Chickenfoot Summer Tour 2009 Part One

Jun 3 2009

We're happy to announce the first part of this summer's Chickenfoot North American tour! You'll find dates for the month of August over in the tour section and we will have complete presale information coming to you Monday. Most public onsales will be the 13th and presales will begin for most shows on the 10th. If you haven't already upgraded your account to Premium Fanclub status and are interested in the presales, you should upgrade now!

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Chickenfoot has refined their act as a non stop variety of music and personality! ..and reminding us of what Rock and Roll means! Thanks!

Atlantic City, NJ 8-22-09

What happened to "Tour Part Two"??? Waiting for a visit to Salt Lake or Las Vegas!!!!

Part two wasn't announced under that title, but includes all of the other dates through September. Sorry they aren't making it to those places on this leg-- but they'll be back!

has anyone got tickets for the Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame yet? There is only 18 days left and I haven't got tickets yet or heard when we will get them. Has anyone heard anything?

Just posted details on the news page-- go check it out :}

woo hoo!!!! Only 6 days left. The weather report says it should be delightful!!!! CHICKENFOOT !!!!!!!!

I have two extra tickets in the SOLD OUT mezzanine for the Saturday, August 8 show in Detroit. Just want my investment back... $150 for the pair. First come, first served - 616.570.4488

I stand somewhat corrected...I just bought 8 tickets in section 2 for my friends and i, but it is a disapointment from the presale seats that are on sale at stub-hub, ect for $568.00 AND UP....but i will be happy celebrating mt 42 nd birthday with ny closest friends and Chickenfoot! I still do not like this pre-sale ticket idea....but i am a possitive person and I will have a great time at this concert!!1! No more complaints... and the last complaint was the 1st and only!!!!1

Cool...I'm glad you were able to get tickets. If you are indeed going to the Berkeley show (just a guess from me, but you mention "Section 2" and that's what was available there when I replied earlier), you'll have a great time. I've seen a few shows's one of my favorite outdoor venues, definitely.

Are fan club members being allowed early entry into shows?

Why do we need to pay to have the chance to but pre-sale tickets and when they go up for sale...they're gone within a minute...while you are still waiting. Now, I see tix being sold for $250.00 and up @stubhub, did all of the scalpers buy them up, or is this the new EBAY for selling concert tix?!? I have seen Sammy for 25 years and I CANNOT believe he is a part of this. I guess the REAL fans can listen to the CD (which ROCKS), without the chance to see a great band. I saw HSAS at the SJ Civic and got tickets at Bass Outlets w/o this presale crap... I guess no one cares about the real fans anymore....was this trick learned from Eddie Van Whore-Dollar!

What show were you trying to get tickets for? I don't think many US dates are sold out yet.

You mention HSAS in San Jose...are you still in northern CA? I was able to easily get fan club tickets to the Berkeley gig, and normal tickets are still available now.

ive been seeing many good seats open up here in NY..none of the shows are sold VH dealing going on for sure

I am looking forward to the Detroit show August 8th at the Fillmore! I got my wife and me the backstage experience and have the most incredible seats! I'm having a little sticker shock especially after reading some of the posts about what all it (backstage experience) entails or does not entail? We're coming up from NE Cincinnati...I wish they were coming to River Bend! My first concert ever was seeing Sammy at the Toledo Sports arena in April of 1982 on the Standing Hampton Tour, Aldo Nova opened up when "Fantasy" was at its peak and I've been hooked ever since! I've seen Sammy with VH 5 times, and with the Waboritas 3 times, Joe/G3 twice and the shows get better each time. We're hoping to have our 10 year anneversary (Oct 7th in 2010) in Cabo which nicely times with the Annual 1013 Birthday Bash! This new album is just incredible!

Chad...hope you heal a Physical Therapist, I will gladdly assist with any rehab you might need to get that bicep working properly again, and cheap, too, only a beer a visit!

Sammy...I had patient this spring who fell off a golf cart of all things while in Cabo (her husband took a hard left and out the right side she went and fractured her pelvis...see what turning left can cause?!) so they fly home for medical care close to their home in Dayton, Ohio, and all I want to know is if she made it to the CaboWabo Cantina or see you down there and I go off on this long tirade of what a huge Sammy fan I am and am planning a trip to Cabo, etc, etc! After I finally shut up, she tells me she goes down there frequently to visit her daughter who lives there in Cabo (husband is big in realestate) and is a friend of your wife's and that your daughter and her grand-daughter met in school down there and are good friends?! Needless to say, she quickly became my favorite patient!

