Chickenfoot Fan Club Ticket Pre-Sale Starting – Become a Chickenhead Now!!

Apr 15 2009

Attention Friends of the Foot! Pledge your allegiance to Chickenfoot and join the official Chickenfoot Fan Club! Members receive presale access to tickets before they go on sale to the general public, presale access to VIP packages before they go on sale to the general public, an EXCLUSIVE "Chickenheads" fan club t-shirt, and a 10% ongoing discount in the Official Chickenfoot online store once it launches!

A limited number of Premium Ticket Packages will be made available exclusively to fan club members during the presale period. The package includes one general admission standing ticket, early entry into the venue, an EXCLUSIVE Chickenfoot Concert Shirt, a collectible, AUTOGRAPHED Chickenfoot Tour Poster (limited edition, numbered), an EXCLUSIVE Chickenfoot Magic 8 Ball and a $25 voucher to the official Chickenfoot online store.

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I got my shirt today; It's a size small. WTF am I supposed to do with a small?

pre-sale password for the beacon NYC anyone?? :)

admittedly that does sound pretty awesome. it does credit to the chickenfoot fan community. good show

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Hello there.
I joined Chickenfoot fanclub in order to pre-order tickets.
I followed the 4 easy steps to order the ticket, but when I
come to the last one I got some trouble :

((4. Note your custom CODE (displayed on the page), click on the
ticket link for the show you want, and enter code on the
ticketing site))

I can see my CODE, but I can not find the ticket link
for the show that I want!

Any suggestions?

What show are you ordering for? There are no pre-sale tickets available at this time. The shows in US are all sold out and if you are ordering overseas I would imagine you would order from whoever you would normally buy tickets from, because they are available to everyone.

I would like to order tickets for the show in Hambug. 7.Jul
I live i Norway, and I guessed it could be a little difficult
for me to order the tickets at normal way, without risk it
getting sold out. Thats why I paid a membership ;)

Any Idea when those tickets for Europe get on sale?


LMAO ! seems that the fanclub admin needs alittle help ??? :p

I don't understand why they didn't mention this with the email they sent with the coupon code. Hopefully we will get the tshirt sometime this calendar year! :)

Nice. I feel like a dope wasting $40 to join when I got no pre-sale tickets AND no t-shirt. I might as well just pay the band some free money next time so they can drink and party on my hard-earned dime.


I know it's gettin warm out, and clothing becomes more and more optional, but where's those Chickenfoot fan club t-shirts so many of us are waiting for???
What the CLUCK???

I have called and emailed about mine and all the people @ fanfire say they are on backorder and don't have any idea when they will get them. I am a little disappointed because this is the first fan club I have ever joined, and so far for my $40 I have got an email that says I am a member. Whoop-de-doo. I just want my t-shirt

I've got my tickets for the San Francisco show, but would like to wear my fanclub shirt to the show. US CHICKENHEADS WANT OUR CHICKENTHREADS! We need to represent!

Less calories without the skin!

I'm reading these comments and see that 95% of the fanclub is pissed off about something. If anyone has extra Boston, MA tickets due to human error, I'll be glad to buy them off you for the cost of the tix. 978-490-7341

Besides the poster, the tee & the magic8ball, does anyone know what else is in the online store? CHICKENFOOT backscratcher, perhaps?!

1st concert i have gone to since 1995 when i saw sammy and mike at Jones Beach had backstage (leslie west did the encoure with them)
live nation system worked well so far.
They sound awsome It all fits very well together.
Usualy away on my boat Memorial Day Week coming back earlie just to see them
Can't wait till the show

At 10am I got online and the tickest for general admission were sold out.What is the use of paying $40 for Fan Club and trying to get tickets ahead of the general public and it doesn't work that really I have to wait for Saturday and try with the general public ...what are the benefits of having paid he $40 to be part of the Fan Club again..can someone please help explain to me.

Are there Premium Ticket Packages available for the European Tour? If not, why not a M&G in Montreux?! It's not forbidden to dream...

