Dec 01, 2009
Sony Presents Digital Cinema Music Series
Various Cities,

This is a special screening of a Chickenfoot concert in participating theaters. Check the sony web site to see if there is a theater in your area. Please show your attendance and post your reviews (including which city you attend in) if you go to one of these!

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I was at the Jacksonville Florida showing with my 7-year-old son. We had the theater all to ourselves which I suspect was due to the notice of the show arriving the day beforehand. I hope the Chickenfoot marketing department doesn't base their estimate of the demand for Chickenfoot in Jacksonville on the show's attendance.

We enjoyed the show for reasons far beyond the empty theater. I have been following Joe since the late eighties around the time Flying in a Blue Dream was released. His music spoke to me immediately and I've introduced many musicians to his work. I have seen him in concert 5 times and met him at the show in Orlando over Halloween, 2009. I must say that standing 10 feet from Joe while he played tunes from Musterion, after following him all these years, was a surreal experience for me and to top that, I had the privilege to talk with him, have my picture taken, shake his hand, and have him sign my JS1000. What a great Halloween!

So after all that, seeing him on the big screen with Sammy, Michael, and Chad was still a thrill and Joe never ceases to impress me with his musical prowess, his supreme drive for success and excellence, his dignity, humility, and quality of character.

You da Man Joe. . .and I'm your biggest fan!!! You deserve all that has come to you as a product of your hard work and superior talent as a musician and as a human being. Bravo!!!!!!

Truly captured the live concert feel by keeping improvised music, words and actions in the forefront. The band must have warmed up extra for this because Joe was so on his game right from Avenida..the camera couldnt keep up with his hands..but came really close.....and quite a few noticeable differences and smoother changes from early live Chickenfoot's Ideas. Sammy and Mike's vocals were less pitchy and very harmonic at times. Joe Guitar really recorded well and pierced my ear similar to the tour......the sound quality was awesomely similar to live. Chad did turnover his set but it just didn't seem as natural and the first time or the one i witnessed in Atlantic city. I will buy this DVD on it being a perfect memoir of the 3 shows I witnessed, but also it captures more than any seat's perspective as far as seeing the passion and fun in these guys eyes. One issue i had was he camera changes too much and thats what you dont see is more than 3 sec of one shot at a time....or that how it couldnt really study 1 individual like in a live show.

Chickenfoot blew out the speakers in Saginaw, MI! I drove 70 miles to Saginaw to see the movie! I had to see my hometown boy (Chad) up there on the big screen rocking out! I got to the theatre early, not knowing how many people to expect. I was the first to buy a ticket. I gotta say, it was quite disappointing that the theatre DID NOT promote the movie at all! It was not on the marquee. No posters or anything! The guy looked at me weird when I asked for a ticket for Chickenfoot! I made sure to call in advance, and make sure the movie was still playing, so my trip would not be a wasted one. I had to tell the guy, yeah it starts at 8pm. So, I got my ticket & waited. Including myself, there was only 5 people in the theatre to see our boys. Terrible turnout! If the movie theatre would have promoted it, I'm sure lots more people would have been there!
So anyway, after watching a dozen movie trailers, the most important one started!

The movie kicked ass & I made sure to sit close to the screen, so it'd seem like I was there! About half way thru the movie, when they played "Bitten by the Wolf", the darn speaker kept going out! I was getting angry and annoyed. You could see Satch playing guitar, but you couldn't hear it! After a couple minutes, I got up & walked to the back & called the manager. I told them about the speaker going out. They said they'd check into it. I went back to my seat and tried to enjoy the rest of the movie. It was hard, because it's a freaking concert movie, supposed to be in surround sound! Then you got the speaker working for a minute, then it stops! So, nobody ever came to check out the speaker. Ugh! So mad!

In the end, I did feel like I was back in the front row in Grand Rapids, MI over the summer! It was so cool seeing them on the big screen! Needless to say, I did go complain to the manager again & got my money back. She said that the speaker went out, cuz they had the volume up so loud. Well, idiots, next time turn it down a notch & maybe you won't blow out the speaker again!

Well, Chickenfoot, if in the future you do something like this again, please try and get it in the "chain" theatres like AMC or something! That little theatre couldn't handle it!

