Chickenfoot "Avenida Revolucion" @ Seattle's El Corazon 05-14-09

Tour Date: 
El Corazon

This was the moment I had waited for. The rumors had become true, the band finsihed the record, the excitement was building, the fan club launched, a test tour was scheduled, and it all came down to this moment. I was one of the lucky few to get tickets for this show and one of the very few to get VIPs. Aside from the staff and tour personnel, I was literally the first one in the building. I settled into my front row fanatic's spot that I had so missed and counted down the minutes to this song. I have to admit El Corazon was not anything I expected. It was dark and seedy, but what a cool opportunity for a fan to see this band. Seattle will always be "officially" where it all started. I am so thankful I got tickets...I mainly thank the Chickenfoot fan club. Without the site and that connection, I would have missed a great performance. The video is complete..whole song was captured and sounds pretty good. It is not perfect....or pro shot if you will...this is no reserved concert. This is shot from the very front in front of Sammy on the very first night of the test tour needless to say it got wild. The GA crowd was high with one hand was on the camera and the other on the barricade. It is a great keepsake for me as to the beginning of a great rock n roll night. I have seen all these guys before and it was a real thrill to see them all play together. Long live the FOOT. I am this band is around for quite some time. Already looking forward to what is next. Enjoy some great rock n roll history. Thanks to the band for a killer night...thanks Chad for the drum KILLED that drum set with it.

Brent A

ps Not sure what was wrong, but my original .MOV file would not upload on youtube. I had to make it a MPEG 4 to make it work. The original .MOV was 315MB, which shouldn't matter, but you tube didn't like the original file for some reason. If I can get the better quality original to work I will add it and let you know.

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