Apr 24, 2010
Cabo Wabo Cantina
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

FREE show as part of the 20th anniversary of the Cabo Wabo Cantina! Tickets are first come, first served by showing up at the venue the day of the show. Wristbands for the show will be given out at the venue starting at 8am.

Limited dinner tickets are also available and separate from the ones given for the shows. Dinner tickets for Friday and Saturday will be sold on Thursday at noon. They will also be sold on a first come first serve basis and at two seats per person. Cost will be $60 dlls each and will include dinner, welcome Waborita and acces to the club.

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Well my first official Chickenfoot gig :) :) Can't say Thanks enough guys was awesome watching ya Rock out and so can't wait till ya hit Australia for the real deal gonna be awesome :)

Just saw the webcast, and you guys freakin' rocked it! Thanks to Best Buy and Chickenfoot for one helluva good time. Joe, loved the Chickenfoot Ibanez JS. I've seen you 16 times, and that's one of the coolest yet. Sammy, you rock, of course. Listened to you since Montrose. You're unstoppable. Chad, one of these days you're going to puncture your sack climbing on those drums, and even if you get the nickname "Uno", you'll still be great. Mike, what can I say, you're a legend. You should have no problem finding some easy wench to clean those buckets for you. Seriously though, you guys are great, and thanks again for the show.

Got my computer all hooked up! Let's ROCK!!! /|\

I hope Chad makes it....

Holy!!! So Comodus and I (Lucilla) were headed to ME Cabo in CSL anyway that weekend. Then CF announces they will be there!!! We are so freakin excited. can't wait to party with the FOOT. Keep an eye out for us gang.......come have a shot. Sammy, you listenin???

-Lucilla and Comodus.

Me and my Red Head family and Sammy in Cabo Priceless!

I will be there ready to ROCK if I have to spend the night in the parking lot!!! LOL ;)

Hey guys;

I would love to go! When I was there 20 years ago the place was empty and it was around high noon and really hot.....Send me some flight tickets from Canada and two for the show for both nights and I will be there. BrokenStrings

I'm looking forward to both of these shows. I'll be there all week. No better way than this to spend my first trip to Cabo!

This is one show I would dearly love to get over to but sadly with work and travel costs from the UK that ain't going to happen....but who knows - could win the lottery this weekend and then I'll be there in my own private jet!!