Fan Club Presales!

Feb 27 2012

Ticket presales for both regular tickets and VIP Ticket Packages are starting this week on Tuesday February 28th and we want to make sure you are prepared by answering common questions before you can ask them!

Most important: To get access to the presales you will need the codes. And to get the codes, you will need to be a paid member in good standing of the Chickenfoot Fan Club. Click here for details. If you click the "PROFILE" link at the top right of the page (to the right of the "Contact" navigation link), you can confirm your membership status, which must be either "Foot Soldier Standard" or "Foot Solder Premium" to have a presale code. If you have other tech support questions about the fan club or the presales, check out the contact info in the Frequently Asked Questions.


(1) Be a Fan club member (there is still time to sign up)
(2) Log in to your CHICKENFOOT.US account
(3) Visit (we suggest an hour before the presales begin, which is usually 10am local time)
(4) For regular tickets, see your code on the top right of the screen and then click on the presale link next to your show
(5) For VIP ticket package presales, the password will be display on the tour page.

Make sure you are logged into your CHICKENFOOT.US account - otherwise you will not see any codes!

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Purchased tickets online during presale for the Atlantic City show. When tickets came in the mail they are marked "obstructed view". Nothing on Ticket Masters website said anything about this at the time of purshase.
How long do we...your fans...have to be disrespected by Ticketmaster???

That definitely does not sound right - please contact Ticketmaster to explain the situation and if they are not helpful, contact Live Nation Merchandise and tell them what happened and that it was part of the paid fan club membership presale. You can reach them at FANCLUBSUPPORT@LIVENATIONMERCHANDISE.COM or 1-800-767-7160 (6am - 9pm Pacific).

Us Southerners are bummed out to see no Chickenfoot tour stop in our neck of the woods. How about adding a stop in Atlanta or Nashville? We love fried Chickenfoot in the South!!!!

What is going on with the Vegas show, no presale, nothing on the Joint's website about you even playing?

The pre-sale worked great here in Seattle! I am very excited!!!

Foot Soldier and his wife scored a Meet and Greet at the Beacon Theater on 5/21/12...So excited...seen these amazing guys every time they have been in NYC!!! Listen up...have 2 Orchestra FF seats available for sale (stupid me bought them on 2/26 from the beacon Theater 'just in case'...anyone interested?). ROCK ON CHICKENFOOT!!!

Didn't think I was going to get tickets today after starting off with the web site purchasing issues again. Seems like everytime, for some reason, there is an issue with getting tickets during presales. Not sure why, but the $14.60 convenience fee for each ticket should make it easier to get tickets, and not prevent people from getting tickets. Can't wait until all the glitches during the release of tickets for an event are resolved.

Hi Sam - just wanted to follow up and make sure you were able to get your tickets. We sent out a follow up note about the Tahoe show which had an initial timezone-related problem and was fixed and then more tickets were released so you can still get some if you haven't. The Tahoe shows are GA so any ticket will get you the same access (other than the VIP packages which include early access to the venue).

Are you releasing more presale tickets???Got on also yesterday at 10 am and it did not let me get the tickets...Just saw these comments now, tried to get them and no go....I dont want to miss the show!!

Man they scared the heck out of me!!!!! at 10:00 am the web site said sold out!!!! checked back at 11:15 and BAM they were on Sale!!! Two TIX for the FOOT in Tahoe 5-5-2012. I recall the road test tour tickect pre-sales had a problem as well.

#1 Band in the World "Chickenfoot"

the Foot!

Can't wait to see the Foot again. Saw the LA show then the mark and Brian Chriistmas Show.... A full show will be AWESOME!!

any idea what the prices are for the different VIP Packages?? I'd like to know so I can have the $$ in the bank...