I took the GF to see the show in Kennewick Wa. Now I must admit I tried my best not to go in to this show biased, since I saw them in Seattle at the 1st show of the tour. It didn’t work. The first let down was the lack of crowd, there were about two dozen FOOT fans there (mostly musicians). Then there was the sound. My concert DVD collection is somewhere around 100+ and I know they can do better than this. After I complained to the staff at the theater, they turned it up a bit. But in no way was it a wall of sound that one would expect from Sony and 5.1. My system at home sounds way better (and its not really all that). On the positive it was a great show, with great color and really HD. This is what a concert is supposed to be like. The only thing that would have enhanced the show (other posters have noted this) would have been showing more of the band interaction. Again, I saw the first show in a very small club in Seattle, so it’s a different point of view from the rock show the put on in AZ. It’s a rock show DVD and a pretty decent one at that. I hope (if it comes to DVD) more of Mike’s bass is in the mix. I’ll blame the not so positive experience on the theater. If I’d known the place would be empty I would have brought my bottle of cabo in ! Get your buzz on !
Long live the FOOT and I cant wait for the next CD!

I was a bit surprised and embarrassed to see that there were only six of us in the theater in Fort Collins, CO. As a matter of fact, the absence of advertising was strikingly apparent. There were no posters in the lobby and no lights or billboards promoting the event. I found this odd—wouldn’t they want as many people to attend as possible?

“Chickenfoot Live” was filmed in high definition with surround sound. It opened with the band in a huddle, bent inward, as Sammy Hagar said his customary blessing.

The next scene showed Joe Satriani, Chad Smith, Michael Anthony and Sammy onstage in Phoenix, AZ, and they opened with “Avenida Revolution.” I expected the sound to blow me out of my seat, the way it did when I saw them in concert, but it didn’t. Maybe the establishment needed to turn up the volume.

The theater also presented the picture with the bottom edge cut off because it overflowed the screen. This was distracting.

The close-ups were one of my favorite aspects of this movie—Chad, Joe, Sammy and Mike sweating and rocking their hearts out. There were a lot of interesting shots here, views the ordinary concert-attendee wouldn’t normally get, such as a shot looking down on Chad and his drums. Nice!

And the vocals were amazing. I don’t know if the film was tweaked to enhance range and singing in key, but the vocals were spot-on perfect. So was the music.

I would have liked to have seen performances from a few of the other shows thrown in though. I also would have liked to have seen the between-the-songs antics the band is known for. Not only are they outstanding musicians, their personal interaction with the fans is something that makes attending a Chickenfoot concert truly a memorable experience. Maybe I’m spoiled, but I felt cheated not having been let in on this important part of the show. While Joe normally just stands there smiling and blowing the walls off the place with his unparalleled guitar proficiency, Sammy and Chad usually ham it up with the audience and involve the fans. Sometimes even Mikey joins in. In Denver, Chad brought a woman from the audience onstage. He stuck his drumsticks down the front of her shirt and pulled sticks out one by one, then tossed them to the fans.

I also didn’t think the movie showcased the amazing energy Chad has. And although it did a good job of portraying Satriani’s talent, I think it could have complimented him a bit more. The film’s portrayal of Hagar and Anthony though, was very well done. Some of the shots of Mikey were phenomenal; it made me feel like I was right there onstage with him.

That being said, I loved every minute of “Chickenfoot Live.” And when I went online this morning and read some of the reviews from fans across the nation, I realized they too, noticed only a handful of people in the theaters. I think I know why. “Chickenfoot Live” wasn’t advertised because it was a personal gift from the band to their fans, a kind of “by-invitation-only” special screening, perhaps as a thank you to those of us who have supported them. Of course I could be mistaken, but I don’t think so.

Was the film “almost as good as being there?” Not even close. Chickenfoot explodes live. But if this is as close as you get to a live performance, you won’t be disappointed.

Wish I was going to Vegas for their final performance on December 5.

WE (myself,wife and daughter) had the misfortune of seeing this movie in fontana ca. The movie was great but the theater sucked !!!! No theater seating, the sound system could not have been any worse...(am radio sounds better). It was so bad we couldn't stay for the whole thing and I asked myself why didnt you guys have this thing play on I-MAX at Edwards at Ontario Mills ? Did I mention even the theater screen was filthy. I guess that "DLP" stands for Dirty Lazy People whom work at the Theater. I should have known nothing replaces a live show ! My family now waits for your return to Los Angeles for a live show. P.S. We wouldnt even eat the free popcorn !!!

PINEHURST, NC- We were the only 3 in this MASSIVE stadium-style theater...AWESOME show!! HD def. makes a difference! Sound was just as loud as the real show!! 5 out of 5 stars!! I noticed Sammy said Pheonix...I was under the impression that the Atlanta, Ga show on 8/30/09 was the show for the taping?? LONG LIVE CHICKENFOOT!!!

