Nov 01, 2011
Warfield Theatre
San Francisco, CA
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CHICKENFOOT is for the genaration that doesn't want to or can't grow-up. This was a bad ass show

элитные брачные агентства киева VIP класса.

This was my fourth time seeing Chickenfoot and they rocked it for sure! Would have loved to hear Different Devil, but Come Closer was awesome and I was glad to hear songs from the first CD, like Sexy Little Thing, too. Thanks for a great show, as always!

The show was awesome !! Sammy has never sounded better, despite the huge bee sting on his neck.

There was an issue that I sent an email out to and have not yet received a reply.
We got to The Warfield around 4pm. We were about 15-20 people deep in line. then around 6:30p the staff at the venue formed a priority line for Amex card holders this resulted in about 200 late comers getting in before the Most loyal fans.
This Amex line was never publicized And even so don't you think the Chickenfoot fan club members should have had priority over Amex card holders? Even better yet shouldn't those in line first get in first?

Again, the band was so good that I will go see them whenever I can, wherever I can!!

Wow- we weren't aware of that and apologize for your early spot in line getting pushed back by the venue's Amex deal. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and it's something we'll look to remember for the future. Glad you enjoyed the show!

TThis was my 4th time seeing Chickenfoot. They rocked the place! My ears are still ringing. The Warfield is such a small venue that my daughter and I got to be upfront and one person away from JOE! Also, Sammy and Mike when they came to that side of the stage. I'm so glad I went. I didn't take pictures so I could totally enjoy the show! I knew my REDHEAD FAMILY would do just awesome on videos and pictures! Chickenfoot Pluckin' ROCKS!

I have been to many VH shows with Sammy as the lead even backstage in Buffalo, NY, but this was one of the best small venue shows I have seen in a lonnng time! The vibe was spectacular and you guys rocked it...Hard!! I hope the Red Whale Panama Mama Cata Coffee I strategically lobbed on stage was enjoyed! I have more of that sweet Red Whale Coffee if needed! Full respect for the Foot! Looking forward to the next CF show.

Cheers and safe travels,
The Red Whaler

I was right behind you, CaboJess! Congrats again on Sammy using your specs! That show was as much fun as I anticipated. It was an honor to be there, at the very first show of this very special tour surrounded by a bunch of great fans of The Foot, in Michael A. territory. The band sounded top-notch, even with the beesting on Sammy's neck. Kenny was a powerhouse animal!! I just luv the camraderie and chemistry between the guys...Satch seems to be the "straightman", though! Can't wait for the full-on tour, and I will wear my bitchin' roadtest 3d tourshirt proudly. OH YEAH!!!!

I've got that nasty headache called rock & roll and my ears are still ringing!! The boys really rocked the Warfield last night. I've seen them 5+ times and this is was the BEST one yet!! It was great hanging out with fellow Foot Soldiers before the show and then even more fun rocking out with them from the front row!! I am still on a high from Sammy wearing my 'Optical Enhancers'. :)

I am still floating on a cloud from the high of last nights rocking show at the Warfield in SF. What a beautiful Venue and I had great seats center balcony front row. I am been a Sammy Hagar fan for 35 years and he really was on fire and delivering the goods last night. He has lost weight and was in great shape! He was hotter than HOT and his voice was like he was 30 again. He took this tour seriously and was even admittedly nervous. The Chemistry between them was so much fun and even with blown Amps, they handled it like pro's and kept it rocking. Satch was on fire as well and when Sammy brought out the Red guitar and started to Rock with Satch.......I was in Guitar HEAVEN! It was great to hear the song Come Closer. I was hoping they would play that song, it's actually my favorite song on Chickenfoot 111. I love Sammy's vocals on Come closer, reminds me of Young Girl blues from years from the late 70's. Sammy hypnotized me with his voice on that song. I think I am still on cloud 9. Thank you Sammy and the boys for making fun and rocking music that I just can't get enough of!!!!!!!!Cathy Leigh Savage

Awsome -The Best of the Best

I was recently told that there is a chemistry in some bands and it is better to see the whole band live, instead of a member of the band solo. I felt that last night.

I have seen Kenny live with Mellencamp and Fogerty and Sammy solo 4-5 times, but never with VH (I was living in Europe then). I do not know if it was the excitement of the first night of the show, but these guys, especially Sammy was at another level. What a voice....And then Joe Satriani's guitar playing (up there with Prince, and probably others that are not alive anymore).

I went to the show not really knowing what to expect. I was just aware that they will not be playing any of their own or previous bands songs. I've been going to a lot of shows, so my thought was that I could not go wrong with seeing 4 great musicians perform at the Warfield, which is one of the really cool venues in San Francisco. I was right on target.

