Aug 24, 2009
Bank Of America Pavilion
Boston, MA
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it's sept. tenth and still can't stop talkin about the show in boston. it really was more of an explosion unlike anything that hit boston since led zepplin. The excitement, talent, showmanship, sound ain't been seen in boston in a long time. Sat in the front row and got to do backstage tour. Big fan of Sammy since early eighties. Saw him many times and always new he was capable of such greatness. We sat right in front of Satch and that left me speechless, couldn't even believe what I was seeing and hearing. It was unreal. chilly chad smith blew the place apart and his sound was perfect. michael anthony sang and played excellent. Thanks for the tequila! They all looked and played like they knew they had put together the greatest band in the world and i think they are just that. Please come back to Boston soon.

I've been following Sammy since 1977 ever since I heard the "Montrose" album Rock the nation at my stag party and have followed him throughout his career. About a month and a half ago happened to search the web to see what he was up to and found out that he had this new band called chickenfoot with Mike, Chad and Joe. Ordered the CD that day from Amazon and couldn't wait to hear it. After hearing the CD, I was like wow this is some awesome rock (stuff that used to come out back in the 1970's.) I let my son borrow it and he said he must have played the CD a dozen times. Anyway, found out they were playing in Boston and had to make the 150 trip from Maine with my 29 year old son to see the show.
We were really impressed with the Bank of America Pavilion; right on the Boston waterfront, the tent design, the stage, the lighting and of course the sound. Had that nice sea water breeze flowing through it which made it extra special and added to the overall experience. We had great seats in section two at the back right hand side (don't think there is a bad seat in the house.) The warm up band "Back door slam" sounded great (Davy Knowles is awesome) and really got us worked up for the main act. We were definitely not disappointed; they put on one hell of a show and towards the end we had moved up to just a few rows back from the stage so got to see the boys up close. I thought they would play Highway Star by Deep Purple for the on-core, but were surprised and delighted to hear them play "My generation" by the Who and Sammy's "Bad motor scooter." To see and hear some of the best rock musicians in the world play was really something. What a band!!! Well worth the money and the drive down.
The only thing that I was a little disappointing in was the place was not sold out. I thought for sure it would be; being in the big city of Boston and Sammy, Mike, Chad and Joe all having different people following them. May-be it wasn't sold out because they had played Boston a few months earlier. Or, maybe it's because Boston imposed the strictest no smoking ban in America. (If you’re a smoker, no smoking even in the outdoor area of the Pavilion I don't know???????? But I would think if more people knew of them that they could sell out a stadium. I mean these are seasoned rockers that put out a new album. Most of the older bands that tour now just play their old stuff. This is new rock and they are one hell of a cover band; could play anybody and sound better than them. Go onto YouTube and type in Chickenfoot and watch them play "Highway star" or some of AC DC "Thunder struck"; their great........
I hope there is more Chickenfoot in the future and this isn't just a one time thing like with the "Honey drippers back in the 80's. Hard to believe Sammy is 61 years old (you wouldn't know it by looking at him or hearing him sing.) That night I felt like I was back at one of the concerts I used to go to in 1975. Rock on Chickenfoot..........

Chickenfoot Bank of America Pavilion, Boston 8-24-09

Well if you read my last post you’d know by now that I think this band is just the best thing since the invention of the wheel, so just a few notes about the night.

Of course the big news was once again Chad bouncing a piece of equipment off another band members head. He threw a stick, which I think slipped a little out of his hand when he went to throw it, and it hit Joe pointed end first, right it the back of his head! Once again we were right up front so we could hear and see Joe say “ What the f**k” then he felt the back of his head and checked his hand for blood, then saw the stick and said “f*n Chad”. He then went to the side of the stage and had a roadie check him out. Although I’m sure it must have hurt he tried to shake it off and kept playing. After a little bit you could see the bump on the lower part of his noggin. Of course as soon as he could Chad went over and apologized but you could tell Joe was still pissed. Chad apologized a couple of more times and Sam even talked to Joe a bit. Hopefully it will be water under the bridge but he was pissed off. Up until this point Chad probably launched about 100 sticks into the audience.

During the show Chad also got the crowd going with his joking about the Boston Celtics. He was busting ba**s saying the team sucked, did we hear of the champions. When everyone booed he said no, not the boo’s, the Lakers you losers! He said Kevin Garnett gave him “oral” to put it a way that I can post, but forgot his kneepads! He kept it up for a couple of minutes before Sammy said he was just trying to get everyone riled up. Sammy said he even dissed his own home team when they were in Detroit. Sammy then said this is why the Chili Peppers don’t give Chad a microphone. To which Chad replied “they’re a lot smarter then you Sam” and everybody laughed.

