Dec 05, 2009
The Joint
Las Vegas, NV
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I got to thank you guys for making my 27th birthday the very best i ever had!!! i was taken by my friends in vegas to see the foot play and the joint and u guys did such an awesome show i was amazed! I am a fan for life now, next time i want to party with you guys! I Had never been to such a great show on my birthday before, you guys were better than seein the stones in the vet on my birthday back in 92! I love you guys! my bday is 12/05 play in san antonio next december and i'll be there!!!

WOW! what a weekend. It was my third time being able to see the foot, and let me tell you they just keep getting better and better. All three shows were right up front, soooo much fun. I have never seen a band three times in one tour but this band was so amazing I just wanted to see more. The energy that these guys produce in there show you just cant find anywhere else. I would like to say "thank you" to Chad, Joe, Sammy and Mike. You keep thanking us, but I think we should be thanking you. I hope that Chickenfoot is here to stay.

I took my husband to Hard Rock in Vegas to see Chicken Foot as a surprise and he was in HEAVEN!! They were awesome! I was able to get right up to the stage and take some photos of the guys. Then Sat. Jan 16th I was able to meet up again with Joe Satriani at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. Got a great photo then, but unable to get an autograph. I heard Michael Anthony was there on the Thurs previous. Didn't make it, damn!
Keep rocking, see you in Cabo Sammy!

My son and I are huge foot fans and were praying to god they'd hit vegas. Prayers Answered, show............ Kick ass! My 15 year old left there in awe of Joe's playing. Sammy, Chad and Michael as always did not disapoint. Was night for us to always remember.

Thank you so very much chickenfoot!

This was a very special show for me and my daughter. December 5 was her 16th birthday! There arent too many bands out there that a 42yo dad and 16yo daughter both enjoy but Chickenfoot fit the bill perfectly. She will remember this special day forever. I got goosebumps (or should I call them chicken titties) at the end when Joe played the national anthem and the fans started singing along! Great rockers and great Americans.

Thanks to Joe,Chad,Michael, and Sammy for making this a memorable birthday for my daughter and a very special night for me!

Well only got to see a bit of Soundcheck from the live webcast and the meet and greet guitar giveaway but was first taste of some Foot and can't wait for more. Rock on Chickenfoot get your butts to Australia Thanks for the Live webcast guys.

Got my tix, doeas anyone know if it's ok to bring in a video camera?? Oh Yeah!

Does anyone know who won the trip to this concert? The contest link is closed, but I can't find a list of winners. I was an entrant, but I guess they would have called by now if I was the lucky winner. If the real winner can't make it, I'd be happy to attend for them!

I will be there in Vegas!!
I can't wait. I love love love this band.
It has been a long time since I have felt this way
about a band. So great. I sure wish I could go to the
Meet and greet and/or soundcheck. Does anyone want to see
that happen for the girl? LOL
See y'all there!!

We are flying in Friday from CT. WE are doing the soundcheck and can not seem to get answers on how to get in for that. I was told to pick up our tickets 90 minutes before the show starts! That's too late for the sound check. Does anyone have any information for us??

Don't worry, just do what they say and everything will be fine.... have a great time. See you there.

I received an e-mail a few weeks ago with details on the Soundcheck Package. If you didn't get that e-mail, you should contact Fanfire since they are handling that. Good luck!


Hi Yogi-- for questions about ticket packages, contact I can tell you that soundcheck is currently scheduled for 4pm. Hope this helps!

i'm going, it'll be our 4th show of the tour, can't wait, hope we get into CABO WABO too..

Got the meet and greet - can't wait to hang with the FOOT !

Chuck I Am and kimberly will be there. Vegas, Nascar Week, Cabo Vegas opening, and Chickenfoot all in one weekend!!! Cant wait!! See all you Redheads and Chickenheads there!!

Chuck I Am.

Getting down there on the 4th, am hoping too make it into the CaboWabo show also, But if not will help put the FOOT down onthe 5th! You guys rock, Peace!!!!!