Tailgaiting at a Movie?!?

I went last night with my husband and my bestest friends to the Greensboro NC theater location for the FOOT live premier. We are ALL such die-hard concert goers and we tend to go to concerts all over the US together but one of our main common bond is being Sammy fans for many many years.

We were really excited to go to the CHICKENFOOT Live movie last night, so we decided to make it an event!!! Call us f'n crazy but we even took lawn chairs, a cooler of beer and deli sandwiches and sat out in the side parking lot of the theatre for an hour or so before the show. We reminisced about all the different shows we had attended thoughout 2009...and there were quite a few between us all (it's what we do for fun!) KISS, Judas Priest, Tool, Metallica, Springsteen, Styx, Journey, Whitesnake, Crue and more, most of these bands we saw multiple times (no wonder we are so damn broke) and of course, CHICKENFOOT, 7 times. For me, it was the Year of the FOOT!! What a great summer following the FOOT, partying with great friends from near and far and enjoying some phenomanal rock music that just makes my soul sing.

After chugging some cold brews and getting our buzz on, we went into the theatre, realizing no one else was really there, just a few teens to see New Moon. What..a private showing!? My friend decides to ask the guy there to make sure the movie was good and loud! The four of us settled in and on came THE FOOT!! The sound, the shot angles, the colors, the music, the vibe...it was all there and it sucked you right in from the first frame!! ...and WHOA, did they have the sound turned up or what!!! The volume was kicking so LOUD, that it kept clipping off and on during the show, we could barely hear each other talk but it was awesome!! Hope we didn't blow out their speakers!!

We sang along, threw our hands in the air, joked around and had the best night. We truly had to laugh at ourselves for tailgating at a movie, being the only ones there, and having them turn it UP! After the show, we walked out into the lobby and the Manager and one of the employees was commenting on the movie and how they were back in the booth really enjoying it too!! He apologized for the sound clipping so he gave us free movie passes for another time! Sweet!! So it seems, you have two new fans!

I hate that more people did not show up but it was great to have a special private showing!!! What a fun way to wind down the Year of the FOOT, I felt like it was a way of saying thanks to all the fans that had supported them this year....what a memorable evening! Can't wait for the DVD!!!!

Cheers to great friends and great music!