"Foxy Lady" (Live in Cabo)

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Cabo Wabo Cantina

This was a great year and we were just feeling thankful for all of you fans and thought we'd share this as a holiday gift. It's an outtake from the Live In Cabo webcast and is a really smoking version of this tune! Have a great holiday season and we'll see you from the studio in the 2011!

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foxy lady

this video is awesome


my bigfoot on the Gas, Yaaaaa

Foxy Lady

Holy s&!t! If that wasn't the best rendition of that song, ever, then my name is Orville Redenbaucher. And I don't even like popcorn.

Chickenfoot Brings Back Rock

Oh man, its been over 25 years since I saw the Red Rocker perform on his "3 Lock Box" tour and he hasn't lost a step. Now with Chickenfoot I can believe that real Rock-n-Roll has returned. You can't beat this lineup! Rock on guys!

Oh My flippen Goodness.

I just got Sammy's new and my Live DVD .. I barely made it through the commentary.. Cant wait to let the EDVD rip through the surround sound.. RED IS NOT A COLOR "IT'S AN ATTITUDE"..

Foxy Lady

What an awesome version of this Hendrix classic!! Jimi was great...Satriani is better! Five shining stars for this song!


When you coming to Albuquerque ? Were waiting.


saw some well known and loved Redheads in that video...rock it!!!!