Touched by a Young Fan!

I was front row at the Charlotte NC show and standing beside me was a young lad all of 10 or 11. I spoke with him before the show and he was learning to play guitar and was a huge Satch fan. He told me he had been waiting ALL his life to see Joe play and you could just feel the excitement boucing off this little guy. During the show when Joe would play directly in front of us, I would look down at him to 1) make sure he had room and could see and 2) just to see the immense joy in this kids eyes! He was smiling ear to ear, watching every move Joe made with that guitar. This kid was in awe of his idol and it actual brought a tear to my eyes a few times during the show!!

After the show, I made sure he had gotten a pic from Joe (which he did) and asked him what he thought of his very first concert seeing his favorite musician?? He gave me a high five and said "it totally rocked" and he would never ever forget that night!! I walked out of the show, not only high from my own experience, but elated knowing this little guy truly had had the best night of his young life and I was there to share that special moment with him!

Whether we are 5 or 85...Chickenfoot and its music brings joy to so many in so many ways!! Thanks Joe, Sammy, Chad and Mikey for bringing it on the road and giving all your fans young and old, the ultimate thrill of THE FOOT!


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OMG..what a small world this really is...I believe that was my grandson Stephen. He is 12. I took him to his first concert "Chickenfoot" in Charlotte...we were front row, we also took him the following day to Myrtle Beach and we were 2nd row there.

I took a picture from that show to Cabo with me & Both Joe & Sammy autographed it. We are having it framed for Christmas along with Joe's & Sammy's Guitar pic! My friend Lori made sure I got a pic from both Joe & Sam to frame with the picture as Stephen used that first pic from Joe to make a necklace, he wears it and his Chickenfoot Concert Shirt proudly! He is going to be one happy young man at Christmas. Last year we bought him his first guitar which he is getting better on every day and the year before a keyboard which he also taught himself to play...he told me he is looking forward to the next Chickenfoot concert..."That's my boy"! Thanks Sammy, Joe, Mike & Chad and to all the fans that made sure Stephen got up front and had the night of his life!

I have two boys, one is about to turn 6 and the other is 2 and a half. They know almost every lyric from every track on the album! We drive down the road, and Oh Yeah comes on, and they are both screaming and singing, and kicking in their car seats. Turnin' Left comes on, and they are telling me I have to turn left! Future in the Past comes on, and they just go crazy! It's so awesome seeing the music that I love being just as enjoyed by my two little ones. When I ended up with an extra ticket to the Baltimore show in August, I wanted to take my oldest so bad, but knew he just wasn't old enough. For this reason, you guys had better still be rocking together in 5 years! Until then, I guess I will just have to take them to see Chickenfoot Live in Richmond!