Sep 05, 2009
Harveys Resort Hotel and Casino
Lake Tahoe, NV
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It was fantastic! Well I'm sure alot of people enjoyed the concert. I took my 17 year old son to it for his first concert. We bought the cd the first day it came out and had to buy another one. (He wore it out) We got there REAL early so he could have the total experience and to this day we still talk about it! We had such a great time and we got to see Joe before the concert. He is a foot fan for life! Keep rocking the great music that you put out and we wiil be there next tour! Thanks GUYS George and Josh Lawrence!

I waited about 30+~ years to hear BAD MOTORSCOOTER live and after traveling from Dallas,TX on my vacation it was one of the best I have had in 50~ years... THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I never thought I would here it as Montrose seemed to disapear... it left me speechless!!

Wow, what a tight show! Interesting to see a different presentation of Sammy, Satch and Chad. Sammy-dressed down, not drinking a Waborita(a Sierra Nevada instead), not picking up a bunch of things thrown on stage. Satch-rocking out and loosening up a little more and Chad-getting some microphone time. Good to see Michael back on stage doing what he does best. The CD is good but the songs really come to life live and the exchange of energy with the crowd. tight musicianship with Satch getting a few extended solos but still a good time party. There was a good vibe in the crowd. Cool that they threw some led zep, hendrix and the who in there too. Chad invited the whole crowd to the Cabo Wabo and said drinks were on Sammy"cause he's rich!" which of course they weren't and only Chad and Mike made very brief appearances. Was hoping they'd surprise me with my email request of 'Big Bad Moon' since it was a full moon and that song would be great for the band but not this time. Work it up guys! Anyway, was a great great night! Oh Yeah!

My girlfriend and i drove from the Bay Area to go see this show on Labor Day weekend. I've been a fan of Joe Satriani since i was 16 years old and I've always liked Sammy's voice, so I figured this combination should be fun to listen to and I was not dissapointed when i got the album, all I kept talking about was this new band called CHICKENFOOT to my friends, and since Saturday they have made a new fan, my girlfriend loves them and was blown away by Joe Satriani's skills. Her favorite song is "Sexy Little Thing" but I have to agree with the previous guy who said "you have to see them play GET IT UP live" this song is so amazing and so full of energy that just makes you wanna jump and sing your heart out. These guys have so much chemistry and the most important thing they are having FUN doing it. This show was so amazing from begining to end that we are thinking about seeing them again in Berkeley in 2 weeks. I hope they get back in the studio and record again, they have so much more to give to the fans, Sammy looks great at almost 62, he's in such a great shape and his voice is just off the chain!
Thank you so much again for such a great show!

You're right, GET IT UP is one of my favorite songs Get It Up
Enjoy /|\

CHICKENFOOT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! Sammy, Mikey, Joe and Chad put on the most rockin' show I've seen in years! I hope the music and the shows keep on coming cause this is the sh#t!!! I think Sammy is actually getting younger as we all get older. That guy keeps us all young. Am I wrong? I know my parents who are in their 60's would need oxygen if they had to preform a show at this intensity. I've been a Sammy fan for 30 years enjoying every facet of his career and I'm telling you- go, no run to get this album!! You wont be disappointed!! For all the good times, for all the partying, for all the times I've cranked this record, thank you thank you thank you Sammy, Mike, Joe, and Chad. Long live the foot!!!!!!!!!!

Here,here!! Great post!

My wife and I made the trek to Tahoe from Red Bluff to see what we think, no scratch that. What we know is the best rock band on the planet, Chickenfoot. The cd is the best out there bar none, but to see them live only proves they are the best. If you want full throttle rock n roll the way it was meant to be written and played, you only need to see them play "Get It Up" live. That is what rock n roll is all about. We are both life long fans of Sammy, as for me in the early seventies I can't remember a kegger or party that we didn't play Montrose all night long. And my wife growing up in Fontana used to watch her uncle Mickey jam with Sammy pre Montrose days. So needless to say we were as close to the stage as possible and she had the time of her life. We both did. We just wish to thank Joe, Sammy, Chad and Micheal for getting together and creating this magic we call music. It goes to show that no matter what stage of life you are at, dreams still can come true. As they have for the members of Chickenfoot,and for us also, because Sammy is still rockin', and rock n roll is not dead.
Truely Yours,


This was a completely fantastic show! I have seen Sammy numerous times in various incarnations, and never have I seen him, or for that matter other musicians, having so much fun! The music was great, the chemistry they have is unbelievable. I have never spent much time watching a drummer for a band as I did last night. Chad Smith is both unbelievably fun and I have to say one of the greatest drummers I have seen. Satriani was great, Michael Anthony was his usual fantastic self, and it is just an all around great time. As much as I have enjoyed the Wabo's over the years, I really hope this continues because it is just too good and too much time. Make sure you see them. And get there early to see Davey Knowles and the Back Door Slam. I had never heard of them, and this guy kicks ass! He totally won over the crowd, and is an unbelievable guitar player. Excellent night!

Yes, Davey and his band was ROCKIN'

Here's MESSIN' WITH THE KID I recorded Enjoy /|\ Davy Knowles & Back Door Slam