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Tailgaiting at a Movie?!?

I went last night with my husband and my bestest friends to the Greensboro NC theater location for the FOOT live premier. We are ALL such die-hard concert goers and we tend to go to concerts all over the US together but one of our main common bond is being Sammy fans for many many years.

Touched by a Young Fan!

I was front row at the Charlotte NC show and standing beside me was a young lad all of 10 or 11. I spoke with him before the show and he was learning to play guitar and was a huge Satch fan. He told me he had been waiting ALL his life to see Joe play and you could just feel the excitement boucing off this little guy. During the show when Joe would play directly in front of us, I would look down at him to 1) make sure he had room and could see and 2) just to see the immense joy in this kids eyes! He was smiling ear to ear, watching every move Joe made with that guitar.

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