Nov 02, 2011
Avalon Hollywood
Los Angeles, CA
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best concert I have ever been to the venue in that bitchen in a little place was outstanding

I came to see the foot from Dubai (Middle East) at the Avalon and it was the best freakin show! There i was standing at the bar at the back before the show and Sammy Hagar just walks straight past me! Brilliant! Kenny Aronoff certainly did Chad justice!

I have been a Sammy Hagar fan since I have known what music is. The first time I saw Sammy I believe he was touring with Krokus. I was hooked from there. I have seen Sammy solo or w/ The Wabos at least 8 or 9 times, with Van Halen at least 5 times and now including the Kimmel show the next night with Chickenfoot 3 times. I drove out from Phoenix, AZ for the show at Avalon and the Kimmel show. I have got to say the show at Avalon was one of the best pure ROCK shows I have ever seen. The band that they have put together is unbelievable! The greatest thing about Chickenfoot (other than their unbelievably great music), is that the guys are having a blast and doing what they truly love and it shows in their performances. Thanks again guys for an awesome time!!! See you at the next stop in SoCal or AZ!

I was at the Avalon show and all I have to say is WHEN WILL THE FOOT BE BACK IN LA again? Great show, party atmosphere, and my ears are still ringing!

Epic. Stellar. There really is nothing like seeing you guys in a small club setting. We caught you on the first road test gig in LA in '09 at the Roxy and it ranks as one of our best shows ever by any band. Last night at the Avalon was no different. Joe was SHREDDING, utter perfection, good gawd almighty. Sammy's vox have never sounded better - how the @#$*! can that be at 64, but it's reality, holy screamin' octaves, Batman! Dunno how you sustain those notes man, but geez, I see a lot of concerts and a lot of frontmen and all ass kissin' aside, nobody's kept up their vox at your age like you have. Must be the cactus juice. ;) Mikey, as always, rep'd his hometown with epic proportions, bangin' the boom stick and beltin' those backing vox like the consummate pro that he is. Kenny is more than an adequate temporary sub for Chad, he's a monster drummer in his own right whose talents are obvious and fit in easily with the 'Foot vibe. Sammy said it last night and I've agreed since the last tour at the Roxy, these road test shows in intimate venues are as good as it gets. The sheer raw power coupled with top tier musicianship, plus the connection and feedback to and from the's just amazing how well it all flows, symbiotic. I guess that's the result of pro musicians who know how to knock a song together, in a communal and organic fashion, with the added bonus of - gasp - actually liking each other, and digging jamming together. It comes across bright as day on the new album and certainly while performing live. What a friggin' pleasure. It's hard to choose highlights, as the whole set was near perfectly executed. Lighten Up (surprising opener, seems to be an underdog for the 'Foot Soldier fanbase, but it's one of my faves on III), was great live, as was Up Next. Bigfoot is even more powerful live than on the studio album. Boo ya. Sexy Little Thing, Soap on a Rope, Future in the Past - solid signature thumpin' tracks from the first album. Down the Drain was mind-blowing, Joe's tone on DTD was as dirty nasty crunchy shreddy as I've ever heard him, and I saw you fellas three times in SoCal on the last tour (the Roxy, Gibson, and Indio - LOL, remember Indio? What were you guys doing out there? ;)) and this was by far the best version to date. Tasty, tasty licks and vox, you guys were in rare form on this one. Turnin' Left was a nice surprise, didn't expect that one. Something Gone Wrong was outstanding, it's easily among the top tracks of III, and is the prime example of how you've evolved from 'novelty experiment supergroup' into a matured, well-oiled band who knows what the @#$! they're doing and is clearly having a good time doing it. I don't have any gripes at all, but if there's one thing I'd suggest, it'd be adding Dubai Blues to the set. You guys know this song is a monster anthem, don't you? It's a masterpiece, it's all about the way the band is harmonizing and playing off each other, and any song that showcases the instrumentation sections ought to be part of the evening - yep, I'm thinkin' about Mikey's cool bass groove intro here, plus Joe's solos, plus Chad's beats, oh hell, the whole deal. Come to think of it, wanna send the crowd home with a serious boom boom closer? Replace the encore of Oh Yeah and the Hendrix tribute - I know, Joe, we dig Jimi too and you play him well - with a double blast power encore of Dubai Blues and Get It Up and you'll have one weary but ecstatic crowd, I think. But hey, whatever you dudes play is gonna make the 'Foot soldiers happy, let's face it. Thanks for another flashpoint memory, and another outstanding gig. A+.

I saw you guys last night at the Avalon. It was so freaking awesome! You rocked. Joe is so amazing with his guitars. Sammy, I love the red shoes. I had so much fun and look forward to seeing you again.