Can't wait to see you in Detroit!! I'll be rockin out from the front row with my own 'Sexy little thing,' next to me grinning from ear to ear the whole show!

Happy July 4th to all and wishing the band safe travels and no more torn biceps!

[/|\] - Ryan

Just "heard" the show last Friday in Amsterdam. Band was great, but the venue sucked. General admission, standing only (no seating), and over-sold vs venue capacity. Dutch people are quite tall, and my view of the band was completely obstructed. Suffice to say my experience tarnished the excitement about Chickenfoot, not to mention the 50 Euro waste of money.

Just have to say how this free show thing for Cleveland SUCKS!! Now they're saying all fan club members who live in Ohio will get tickets and those of us who live elsewhere will have to enter a drawing and be selected randomly. I already entered a drawing on Sammy's Club 1013 and didn't win tix. Now I have to wait and see if I can possibly win here. What was the point in either membership! I'd rather have had to buy tix - at least then I'd know I was going to the show. It's unfortunate as I was looking forward to celebrating my birthday by going to this show. It looks like my only other choice is to buy tix for the Pittsburgh show which is on a Wednesday night. Hey guys, NO MORE FREE SHOWS or make sure fan club members get tix first!!!

I have to agree that the cleveland show tix are so elusive. I also maintain memberships to both fan clubs and do not live in Ohio. I got shut out on the 1013 drawing too. I have already purchased two plane tickets from Wyoming hoping to get to into the show. Hopefully more opportunities will come up for foot fans willing to travel to see a show. Kind of rubs me the wrong way that there will be some folks who will either not show or get into the show and under-appreciate it having won them from a radio station and not being part of the foot faithful. Kind of seems like a negative reward for positive behavior or something. Oh well, I've got good karma and a positive outlook-hope to see the rest of you in similar situations at the show!

I don't know how much of that is their fault. When I initially heard that they were doing a free show, I called the R&R hall of Fame. They told me it was a free show, that people should just come on down, the second time I called it was the same story. Then suddenly one day I read you had to have tickets so I called and they said you had to listen to WNCX to find out how to get tickets. After that I wrote Chickenfoot support and they said they were working on tickets then for fan club members. It was not their choice to give us free tickets, but at least they secured some for us Ohio Fans of The Foot. It sounds like you must live in PA and are able to go to another show. Be grateful you have the option of more than one show. I understand your pain,Maybe you will get lucky and win tickets here, if not, at least you have the option to go to the Pittsburg show.

Has anyone purchased a premium package and received the code from Ticketmaster for the t-shirts and stuff? It has been 3 weeks and I not seen anything. Meanwhile, I can not wait for the show!

I was going to get a Chickenfoot hat with the $25 credit, but they have disappeared from the store.
How many t-shirts does a Chickenhead need???!
I sure wish there was more news here... I guess they are playing the Rockweekend Festival in Sweden tonight.

If you're talking about the fan club code/shirt, you should have gotten an email with the subject "Redeem your Chickenfoot fan club membership" that has all the info you'll need.

If you're talking about the extras that come with a VIP package, you probably won't get them until the night of the show. Assuming it's the same as it was on the Road Test tour, you'll get everything except the poster before the show. You'll get the poster at the end (so it doesn't get damaged as it would if you'd have to hold it during the gig, I presume).

OK, the VIP extras are now available to order. I had to call TicketMaster to get my redemption codes.

Claim your VIP package extras

Thanks Stu. When I purchased the premium package, Ticketmaster sent an confirming email that said the code to claim the package "elements" would arrive within 14 days. I am okay with picking the stuff up at the show... but I am not sure that is the case.

Hey guys how come no FLORIDA dates on the tour? We've got sunshine, hot women & great venues! Please tell me you're going to add more dates that will include FLORIDA! CD ROCKS!




I saw you in Cork, you were brilliant! Chickenfoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave5150, you need to remove that code from your post. It is your personal presale code.
Also, You should not have any problems with your Fanclub membership.
I have purchased tickets to several dates and ended up with no less than 2nd row for 3 shows.

If you have issues call Livenation's helpline and have them walk you thru setting up your account info.
If you don't fill out the form exactly, then you will have problems making purchases.

But that is not a fan club issue it is a Livenation issue.

I just signed up for the fanclub, thinking I had to to be able to gain access to pre-sale tix. I now see a code - *EDITED OUT BY ADMIN* - on the tour page. Will this code work for pre-sale tix???? If so, I guess I just paid $40 for a tee shirt....

You do need a fanclub membership to take part in the presale.

Your membership is linked to your free account here, so once you joined you were given that code. You'll have to type that in on the Ticketmaster or Live Nation page when you buy your presale tickets.

