Feb 26, 2010
El Corazon (Virtual Concert Screening)
Seattle, WA

Chickenfoot and Virtual Venues Network invite you to a special sneak preview Virtual Concert screening of Chickenfoot Live - "Get Your Buzz On!" this Friday night at El Corazon in Seattle!

Chickenfoot performed their first major live show at El Corazon last year before launching an amazing international tour that resulted in a gold record and a number one slot on the Billboard charts. This year, while the band takes a break from live touring, Virtual Venues Network (VVN) is hosting a series of virtual concert screenings of the 'Foot, on stage in Phoenix, at select club and college campus venues across the country.

These life size, on stage screenings bring the fans back together in local clubs to see the band at the top of their game on the big screen, nice and loud through the house sound system.

We thought it only fitting to start the Virtual Concert tour with a sneak preview at El Corazon as well.

Note: Please note that due to this first screening being so far in advance of the DVD release, some bonus footage seen in future virtual concert dates will not be available yet.

For more information, visit http://www.virtualvenuesnetwork.com/

Tickets are also available here or at the door.

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