The taping in Altanta did not turn out the DVD was taped in Phoenix...My home town, I even made it on the big screen....Cannot wait to it is released. Hopefully b4 Christmas!!!

Saw the show in San Jose. The only thing that could have made it better was MORE!

Greenville, NC. Five people in the theatre, well that's what I get for living here. But you got to hand it to the theatre, it was stadium seating and the picture and sound were perfect! The music was great, these guys can play live. Satriani is a wizard of timing. And I really liked Sammy playing some guitar with Joe, I'd like to see some more of that. Really enjoyed having Mike's vocals and bass featured too. Chad is the best, loved his introductions to the songs. Looks like he was trying to knock over the drum kit without destroying it at the end. This concert was really worth the money.

10 shows front row & this movie didn't have the energy of any of them. We decided to see it at the Ft. Gratiot MI theatre, 8 people total crowd.
The movie was filmed entirely in AZ, no GA, no Cleveland, no joe cam, just the film crew in AZ.
I'm hoping the DVD will have extra features & deleted scenes. Maybe some energy & fun.
I know the excitement & energy that a Chickenfoot show has, I didn't see it in the band or the audience.
There was no crowd interaction, no crazy Chad antics, no Sam & Mike love fest, just endless finger closeups of Joe. This wasn't 4 guys who love to play together & jam for fun, this was planned, rehearsed, choreographed. (redundant yes, but so was the movie)
Mikey was singing & they cut back to Joe's fingers WTF!
While I am a fan of Satch, I can only take so many finger closeups before I become bored. I kept a running commentary on facebook of the show. Mostly wardrobe updates since nothing else was happening. There were some great shots of Chad's black & white socks. While I would have much rather seen the man play, it was nice to see his socks so I at least knew Joe wasn't the only member of the band.
I did get the movie poster from the theatre, so $27 wasn't totally wasted.
If you missed the movie in theatres you are lucky! I will buy the DVD, but only because I'm hoping for MORE.
Cheryl ~yeah WARREN ;)

My wife and I went to the showing in Tampa and it was awesome!!! Only thing that would have topped it was a live show in Tampa.

Chickenfoot just simply brings it!


Saw the movie last night in Columbia, SC. I felt like I was going to some private screening as all of the marquees were blank white and there were no movie posters to be found. Me and my g/f walked into the theatre to find 5 other 'Foot fans all discussing what shows they have been to and what not...just shooting the shit up in the higher seating. I opted for the, uh..."front row" concert experience, ha. The previews lasted what seemed like forever, but finally we got to what we came for. The whole thing was great. The little pre-show backstage huddle was a really cool way to intro it all. The sound was great, audio and video were both very crisp and actually pretty loud in the theatre. The 'Foot was pretty much flawless and on fire (minus a couple funny lyrical flubs from Sammy which he laughs off). You can really feel the energy of the show come through, which, in my opinion, is what makes for a good concert film. I do wish they had not edited out most of the onstage banter between band members, but maybe some of that will be on the DVD. Can't wait to check out the actual DVD and see what else is added (special features? backstage hang outs? Atlanta show?) Another great Foot moment, glad I got to see it. I love this band.

Excellent work! There can't be a band anywhere on earth with better talent and chemistry. The chops on display in this flick are unbelievable. I never cared for the Chili Peppers, but Chad's drumming in this movie makes me wonder if I might have missed something there. I don't think there's a better drummer alive, anywhere. Mikey doesn't get his due, when bass players are discussed. He once again shows that he can play with the very best in the world. How does he get so much voice out of just one mouth? His vocals are perfect. Joe's as good as they come, and proves it beyond a doubt with his perfect playing and tonality. Then you get to the best front man in all of rock and roll, all things considered. Sammy's got it all! His voice, on stage persona, effort,and genuine love of his fans shines through in the movie, just as it does in real life. I'd make one suggestion about the distribution of the movie to theaters though. Include a volume setting on the outside of your distribution packet to the theaters. The one that I saw it in was not nearly as cranked up as it should have been. The soundtrack is too well recorded not to be hear at louder volumes.
All in all, you've got a winner. Its a must see for any "clucker". This is what rock is supposed to be!

I went last night with my husband and my bestest friends to the Greensboro NC theater location for the FOOT live premier. We are ALL such die-hard concert goers and we tend to go to concerts all over the US together but our main common bond is being Sammy fans for many many years.

