May 14, 2009
El Corazon
Seattle, WA
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I've been a fan of Sammy for a very long time seeing both solo and with the VH boys. When this show came up, I borrowed money immediately to make sure I got a set of tickets. HOLY CRAP...the show was so great. El Corazon was tiny and the fire marshal even had to come in and stop the show cuz it was totally sold out, but they'd let in an additional couple dozen folks and were over capacity. Sammy and the boyz handled it well though and worked it out with the marshal to continue the show. I don't know what else to say, JOE was simply a god...I'd always wanted to see him and couldn't believe how fast his fingers and hands can move...Michael was classic Michael and it wasn't the first time I'd seen him join Sammy, they just fit together...too bad the BIG EGO Van Halen's couldn't appreciate what they had when they did. And CHAD SMITH was amazing...never have seen the Red Hots...but man can that guy drum...and I didn't even know that Will Ferrel had a brother...What a show!!

This was a show I would not miss !!!

I've been very fortunate to have seen Mike when he had his band "Snake" , play at a Battle of The Bands at the Little Theatre at Arcadia High School.
I also have seen Mike play when Van Halen did the party shows around town prior to them hitting the big time. They actually played at our homecoming dance in 1975.

It was truly an honor to have been in attendance for the very first Chickenfoot concert, and being in such a small "club" was all the better.

Congratulations to Mike, Sammy, Joe and Chad, you guys are phenomenal.

First off........ WOW!!! What a show it was. And the fact that I didn't have to hop a plane to catch it was amazing. It was so cool to see such an amazing group of musicians in such a small intimate club. Hope you guys decide to come back to the Northwest and play a much larger less scary venue.

Thank you so much for all you are doing for your fans. I was there. The band was great!! The venue sucked. I sure hope you come back to a real Seattle Venue. Everett Event Center would be awesome!! Hope to see you soon.

I was there! It was the best experience to date hanging with fellow redheads/chickenheads and listening to the greatest rock band EVER! Front row as usual right in front of Mike and Sammy. I only saw Sammy sign one thing all night and that was the T-Shirt I bought for my daughter! She was VERY excited to get it, thank you so much Sammy. I can only remember one other time when I saw a band so tight and have such a great time entertaining and that was the 5150 tour. This soooo tops that 100 times over. I'm proud to have been at the first official show of the tour. I hope you guys come back to the Portland OR area on the next tour.

It's been a few months since that show but I will still say that one hell of a show! That club was so small but the boys in Chickenfoot blew that place F%C#@N' up! One first show that can never be repeated!
I'm Hoping for more of this tour and so far haven't seen any new dates. Chad has another side project that is going to drop soon, and that may hold the 'foot up, but hopefully they come back around to kick our collective ass one more time.
Long live W!

We were so stoked to see this super group at their debut show ever in Seattle. El Corazon was very small, very warm, and we were literally packed in like sardines. We managed to get to the second row center and to be as close as we were to this amazing group of guys was just incredible. They were so tight and even though we didn't know most of the songs, these guys rocked! Can't wait for the arena show!

Come back to Seattle Chickenfoot!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing more to say, other than I was honored to see they're first show and they were great like I knew they would be! And like the 1st review stated, that place was the biggest little hole I've ever been in, will never go back unless Chickenfoot is there of course! Peace......

Great show. Super small, hot sweaty club. I mean the smallest, darkest, humid hole in the wall place in Seattle. It was unreal seeing a band of this stature play there. For nobody really knowing any of the songs, everybody was rocking out. Chickenfoot appeared as if they had played a hundred shows already, hard to believe this was a new thing. The chemistry between all members worked great. Middle of the show the fire marshal made the band take a 15-30 minute break. We were told if the fire marshal could walk through then the show could go on. Thank fully the show went on. The break did allow me to go from the outskirts of the club to middle of the room in front of the stage. When the came back they finnished the set, and rather than do an encore, just kept going. Besides the Chickenfoot material, the high light for me was watching Sammy and the boys rip through Bad Motor Scooter. I hadn't seen a Sammy show since he joined Van Halen, and had forgotten what a party he brings. I will not miss another show in the area from here on out. All the guys were super tight with the playing and chemistry was perfect. I hope this band continues for some time to come. Can not wait till the come back and do the big arena show.