I did not really know the songs, but it did not matter that much. There was indeed some chemistry between all of them.
And as the first song of the night suggested "Lighten Up", they all looked that they were on stage to just have fun...and some of us were lucky enough to be present.
By the end of the night I could remember most of them. "Big Foot", "Last Temptation", "Up Next" were some of the highlights of the first part of the show and then if felt that the show was getting better and better...
And that appeared to occurred as Sammy opened an envelope with 3 letters on. Probably the best song of the new album, "Three and a Half Letters", about needing a new job, Sammy started reading each of the letters on stage. Joe Satriani started playing on a double guitar and then as one of the last songs suggested "Something Going Wrong", something did go wrong, but that made the memories better. Two times the amps blew, but that did not matter anymore. After "Turning Left" Kenny had a nice drums solo and the main show ended with "Future in the Past".
But there was a encore too. It started with "Oh Yeah", and then it felt that Joe surprised everyone by starting to play a very familiar song. I was up close and I did see the look on Sammy when Joe started that tune, like if he was saying "let's play it". Definitely the highlight of the night, the last song of the night was "Foxy Lady". One word: Priceless. Sammy's vocals, Joe's guitar solo, Mike's bass and background vocals, Kenny's drums, everything seems to be working perfectly covering this Jimi Hendrix tune. I got some video of the song, so I will be adding it. It felt that the cover was as good as the original.

Final words: I hope you are lucky to have tickets for these road test shows. Highly recommended.

The guys rocked but it was way too loud.
The Warfield shouldn't have concerts that loud.
The house music that was played b4 the band came on was so loud it was crazy!
Glad i wore earplugs and earmuffs otherwise i would have left.

Again the guys put on a great show, just wish it was not as loud as it was.

And im not old btw.

I was one of the younger dudes there.

Interesting vibe last night at The Warfield...some very "high" moments indeed! To me, "Up Next" was the best song in the set.... "I Need a Job" just didn't get the crowd into it...possibly, the low point. Sammy's comments about the "SKUNK" smell in his dressing room was too much, as was the story about getting stung on the neck earlier in the day and possibly canceling the, these guys put out alot of energy and a wall of sound for sure! I have scene a ton of shows at this venue, and last night was an ear ringer for sure...even with ear plugs in. Joe, a tone master with skills like no other. Michael with the thundering bass, and voice from the heavens. Kenny was beating the crap out of those skins, but a bit "mechanical" at some points. Maybe trying to nail the Chad patterns to perfection. And Sammy, the true showman he is...out of control energy! Jumbing around the stage like a friggin mad man! He really put 110% into the vocals last night. As a fan of the band, a truely special show to have attended.


I was there. They rocked it! My ears are still ringing! Two blown amps...way to go Joe! Someone have an idea how I post pictures. Help a girl

There are links to the right but we've also added links right up above on each tour page to make it even easier. Look forward to seeing your photos!

Thanks for the help. They rocked it last night! I will resize some more pictures and post them. Love me some Chickenfoot!

It was my first time seeing CHICKENFOOT, and omg was it the greatest show I have been to! I'm still in total awe of what I saw last night. It truly was an outstanding performance. I will never miss another CHICKENFOOT show in my area for as long as I live. If u haven't seen the foot live..GO! It is worth every Penney. I was right up front and was rocking out having the time of my life! Thank you guys for an unbelievable performance I will never forget!!!!!

My wife & I took our 8 yr. old son and my 68 yr. old mom to show last night at The Warfield in San Francisco (Mom "LOVES" Sammy and it was our son's VERY FIRST concert). One of the BEST shows I've ever been to... from one of the BEST groups in rock today. When the band broke into "Turning Left", my son's favorite song, he wanted to go down on the floor to get closer to the band. I got him to about 20 feet from the stage and sat him up on my shoulder. The look of total amazement on his face as he watched the boys rip-it-up is something I will NEVER forget.

Sammy, Joe, Mike & Kenny...Thank you so much!!!

...well as always The Foot' true to form, came out of the gate like a runaway train...totally kicked ass!!!! i have never seen a band that feeds off each other,having a great time!!! playing the new stuff along with with some of the 'old'' stuff from ChickenFoot 1... Joe Satriani making sounds off his guitar that would pop an' eardrum...he is not of this earth..Mike's thumpin' Bass..hell, i felt it up in the balcony...Kenny'' the guns'' on drums...damn his arms were huge,he was pounding those skins to death..he would have been arrested if those drums were a human...Sammy...64? you'd never know..he is proof age is just a number...for Sammy, ''growing old is inevitable, grown up is an option'' the Foxy Lady ending was fantastic..somehow Jimi Hendrix jumped into Satriani and took over...great show!!! and for a ''project band'' the wrote the book......

