the band did a great job with all the new material, particlarly Oh Yeah and Soap on a Rope. Amd the blast from the past with Bad Motor Scooter (Satriani replacing Ronnie montrose) and My Generaion, both with Brad Whitford cranking it up with Satch - come on, I was laughing from having so much fun. Thanks, CF.

The show was amazing to say the least. I took my brother and a friend. It was her very first concert and we were 3rd row, right in front of satch. After a few songs the security guards let us against the stage. This was an awsome experience. I loved the guys in their respective bands but together they are amazing. I took several pictures and posted them to my twitter acct. (@binman5203) I only hope that they will be back around and soon. Sammy took a drink from my $10 Beer and he signed our tickets. This will be a show that I will keep in my head the rest of my life. I know my friend will feel the same for this being her first ever show.

This was the third time I'd seen the Foot. I saw the Roadtest show at the Fillmore, NY, then I saw the show at the Beacon in NYC. Charlotte's show might have been the best of the three. Satch, while always stunning, really seemed to air it out last night. More improv in this show than the others. The boys are genuinely having a blast and you can see it. Brad Whitford from Aerosmith stepped onstage to jam last night. Brad is an awesome player. But standing up there next to Satch, you could really see that one is a great guitarist, and one is a complete MASTER. Chad Smith never ceases to amaze. His playing was less "wildman" last night compared to the road test show but he never outplayed the song. And my friend Mikey....dead on with his vocals, dead on with his bass parts. Much more than just thumping the e or a string a la Van Halen. He's coping many of the "horn" parts Satch is playing. And he keeps up all while being entertaining as hell. Not sure when I'll see the Foot next, but I am already looking forward to it. Thanks for another great show guys!

You guys rock. I never heard of you until my dad asked me if i wanted to go! I Loved you guys!! I will be buying the album asap now. :)

Man, what a great venue, and a killer show! Davy Knowles was first rate and Chad Smith showed us he can also play guitar when he appeared to play along with Davy during The Back Door Slam set. The 'Foot show was great. We had an added bonus of seeing Brad Whitford from Aerosmith join the guys on stage and rock out the encore and finale, with Chad going out in style. The rain held off, and all in all it exceeded my expectations. If the 'Foot comes near your town, make sure you see them live.

"Wow, what a show!" is the quote that keeps coming to my mind when I think of last night. My first CF show and one I won't forget! This band is incredible live, I've seen a lot of people here and in other places say it but once you see it you truly GET it. These 4 guys together have an aura and an energy that can't be denied, I could feel it all the way back at the lawn...can only imagine that's what it was like back when Sam first joined VH. They busted through the usual setlist (sans Runnin Out, would've liked to hear it! also no Highway star, but part of My Generation). A couple more tunes wouldnt have hurt but I definitely can't complain...after the first song I knew what was up, and said outloud to myself "this is amazing". Can't believe I only paid 10 dollars for the lawn seat, the show they put on was worth a LOT more.

Brad Whitford of Aerosmith came out for a jam of Bad Motor Scooter which was truly unexpected, but they do say "expect the unexpected", it was a nice little treat. There was a lot of funny interaction between Sam and Chad and the rest of the band...glad to see these dudes having so much fun..,I know I did.

At the end I decided to hang out and be a fanboy, ended up "meeting" Joe and Mike and they were cool enough to take pictures with a few people and sign some stuff. I got some scribbles but kicked myself for not having a camera! Maybe next time. A huge "thank you" to Mike & Joe coming out and braving the psycho fanboys and being awesome dudes. It made my year. Long live the Foot. See ya in Myrtle Beach!

Alright if you are the least bit unsure of hearing CF, buy your ticket "Right Now". Being a drummer, I was amazed at how technical Chad is. Not only funky, but dead on the beat. Being a VH and Hagar fan, this is the 11th time since OU812 in 1988 I've heard Sammy. Growing up in bands I'd listened to Satriani since about the same time. If you don't have Satriani live in San Fransico on DVD buy it today as well. I was lucky to have lawn tix. I walked right up to a fence beside the stage. I was able to see Chad directly to his right. Sammy played to our side a lot. Just watchin' Joe and seeing him produce the sounds that you hear was worth the ticket price (which was very reasonable-would've paid more). Anyway, lots of high energy. Lots of fun. Ranks up there in top 5 concerts. I've been to about 50 shows in my time. I'm probably going to N. Myrtle's show too.