The code is unique to your membership, so if you can edit your post to remove it you should do that.

If you've posted any show reviews on this thread here, please go over to the Tour Archives and post them on the right show so people can read and enjoy them there:}

Does anyone know how to get tix for the free show @ Rock n Roll Hall in Cleveland? There's no info on the Foot site nor the Rock Hall's site. Heard you have to have ticket for show just don't know how to get them. Sammy's Club 1013 is holding a drawing to win tickets for 2 but that's all the info I can get about this show. Can anyone help?

if you go on it will tell you where to get tickets it sucks because you got to run all over and try and get tickets and good luck getting them and a fanclub membership is useless. I am so aggravated and pissed off. I have no idea why they are playing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and not at a real venue that sells tickets. How do they expect people to see them? I am just so mad because I don't want to have to follow some stupid van around and hope they give me tickets. What a kick in the face to us fans

We are currently actively working to secure as many tickets as possible for this show for Fan Club members. Once we have finalized that we'll announce details on how we will be distributing them. We know it's frustrating to have a local free show that you can't easily get into after having paid for the membership and are doing everything we can to help you out! :}

Got my tix yesterday for the Tahoe show, I am driving 5 hours to go to this show ! and I already know it will be worth it cause I already saw them in San Fran Fillmore !!! I figure this place is way out there so the crowd wont be as thick ! NICE for picture taking ..


Drinks at the Cabo Catina before the show!!! Got you beat on the drive , mine will be 20 hours , had to do it because i dont see any dates for Vancouver this time round. Caught the road test show and figure if I`m traveling a 1000 miles i would do the backstage experience this time round. Between the Hotel and the tickets I figure I just wont eat for the next month , but it will be worth it!!

The "Foot" will, undoubtedly, take Europe by storm. Those folks won't even know what hit 'em. This band is simply awesome. I wish I could be there to witness it. I wish the band & crew safe travels. Look forward to seeing them live in NYC & NJ in August. Spread the gospel-Let's make this album #1 on Billboard.


I was excited to get on the Amex-pre sale for NYC but very dissapointed in the seat selection, orchestra side rear, lodge side, picked balcony center for less money. When tickets went on sale to the general public I could have chosen a better seat location, 3rd row center lodge, beter seat location in the orchestra as well. I saw Satch there a few years back , sat in the orchestra, and he was AWESOME! If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

Surely not! But I can see that it probably is since the last dates posted are in CA. They aren't playing anywhere near me. Closest is Chicago (5 hours away) which is on the same weekend as Lollapalooza, making hotel rooms VERY hard to find and expensive.

Come on! Play Cincinnati, St. Louis, Nashville, or Louisville KY! I'm totally bummed that I shelled out $40 for a membership and have yet to get the tshirt or any other advantage of being a member.

I see dates for Texas, Colorado, and Arizona.......There is a state in between all three of those! always play the Kiva on your solo tours....Please don't forget your loyal fans in Albuquerque!!

Rockline Interview w/Chickenfoot June 17th
For more info go to Rockline website @


No northern California Dates ??? C'mon Sammy how about some luv for your "Home Town" area - like the Bay area... Cabo - Tahoe gets all the luv. See ya Sept. 5th anyway..

This is a little closer to the Bay? Sept. 25th Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA

I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few more shows planned, after Phoenix, that just haven't been announced yet. I'd say LA and SF are safe bets, and maybe some other cities as well.

Joe always plays in San Francisco or nearby on his solo tours...I don't see why he'd skip a hometown show this time around.

Guys Please Come to Mexico youre awesome!! great band great sound ! you are the best!

just glad I live in Charlotte and was able to drive over to Verizon box office and get tickets in person because Livenation was not working. Tried logging out and logging back in and two different browser, IE and Firefox. Don't know about past comments on tickets for $131 but I got reserve seats for $41 each.

I can't wait to see Chickenfoot again and have been checking regularly for Part 2 Dates. Anyone have any idea when we're going to see the dates/venues for Part 2 of the Tour?

Just got my shirt. Only took 11 days to get. Great service!!!

I just got my 50 dollar shirt as well....three sizes too small!!! I'm 6'5, 215lbs and have been a fan club member for 9 weeks!!! Come on fanfire, Help me out!!! I'm still waiting for your call you promised in 24 hours, three days later!!!

Didn't get pre-sale tix AGAIN for the Toronto show, but managed 2 regular tickets when the public sale started no problem.

Still waiting for my 50 dollar t-shirt, 9 weeks later. Oh well, see you August 4th.

is there gonna be a opening band for the us shows? got my tickets for atlanta ready to rock