The crowd was very cool at this show. There was no shoving or pushing and people all around us were giving each other sticks and picks and just really friendly.

Then we finally got to do what we couldn’t in New Hampshire. We got backstage to meet Joe! While we were back there waiting we got to meet Gary Cherone and Pat Badger from Extreme, the guys from Davey Knowles and the Backdoor Slam! At one point the production manager came out and asked if there was anyone here who didn’t get the meet and greet from NH. We stepped up and introduced ourselves and I proceeded to thank him repeatedly for getting us in to the show. He apologized a few times for the NH mess up and then said he would be right back with Joe. When Joe came up to us we introduced ourselves and Darl gave him a hug. As she was leaning toward him he noticed the drumstick between her boobs and said “oh you got a stick huh” and Darl proceeded to immediately remove it and said “oh yeah we don’t want that”. He then noticed all the glow sticks my wife had on, a couple of bracelets and a necklace and told us that his sister and brother-in-law invented them, a little piece of unknown trivia to us. He said the idea was stolen from them and that the toy industry is a real cutthroat business. He apologized for missing us at the NH show a few times and we told him we understood that stuff happens and thanked him for meeting us then to make up for it. We chatted for a couple of minutes took a pic, got a signature and shared his time with the other winners for the show before he apologized again for having to leave early because he had a splitting headache, totally understandable. Then he was gone.
We then went over to Chad who had been chatting with a group of people including the two little kids who are in our pics and said hi. He gave Darl a big hug and said “hello darlin” then shook my hand. He noticed Darl’s soap on a rope necklace and remembered it from the NH show and thought it was cool. He noticed she also had a stick and his wristband from the NH show and said “what no picture of me with my pants down”? We chatted for a little bit, got a pic and then he had to go. Darl noticed Sammy’s wife Kari and said hello and she said she was waiting for Sam to finish up so they could leave. Sammy came out and went right to the exit. We wanted to wait for Mikey but the security said it was time to go.

Well that’s it, the biggest, luckiest, rocking out, party to you drop, most awesome 5 days of our lives!!!!!! Thank you Joe for meeting with us, you didn’t have to even acknowledge missing us in NH and you did, it’s awesome to know that even us little people matter to you. Thanks to CHICKENFOOT for the great music and great times at all the shows! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Pics here.

What a show again last night! OK where to begin...
It was your typical awesome show...had 4th row, but since everyone wound up moving after the show began, and there were a few empty spots, we ended up in front. This was an AWESOME crowd and VERY into it!!! EVERYONE was so nice to each other...unlike the night before in NH...that crowd sucked IMO, they were NOT nice.
We did have one BIG surprise waiting for us at the box office...Joe's people took care of us from the night before and had our backstage passes ready for us. They are the best!! We were psyched. But the unexpected happened AGAIN during the show and really scared us for a bit.
Chad as much as I love him, I wanted to smack him upside the head... He threw one of his sticks out (we think it slipped) and it hit Joe right square in the back of the head with the tip of the stick...real hard!! Joe was pretty pissed and checking for blood...he had someone on the side of the stage check him out...he had a nice lump but was OK and continued playing. What a trooper!! We'll probably be seeing that one up on the website soon. Chad is an animal!!! ( I love him!!)
The band did make note when they saw us which was cool. Chad tired to piss the crowd off (in a playful funny way) by trashing the Boston was funny.
After the show, we did go backstage to meet Joe who had a splitting headache but was so nice to hang out for a few and chat with us, took pictures & gave us an autograph. We also got to hang out with Chad a bit. He was a riot...he gave me a hug and said, "you got your soap on a rope on" and mentioned that Mikey wore it the night before. And said "you got a stick?" "Oh and you have my sweat band on"..."no picture of me with my pants down?" LOL!! Too funny.
Met Gary Cherone, Pat Badger
and also got to hang out with the Backdoor Slam boys for a while (Davey was not there)...very cool guys!! Even got to say hello to Sammy's wife Kari :-)
It was an evening to remember for sure...actually all 3 nights were!
GREAT to see everyone again...Heather, Dan, Mark, Mel, Lori, John, Christie, Tony, Mike, and the whole west coast gang!!! What a weekend it's been!
After 5 Chickenfoot shows since the 'road test', last night was our last show for this tour but talk about ending it all on a high note!
All I can say is WOW!!!!!
Thank you so much Chad, Joe, Mikey & guys are the absolute BEST! Left us with SO many awesome memories! SO looking forward to your next album/tour! You guys F*k'in ROCK my world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Darlene in R.I. /|\

This was one of the best concerts I've ever attended! These guys ROCK! I was in second row section c inside edge! Fantastic!

Each show gets better..can't wait till Thursday..see you in Charlotte & Myrtle Beach!