I just bought my tickets through the Fanclub presale and someone really needs to explain something! Why is it, that after I've already paid $40 to join the fanclub, my presale tix cost me $69.50/each, but when the tix go on sale to the general public, they're only $49.50/each? Why the hell are Fanclub members paying more for their tickets? After they rape you with the fees, each ticket ends up costing you $82.45! Are Fanclub members getting the short end here or what? What the hell is a 2 ticket FC bundle? It sounds like someone's making a bundle of dough off the loyal fanclub members!

This was posted by Jon Luini the webmaster at
hey everyone who was confused by the ticket options, i'd be happy to collect feedback and pass it over to the fanfire folks with the goal of improving the future packages for everyone. the bundle that includes the fanclub membership was something brand new that i didn't know about until it all showed up on the ticketing sites so i was as confused as some of y'all.

if anyone ended up purchasing a second fan club membership by accident through this confusion, definitely contact fanfire support at or call 1-800-767-7160 (6am – 9pm Pacific) and make a request for a refund.

send any comments to with the subject line of "TICKET PACKAGE FEEDBACK" and i'll try to consolidate it all.

Hope this helps everyone..

I fell victim to the presale confusion too. When I first logged into the presale site the VIP tickets weren't listed so I ordered the FC bundle thinking they were the VIP tics. After the deal was done and I went back looking for details on the early entry suddenly there was a link for VIP tic's at 217.00 bucks! I contacted both Fanfire and Livenation neither are willing to refund anything and they both point to each other as responsible for refunds of any sort. So if you accidentally ordered the bundle and were already a paid fanclub member you paid an extra $40 for nuthin like me.
Dispite this negative development, I'm still looking forward to the show!


Hey, I fell victim to the same thing. Great (sarcasm). I bought a fanclub membership twice. If either outfit has any integrity, they will make this right. Still looking forward to the show but I am pissed about how shady this was.

I'm happy that I got my tix, but not thrilled that I now have three fan club memberships. I spoke with someone immediately after through e-mail at Live Nation then they stopped responding. They may have gotten extra money from me this time, but it won't happen EVER AGAIN.

I am done with the fan club too. Love the band, but I will not reup. This is not fair. I even asked if I could convert my extra FC memberships to merch credit for the store and nobody even bothered responding.

Oh well. I will enjoy the show. Shouldn't have a hard time getting tickets next time. With or without this membership.

For those who want to know..I talked to Fanfire today and they will be sending out emails with t-shirt ordering information soon.

Thanks for the heads up :)

VIP tix for the NYC show...had to do it...I know it's pricey, and it's just ONE ticket...but who knows the next time the Foot is gonna swing thru my city!
It's not the Magic 8-Ball that swayed me,'s the ROCK!!!!!!! Sam, Joe, Mikey and Chad have got their s**t together, folks, and the streaming tunes so far have proved it!
BTW: Does anyone know if the music behind the newest video clip from the guys (towards the end of the clip) is off one the songs from the album??

p.s.: I agree that the information about what package contains what is REALLY confusing, but like some of the other "FOOT-NATICS" (hey, that's patent-pending!!), I just didn't want to chance NOT getting the tix, so I took a leap of faith and went VIP to lock it in...I assume that LiveNation or some other entity is gonna be reaching out to us to let us know a bit more, including among other things, what the definition of "Early Access" to the venue really is...

The Chickenfoot Magic 8-Ball says "DON'T FORGET YOUR ROCKIN' SHOES!!!!"

Can't wait til May 28th!!! See you all there!!

ChickenJonny :)

"What are the different packages?
There is a regular ticket, a FC Bundle, and VIP package available. What is the difference? Is the bundle the one that comes with early access, the t-shirt, magic 8-ball etc?"

Nope - that's the "VIP""Premium"....uh...let's just call it the "Nobody Knows What To Call It But It's Damn Expensive Package" to be safe.

I agree that the diff between a "Fanclub Bundle" and a "VIP package" as explained on this site is vague and could lead one to believe a fanclub membership might include the VIP goodies, as nothing here is specifically labelled as a "VIP package".

I had to run "Chickenfoot Premium Ticket Package" thru Google and hit a Ticketmaster site in Canada to find that phrase means the same as the "VIP Package" that's advertised on the TM and LiveNation sites - they really need to get their terminology straight across the board for stuff like this.

