Introducing Travelin' Travis

Jan 25 2012
Introducing Travelin' Travis

Hi everyone -- as with many rock'n'roll bands, Chickenfoot has its share of crazy awesome fans who travel all around the country to see the shows (you know who you are and you rule!). Well, in the past few months it's come to our attention that one particular fan has really gone the extra mile (literally!) and made it to all of the US ROAD TEST shows. Not only that, but he was able to build a bit of a friendship with the crew and band so we invited him along to the EUROPE ROAD TEST shows to see if he could share a little inside view to being on the road.

CLICK HERE to visit Travis' page here on CHICKENFOOT.US and check out the photos he's posted so far. If you all like what he's doing, maybe we'll invite him along on the summer tour, too!

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Love Travelin' Travis and his blog! Can't wait to read more...see you in Tahoe buddy!!