We were really excited to go to the CHICKENFOOT Live movie last night, so we decided to make it an event!!! Call us f'n crazy but we even took lawn chairs, a cooler of beer and sandwiches and sat out in the side parking lot of the theatre for an hour or so before the show. We reminisced about all the different shows we had attended thoughout 2009...and there were quite a few between us all (it's what we do for fun!) KISS, Judas Priest, Tool, Metallica, Springsteen, Styx, Journey, Whitesnake, Crue and more, most of these bands we saw multiple times (no wonder we are so damn broke) and of course, CHICKENFOOT, 7 times for me. It was the Year of the FOOT for me!! What a great summer following the FOOT, partying with great friends from near and far and enjoying some phenomanal rock music that just makes my soul sing.

After chugging some cold brews and getting our buzz on, we went into the theatre, realizing no one else was really there, just a few teens to see New Moon. What..a private showing!? My friend decides to ask the guy there to make sure the movie was good and loud! The four of us settled in and on came THE FOOT!! The sound, the shot angles, the colors, the music, the was all there and it sucked you right in from the first frame!! ...and WHOA, did they have the sound turned up or what!!! The volume was kicking so LOUD, that it kept clipping off and on during the show, we could barely hear each other talk but it was awesome!! Hope we didn't blow out their speakers!!

We sang along, threw our hands in the air, joked around and had the best night. We truly had to laugh at ourselves for tailgating at a movie, being the only ones there, and having them turn it UP! After the show, we walked out into the lobby and the Manager and one of the employees was commenting on the movie and how they were back in the booth really enjoying it too!! He apologized for the sound clipping so he gave us free movie passes for another time! Sweet!! So it seems, you have two new fans!

I hate that more people did not show up but it was great to have a special private showing!!! What a fun way to wind down the Year of the FOOT, I felt like it was a way of saying thanks to all the fans that had supported them this year....what a memorable evening! Can't wait for the DVD!!!!

Cheers to great friends and great music!

Saw the show in Knoxville last night. My wife and I were the only ones in the theater which was pretty cool! The band wasn't coming to our town so this was the next best thing. The show was great! What an awesome band!
Come to Knoxville next year!

Did anyone go to the show in san jose today?
I would have gone but couldn't.

Just saw the show up here in Bellevue Washington, What can I say other than it was Fucking Great!!!!!!!!!! Saw Chickenfoot at they're 1'st show up here in Seattle, then in Cabo, now at the Movies, and on Saturday at the Joint in Vegas! I'm a lucky person too get too do that and I hope these guys do more because it's great! Also, me and my wife are Waborats and are already looking foreward too next October! Sammy, there is no way your 63, no fucking way!!! LOL!!!!!!!! Keep rocking, We love you!!!! The FOOT AND SAMMY FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just saw the concert event (movie) in Phoenix, and IT WAS FROM THAT SHOW!!!! I WAS AT THE CONCERT AS WELL. Dodge theater front of stage. What a view this became. The only thing sweeter now would be to get the show on Blu-Ray! Come on Sammy. Phoenix on Blu-Ray! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Actually I found 2 places online taking orders for the Phoenix concert Blu-Ray. Unfortunately so far they are online stores in Poland and the Netherlands. It's due to be released both places in March.

I brought my wife and 11 year old daughter to the show in Moundsview, Mn ..... WE WERE THE ONLY ONES THERE! I was quite shocked that no one else showed...but at the same time giddy that I had a private screening of the best band in the world right now! The show -of course- rocked...and it made me shake my head at what a couple of brothers threw away when their egos got in the way of a great band..Bad for those two--and the fans that loved their music---but great for what has risen from the ashes....Rock and Roll lives...while vh doesn't have a pulse....Long live the FOOT!

I went to the showing in Findlay, Ohio tonight and there were about 10 (or so) other hardcore fans of the foot in the theater when I walked in. They all greeted me & asked what shows I saw this summer, etc. lol...

The previews took forever, it was supposed to start @730 and just after 8 the band began their pre-show huddle and they launched into an incredible, loud "Avenida Revolution". The camera angles were ALL over the place - up, down, left, right, .. making a mid size theatre show look huge and epic. The entire show was the 9/23/09 Phoenix show, by the way. NO other footage was used. No Atlanta that I could see. They were all wearing the same clothes throughout, except when Sammy took his buttoned up over shirt off towards the end, but Im 99.9% sure it was ALL Phoenix. Im not sure if they did the "Purple Haze" tease at the end of "Get It Up" or not, but it sounded like it may have been edited out. They did it well, so I couldn't tell. They did leave the "Manic Depression" tease in during the end of "Turnin' Left" which sounded damn impressive. The jamming was all stellar. Like the above poster commented, Satch was flawless. Michael and Sammy's vocals were perfect and Chad was beating the ever-living-%&*$ out of the drums .. and at the end, he destroyed his kit in a huge finale.

