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June 01, 2009
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What happens in Vegas...

you know the vegas saying "what happens in vegas stays in vegas" and it's more true than ever, especially with an extra day off!

Flying in Houston!

Houston airport - I've been on so many planes that I'm starting to dream I can fly- what's up with that?

Emperor of the Boardwalk in A.C.

Here in Atlantic City and I feel like I might bump into Nucky Thompson!

Boston & Fenway

Boston means Fenway Park!

Detroit Tigers

Here I am in Detroit trying not to be eaten! I'm still adjusting to life on the road - no Chicago photo since I too wasted with the Crew and barely made bus call!

Made it to Minneapolis!

Minneapolis! Despite the band's jokes in the Tahoe video, no lasik or other laser based operations have been performed with the lasers used for the light show!


In Denver and now working for the band- it's a dream come true so far! If you didn't check it out yet, see my appearance in this video

Tahoe May 2012!

Here I am arriving in Lake Tahoe for opening shows of the Different Devil tour! I had a great visit with the band and I can't wait to tell you more!

Tired with Kenny @ end of Europe Road Test Jan 2012

kenny and I exhausted after the last show of the Europe road test. aMazing show and it was filmed for German TV too! hope I make it into the show! I can't believe it's time to go home already. it has been a dream come true to be with the band and I hope I can do it on the US tour in the summer!

Dusseldorf, Germany Jan 2012

awesome venue and awesome show in Germany- im used to crazy crowds in the US, by these European crowd have blown me away!

Sorry Joe! Jan 2012

joe just got in the wrong place when I was about to give a few hugs to some German friends I was able to get backstage in dusseldorf-- sorry joe!

Mad Anthony Poses with me! Jan 2012

how cool is this?! Mikey joins me in my classic pose I'm known for with all my friends!

With Sammy at last! Jan 2012

yes!! finally got to hang with sammy in Europe! he even made me a waborita before the show!

Holland Jan 2012

holland! I love the cheese and bread (not to mention some recreation in amsterdam with the crew) but i keep getting knocked over by bicyclists! why can't they just look down once in a while?

Paris Jan 2012

in paris! this is so cool to be in Europe with the chickenfoot guys and crew!

Arrived in London for the Europe Road Test 2012 shows!

I made it to London! can't wait for the Manchester show- the first in the Europe Road Test shows!

The Big Apple Nov 2011

made it to the big apple! chickenfoot was awesome at Webster hall and I got to meet mike anthony again and the crew let me hang with them after the show! this moning's hangover was worth it!

Chicago Nov 2011

was a close call getting to Chicago for the chickenfoot show at the metro (I swear I don't know why the metal detector kept going off at the airport but the pat down went ok). the club is right down the street from wrigley field - how cool is that? can't wait for the show and am hoping to convince the crew to let me in since I think they may be recognizing me now

St. Louis Nov 2011

St. Louis, baby! I've been travelin' here to see Sammy since back in the day! I know some of the hot bartenders at the pageant who slipped me a pass at last night's show so I got to hang for a few minutes with the band before they went on. Chickefoot was on *FIRE* and the crowd was off the hook!

Los Angeles! Nov 2011

here i am in the city of angels (LA) for the second night of the chickenfoot US road test! going to head down to the avalon and see if I can sneak in backstage (being small has it's benefits!)

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Awesome to be on the road!
Jan 25, 2012 | by travelin' travis

I still can't believe that the band and crew took me along to europe for the road test shows there! I do have to say the lodging was a bit cramped, but the shows each night more than made up for it! Click on my name to check out the photos on my page here on CHICKENFOOT.US and hopefully i'll get to share more in the future - i overheard them talking about possibly letting me come along to shows in summer!

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