Mahalo, mahalo for an awesome experience at Avalon Hollywood, Los Angeles. The band is tight as ever....worth the flight from Honolulu. Make the trip to Oahu someday, any day...Love you Brother Sammy.....

Thanks Sammy and the boys for a GREAT show last night in Los Angeles... The trip from Honolulu to New York and back to LA ( 8000 miles) traveled was woth the time and $ money spent.....Hope you got the Chicken hat I sent to you on Stage..Aloha Brother, see you in Waikiki anytime !!

(Chickenfoot Avalon review)
I've been a Sammy fan since I was 11 years old in 1984. I first saw Sammy (w/ Van Halen) in 1995 on the Balance tour. Since then Sammy has taken me and my wife to many awesome places, and many awesome concerts.
Last night in Hollywood was our 70th time seeing Sammy, and it did not disappoint! We have 2 kids, ages 1 & 4. We don't get babysitters to often, but for this show we decided it was a must. I was able to work a half day and get to LA early with my wife to have a nice day together before the show. We got sushi at the mall on Hollywood Blvd, walked around and ha a good time before the concert.
The concert started out Rocking right was with Lighten Up and kept the momentum for the entire 2hrs. Highlights of the concert for me were 'Somethings Going Wrong', 'Come Closer', & 3 and a Half Letters' the band was very tight. The music had a great sound in the Avalon. A very thick & rich sound. Down The Drain was amazing too. It may have been the best live version of it I've heard them do. Joe's solos on the new cd are some of his best!, and live they managed to sound even better. Mikey's vocals strod out better than I've ever heard from him too. I mis Chad on the drums, but Kenny fits well with the band and plays amazing! Thanks again Sammy & Chickenfoot for giving me & my wife another amazing concert, and another amazing day of memories! (I will post a few pix and videos too). Johnny

Can't wait to see Chickenfoot again! See you all at the Avalon Wednesday...WOOT!!

NICE!!! GlaDd you're Sold Out!!! Can't wait to C The "Foot" again at a small venue!!!

Saw the "Foot" at the Roxy on May 19th 2009. Met some of my best friends at that show and we'll all be there on Wednesday!!! Can't wait to see Sam, Mike, Joe & Ken!!! To the "Foot Soldiers"... Rock on... C U on the 2nd! XXOO

One week out and ready to get your FOOT On! Will be at the Blue Palms Brewhouse for some good brew n grub. Any foot soilders heading to Blue Palms for some pre concert meet?

Can't wait to see the FOOT for the first time LIVE!!! Last time I heard it is was a size 13 up my ass when I was 13. Now I'm 46 and it kicks ass!!!!!! CAN"T WAIT!!! Love you guys, Thanks for the great music that we've been missing for a lonnnnnng time. Rockin with the Foot FOREVER! Jeff

Hey Chickenfoot

I saw you Rockin' @ The Roxy in 09 at the First Road Test Tour,and I am ready for 2011 Road Test Tour.

Sammy Mikey Joe Kenny See you guy's Rockin' @ Avalon Hollywood.


/|\ /|\ /|\ /|\

Aloha Boys....Finally got through on line and awaiting tickets in the mail...Tickets $125, Airfare from Honolulu $400, seeing Chickenfoot live in LA...PRICELESS.......See you brother Sammy !!!

Got my ticket today for the show at the Avalon. Should be a great show for sure!

Just printed my tickets and counting down the days. Happy Birthday Brett!

Any idea what the bundles are that are coming online at noon?

It kinda takes away the thrill of pre sale when the tickets are general admission. But still excited to see the boys again!

True, but WE got first shot at tickets.....
See you at the Avalon.

I will be the guy in RED that looks like Santa.

Seriously? GA means you have a chance at a good location. Seats mean that the first two rows are going to radio and other corporate BS, and ticket bootleggers!

I can't wait to see the supergroup again!


How come some venues already have tickets available for Chickenfoot???? I want to wait until we can get them here through the fanclub but how does that happen??? Thanks!

No venues will have tickets available before the fan club presale. Some ticket links were up incorrectly by the promoter a few days ago but they have since updated them to be correct. click here for all of the info about the fan club options. hope to see you out there!

The TM website has been updated to reflect the website on-sale date.

Darn Ticketmaster!!! Got all excited!

need 1 tix for Cabo, 11th or 13th or both. somebody please help me............thx

Ticketmaster says tickets go on sale on 9/30

Thanks for noticing that! It is incorrect and we'll work to get the promoter to update that info.

I need tickets to the Los Angeles show @ the Avalon on November 2, 2011

Will there be a fanclub presale for this show?

Are we going to get a description of ticket packages before they go on sale?

Yes Oct 4th - Oct 7th Public the 8th I think

Coming from Cincinnati to Celebrate my 50th with Chickenfoot at the Avalon! Like Sammy still rockin at 50. See you all in Hollyswood!