Aug 26, 2009
Ntelos Pavilion
Portsmouth, VA
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I couldn't believe it when I learned that my favorite singer and favorite guitar player were forming a band together. Sammy and Satch are true artists and thank GOD they came together and put out this soon to be "Classic" album. Every song on the CD is awsome and to see them live was a blast. They are the best rock band on the planet. P.S. I'm so glad to see Mike back with Sam again, and Chad aint so bad either. Damn good show, lots of fun to see and HEAR. Cant wait for the next album guys. THanks for staying true to yourselves and making GREAT music.

Loved the show, hated the venue! When you guys come to play Hampton Roads again, play a smaller place like The NorVa, or if you're up for real small, try Gil's Bar and Grill!!

So it wasn't my imagination...that the guy next to me really was crying when he watched Joe play :~). Seriously....I don't think there are words that can express what I saw, heard, felt. Vin is right...don't skimp on the tickets. Sit up front so you get it nice and loud. These guys put out a performance (and being in the +40 crowd, myself, I can't help they wake up the next morning going "my knee is killing me!" or "what happened to my shoulder???"). For all of you out there, like me, be prepared...this is a physical show. You are going to have to stand up and shout, jump and dance. It took me a whole day to get my voice back!


I got that too Harlie, it was amazing how guys their ages can do that! I woke up this morning after being in Myrtle Beach last night at the show with my legs, feet, arms and voice hurting and weak.... and them... they are playing Atlanta tonight!
They say 60 is the new 40! :)

I had been waiting all summer for this show, and it was well worth the wait. Drove down from Fairfax with a friend. The greatest thing about seeing these guys is getting to see how much they seem to really enjoy playing music together. As individuals, they are all incredible musicians. But their talents work so well together, and the fun that they are having translates to the audience. Chad, thanks for the drum stick, it took me most of the show, but I finally got one! Really glad to hear that there will be a DVD of the tour coming soon. Keep it going guys, can't wait to see you all again and hear some new music.

This was a high energy, good ole rock in roll show. These guys rocked the house down, shared some tequila, and gave one hell of a show. This is a great album, start to finish and is even better live. This fan hopes these guys never stop. Thanks for an incredible night!

These guys are fantastic. On the way out I was walking back to the car and talked to various attendees. One guy says he's 52 yrs old and been playing guitar for 30 years and was elated. I also have played music(technically)since I was 5 and now I'm 53. I sat right in front of Joe.(There were a lot of guitar players who bought tickets like me right there) Everyone shares the opinion that Sammy expressed. Genuine Rock and Roll has Returned! Many musicians like myself and my family had the goose-bumps and chills listening to the CD. Some of us were actually moved to tears of joy at the show. Joe was virtuoso in his instrumental play; Mike was fantastic as ever providing the melodic background thunder that pushes each song to perfection.. Some may think that Chad would also do so; and... of course he does; however, as a drummer I sensed that he was actually contributing more than rhythm. In any ways Chad actually accentuated much of the harmonic content by providing counterpoint percussion that serves to create backdrop orchestration to which Sammy and Joe while Mike may actually carry the rhythm during the moment. Sammy himself has been my rock and roll hero forever. He is better than ever vocally and actually drew the fans into the show by pouring drinks of Tequila to some of the lucky first row seated. Sammy has the "True Heart" approach to his art. He is the real thing and whenever he says something to the crowd he is absolutely sincere. When the band finished their last encore they just hung around on stage greeting fans and Chad actually kept asking if they could play one more. I think NTELOS actually kicked them out cuz it was 11pm and contractually they had to leave. To anyone who reads the rambling: "Pay the money for a really good seat and Get Your Buzz On". These Guys Are The Best There Is In The World.

Aug. 26th in Portsmouth was F'n INCREDIBLE!!!!!They Played the whole album and ended with The Whos My Generation complete with Chad trashing his drum set.I do not believe I have seen a group have that much fun on stage before. DO NOT miss them live!!!

Last nights show was simply out of this world. I was lucky enough to be in the front row. It was good to see a band for once that does not require all that fancy lighting to help make the show interisting. The guys let the music stand on it's own merit. I'm glade to see four guys give these other bands a run for there money because they can't be compared at all to them. Finally somebody played some music that actually ROCKS!!!!!! You can tell that they are there for there fans.

The opening band Davy Knowles And The Back Door Slammers was a perfect match. They have a Blues influence that is very well brought out. Davy Knowles is one very talented guitarist. The whole band is very talanted and when they come back this way I'm sure I won't miss the show.

I'm tired as hell and my ears are still ringing from an experience I'll never forget.