This is really the perfect concert DVD if you love this band as I do. They did a phenomenal job with the sound, picture and editing. They cut out a lot of Sammy's banter in between songs and just stuck to the meat and potatoes of the show. They did leave special moments of the show in like when he thanks the crowd and how much he appreciates being able to play in Chickenfoot this late in his career.

01. Avenida Revolution
02. Sexy Little Thing
03. Soap On A Rope
04. My Kinda Girl
05. Down The Drain
06. Bitten By The Wolf
07. Oh Yeah
08. Learning To Fall
09. Get It Up
10. Turnin' Left
11. Future In The Past
- encore -
12. Bad Motor Scooter
13. My Generation [not full song, chorus>jam - destruction of kit]

If I think of more, I'll add it. The DLP looked very, very good. I really hope this is released on bluray, a DVD would not do it justice. You could see every bead of sweat on Sammy's face as he was singing. If you didnt go, kick yourself!!!

Just got back from the roadtrip to DeKalb, Illinois (closest theater to Chicago)and the movie ROCKED!!!!!
Definitely worth the trip!!!!!

Crowd consisted of 30 people (wish more made it out...but most that were there were true fans which added to the enjoyment).

We were all rockin' to the Foot, jamming and dancing in our seats!!!!!

The show in HD and surround sound was the next best thing to being there!

Love, love, love the way it was filmed, different angles, attention on each band member, lighting, sound, etc.

The movie got me even more pumped up for Vegas (if that's possible)...Vegas will be my 9th Foot show this year (10 if you include the movie)...and I can't wait!!!! Each and every show is just as exciting as the last...saving the best for last in Vegas baby!!!!!!

Thanks guys for bringing this to the big screen!!!! See ya in Vegas!!!! OH YEAH!!!!! :-)))))

~ChiTown Tina

WOW - just got home from the show and it was like "re-living" it all over again!! We flew out to Phoenix for this show and it was just an AMAZING concert!! SO awesome to actually see it again at the movie theatre! I took several of my friends to the show and they were absolutely amazed not only at the incredible performance - but also at the dynamics of the band - what alot of fun they have together!! I hope this live version will be out on DVD!! Enjoy the holidays Chickenfoot and we hope to see you all again next year!!! Please come see us in Florida!! My rockin' shoes will be ready!!

I went to the one in my city and me and my girlfriend were the only ones there.

The show itself was awesome, but the theater sound was horrible. I could barely hear Sammy and Michael when they were singing and I got almost no Bass. I can honestly say that, had I not owned the CD before the screening, I would not have had any idea what the songs were or what the lyrics were.


Went to the Carmike 10 in Asheville, NC

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED CHICKENFOOT LIVE. Had a hard time not dancing and screaming with the Phoenix Fans. WIll be a long winter without Sammy. Looking forward to more Chickenfoot or Sammy with the Wabos!

THANKS CHICKENFOOT for a wonderful summer and continuing concert experiences!!

What's the deal?

Los Angeles location (the bridge)for Tues Dec 1st premere is not avaliable to the

public They told me Sony has a private showing only!

Why is a Fan Club e-mail sent to me if you shut me out of the premere?

Chef Lupo

Tonight will be the only opportunity you will ever get to see Chickenfoot sitting down....eating the show.

I would suggest calling ahead to the theatre. The Denver theatre still does not know anything about the show.

I'm in Denver trying to get info on this Centennial screening.
I need to see this show! I worked the Chickenfoot show when they came to Denver in Sept, so I didn't see the show. The band was so incredibly awesome!

WoooooPluckinHooooo! Can't wait for tonight! Next best thing to being at a "live" show, upfront and personal...and NO waiting in line! Gonna get my Favorite BUZZ ON tonight for sure! What a great idea, just wish more locations were available for all the FOOT fans to celebrate the premier!


I think I'm gonna go early and just stand in line cuz that's what we do! lol Sure hope to see some Atlanta FOOT-age in this movie.

Movie tonight, then the REAL THING on Saturday!! What a great week!!!!

Rock on,

Whoo-hoo Chicken foot in Kennewick. I'm the luckiest girl (old chick) in the world. I REALLY wanted to go to Vegas but this is the next best thing. I need my Sammy fix!

Awesome, another Washington Foot Fan!!! I'll be at the Bellevue show tonight. The Foot is coming down in our state, baby!!

Rock on,

Saw them live in I'll see them on the big screen!

I don't see tix on sale, and is it one nite only or one month, somewhere I saw from Dec 1, thru the 30th??
is that correct???

anyone going to the NY showing? Missing this would be a crime!