Album certified GOLD!

Oct 6 2009
Album certified GOLD!

Did we mention how excited we are that, thanks to you, the album has been certified GOLD? Yes, the tour is over, but what better way to wrap it up than a special presentation to Joe, Chad, Mike and Sammy of their brand new GOLD records? Here's a shot of the guys being presented their records. Wondering what's next? For the immediate future, Chad will be getting together with RHCP, Sammy and Mike are heading to Cabo and Joe has a live DVD coming in the new year. But don't worry, we still have more exciting CHICKENFOOT news coming soon!

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Me alegro por ustedes, que les vaya muy bien, son una banda muy buena, una de las mejores de este nuevo siglo. Ojalá sigan así, que tengan mucho éxito.


Well deserved!!!! I saw the FOOT @ Mohigan Sun in CT. This band had fun all night and NO EGOS! ROCKED ARE ASSES OFF! Now lets give them HARD ROCK BAND OF THE YEAR. I know all REDHEADS have to agree, THE FOOT IS COMING DOWN HARD!!! ROCK ON CHICKENFOOT!!!!

No doubt congrats! I can't believe it took this long! Hope you guys decide to do this again! Thanks for this one at least!
Freddy Trumbower, Charlotte, NC

Congrats on the gold ablbum! It's awesome! Just can't figure out why you guys didn't come to St. Louis??? Makes absolutely no sense!!!???

CONGRATS! But no surprise to us at all, when you got it, you got it and you guys definitely got it. Don't EVER Change, just keep making us rock til we drop ... OK Nuff of the cliche' mode but you know it's true ROCK ON! We Love You!


Congrats!!! And Happy Late Birthday Sammy!!!! I was the CHICKENHEAD with the "real chickenfoot" necklace that got to shake your hand at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame interview and Show!!!! Keep doing Sammy I love you and your awesome voice and lyrics!!!! You make it, I'll buy it!!!!

Congratulations to you all as a complete band! You deserve it! Certainly it will go further. Please give us more. We want more than enough! More LP's and more tours! I saw you perform in Connecticut (see review) and you guys blew my head clear straight off. (I think it's still rolling around here somewhere). I still listen to the album daily and recommend it to everyone. This achievement is just the beginning and clearly shows the World that you are the best band in America! I'm getting the new deluxe CD/DVD set for family and friends across the board. Wish I was in Cabo this week. Please don't stop coming back! Thanks for all the eargasms. The album is a total, complete and absolute rush! 'Bitten by the Chicken - Doug Edgar, Westerly, RI/Gainesville, FL

Happy Birthday Sammy!!!!! and congratulations to the band for the gold record. enjoyed seeing the foot in concert at philly road test and A C's house of blues. can't wait for another album and tour. best wishes Rick & Eva

VERY COOL!!!!! They all look so happy about it!!! Chickenfoot was in CABO for Sammy's Ten13!!! They sounded usual! Got to hear most of the show!!!! :)
SO happy for all the success their having...they really ARE the BEST band in the WORLD!!!! Sooo looking forward to more Chickenfoot in the future!

Much continued success,
~Darlene in R.I.

Congratulations on a fantastic album. I saw you perform at the Chicago theatre in August.and it was great , great show. I had a blast. Cant wait to do it again on your next album. Definetly, ALL HAIL THE FOOT!!!!

Way to go guys, you totally deserve this!! Thanks for such fantastic music and a great tour this summer. I'm looking forward to the next album, and the album after that, and the album after get my drift!!

Rock on!

Totally cool! Chickenfoot is the best thing that has happened to rock music in ages. I have listened to the music everyday. I have both the CD and the vinyl album. I saw the show in San Antonio, Texas and I have many t-shirts, a poster, the great magic 8 ball and I framed my ticket stub. Thanks to the band for bringing real rock to our hearts. I cannot wait until the next release and tour, don't ever stop!

Men, congratulations. Hope to see U once again in Montreux, or near from there next year !

So happy for you guys! You deserve this honor!
Thanks for the best shows of my life this summer!
I am missing the Foot more than you know...come back soon!!!!

~ChiTown Tina

That is so cool. I bought 2 albums, 1 cd and 1 digital download from Amazon. Keep up the good work. Hopefully we will here some more Chickenfoot in the near future.

Totally awesome. Congrats guys, you deserve it! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Congrats Guys! In this day and age Gold is Great, but don't let this be a one off moment, we need to hear more Chickenfoot, I patientlyt await the new material.

All Hail The Foot!