What's also irritating is that there was no indication of the cost of these VIP packages mentioned anywhere here, unlike the regular ones. Using the same Google search, I found that it's $250 a pop in a rather convoluted way - via a Chickenfoot page on the FanFare site that wasn't available via their search engine (TM Canada shows a $225-ish price for the Chicago and Hollywood shows when going to order tix there):

Either way, that's a bit too rich for my blood for a GA show so I opted for the fan club route to assure that I get tix.

Ironically, I was able to order mine for the NYC show a day early thru LiveNation, apparently by getting the fan club bundle thru their site as opposed to via the linkage here - it was also $40 above the cost of the ones that go public tomorrow (however, there was nothing to indicate what I'd get, what size it would be or how it'd get to me). The VIP price wasn't visible anywhere on the LiveNation site that I could see, for this show at least, unless you entered a fanclub code from here/FanFare...weird.

Have to agree about fan clubs....never have joined one,... until now. If the band plays huge venues where there are reserved seats then it makes more sense to me. General Admission shows are not as big of a deal...UNLESS the pre-sale to members eats up all the tickets! Eventually Chickenfoot may be playing in the "Big Rooms" then we will be able to get close seats!! Can't wait till May!!

If you have a $40 membership paid already, you should have recieved a code to put into the space on site when trying to order today. I got mine at 10:10 am in Chicago, but had to leave the seat option window reading, "best seats available", other wise if I put "General Admission floor" it said no tix's available....

i did exactly that. I had the code and put it in. The second Buy came on the screen i clicked. The word Buy didn't come on till about 11:30 am. No way you got them at 10:10am. I even called ticket master and FanFire. They said there was a delay.

I have no reason to lie about it!! I just went to and walked through buying tix's for the San Francisco show all the way up to the point of submitting the order and it worked fine as well.TRY AGAIN DUDE !! don't give up on CF just cause of internet!!

Don't fool around on the CF web page trying to order tickets......Go straight to

Ticketmaster didn't work either

I clicked buy the second it came on. It said no tickets available. I think this was a scam to get you to join the Fan club. I already went to my bank and told them this was fraud. I'm getting my money back.

There is a regular ticket, a FC Bundle, and VIP package available. What is the difference? Is the bundle the one that comes with early access, the t-shirt, magic 8-ball etc?

think that's the VIP explanation of the FC bundle!

It is a bit confusing...the VIP package outlines what's included but i don't see any explanation of what the FC bundle is??? Help!

couldnt even get in the site for 15 min. Called them up and the operator was clueless (Chickenfoot...Like the Animal?) after 5 minutes looking(refusing to let me read the addy to her) she said id have to find it on my end i hung up. Finally tried that annoying site again and it worked at 10:33. Good Luck!

Hi everybody. I buyed a few days ago tickets for the Montreux show the 4th of July in Switzerland ! No presale from the fanclub but I have my tickets ! Cannot wait until then! Yesssss !

has anyone received their t-shirt for becoming a fan club member? What does it look like? I never saw where to give a tshirt size. I called Fanfire and hopefully they are going to get me one...Anyway....I'm a loyal Chickenhead!

I also was not given an option of choosing a size either. I emailed 2 days ago and haven't heard anything as of yet

Hey...I'd be inclined to think that they'll have some type of area at the venue for the people who purchased VIP tix or bundles that include a t-shirt, and they'll just hand you a bag of goodies when you arrive...I've had that happen to me a few times...either that, or they'll just go with the "standard" method and just give everyone an XL shirt....I'm sure they'll take care of everyone the right way though....


Thanks CJ :)
I maybe posted in a wrong area I was talking about the tshirt for the fanclub but that could apply to that too!

On that score, I'm wondering the same thing myself )

These sights just blow in general, i tried yesterday, Live Nation had no clue, I usually know more than they do, and this time, it was screwy all the way around... i won't enrool in another fan club just to get tix, but i hope to get tix at least with the general public. or "other" ways to the SF show!!!

Will be completely dissappointed if i don't get tix for this show!!!

Also known as the concert queen...