Last night was amazing, flew in from the uk and was worth the jet lag and expense. Thanks

Did anybody get there chickenfoot fan club t-shirt i was hoping to wear it to the show in a show of support to the band

Wanted to do the same. Called and they said that they werent shipping until mid november. They jus 2 damn popular!!

I would like to go to the show but messed up I don't have the bucks right now, but I will go down there and stand outside and listen to them play, on the freezing streets of San Francisco with all the lowlifes bum walking around me . You all have fun Music brothers and if you see me throw me a dime. Rock ON

yeah, I tried getting my ticket on Tues 10/4 @10am and it was not working so I called the support line that finally picked up the call @10:10am and they told me that nobody is able to get in right now cuz they were experiencing difficulties with the site. The support lady told me to just keep on trying. I said "WHAT??? yeah, right! I'm at my job and I'm supposed to spend my time keep trying to get my ticket! I dont think so, I'll end up out of a job and still no ticket!". I told the support "that I want a phone call or an email sent to me immediately once the site is working", she put me on hold and then got back to me saying that she spoke with management and they will send an email out to everyone thats called in when the site is back up. anyway, eventually sometime before 10:30am I did obtain my KICK A ticket!!! I am soooo freakn happy. I looooooove ChickenFoot. I didnt know that Chad bowed out of the show though... whadda trip. Does anyone know whatzup with Chad?


Yes, I'm excited ...BUT haven't received "this CODE" in the email ..supposedly? Trying to purchase TIXs. Or is that CODE for Foot Fans' only?
+ on one more Question: Does anyone know if the Handicap Section on GEN ADM .. is a fairly desent spot to watch ChickenFoot? I have to sit down. Plus, I haven't been to the Venue b4. :-) Rock On ...

Looking forward to the show! BIG FOOT LIVES!

Got my ticket and can't wait to see them.


Chd is not bowing out, he has other obligations with RHCP, therefore won't be here for this show.

He is touring with the RHCP's

I'm unable to enter my "personal info" to buy the tix, I'm getting frustrated.. and will not be happy if GA sells out!!

If you are having trouble checking out on Live Nation Merchandise page as part of purchasing the fan club, contact support at FANCLUBSUPPORT@LIVENATIONMERCHANDISE.COM or 1-800-767-7160 (6am - 9pm Pacific).

Had issues getting tickets using Mac using Safari and Firefox. The password would never be accepted. Other friends had similar issues on iPhones as well. I was only able to get this to work on Win7 using IE9. Please make sure the ability to get tickets for pre-sale events are available for all types of machines and browsers. Luckily I was able to get tickets but it was frustrating with the issues experienced and the incompatibilities. Please fix for future events.

I believe that your problems actually were related to ticketing issues with the vendor for the first 15 minutes of the pre-sale. When it worked was probably related to that being fixed instead of your switching computers. There were (and are) still tickets available for fanclub members, so no one should miss out!

My family of 3 were planning a trip to see chickenfoot, I became a foot soldier to but tickets on the pre-sale......It was clear that I could buy up to 4 tickets as a fan club member for $40 or $ I go to purchase them and it will only allow me 2 tickets...REALLY!!! The whole point of the trip was for my husband, my son and I to go to this concert together. I would love to find a solution.... HELP!!!

presale link is up i think i got two tickets
would not let me print the my-e tickets or
print my reciept i guess there going to e-mail
to me?????

Yea, ticket problem fixed. Thanks Chickenfoot support. Seems that they had a problem with the vendor and they just got it working. Got my two for the show. Was finding it hard to believe that there wasn't tickets before the presale. Glad it was just a glitch and can't wait for the show.


Did it only allow you to buy 2 tickets???? I understood if I was a fan club member I could buy up to 4. How can my family of 3 go???

I did not get a password emailed !!!!!!!!!!!!!

you have to log on to the fanclub to get it...

Be nice of they had the presale link up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad I paid fotry to get a code I cant use!!!!!!!!!!

Hiya 420jock- the link went up last night as soon as we received it from the promoter. Hope to see you at the show!

whats up with the fan club pre sales...I am allready a fan club member from the last tour...payed $40 and now they want the $40 again to get pre sale? Doesnt seem right.....and I never did get the 10% off on the merchandise.....

I have paid too. But so far no benefits. Only to say I am a devoted Foot Soldier.

pre-party at the strip club next door


Add a date at the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa. Ask Joe about this venue, he sells out everytime. Ask RED about Sonoma County,
he'll tell you he wishes he purcahsed a home here rather that Marin. This stop would be good for promoting III.
And good for your soul.

I agree, do a date @ Luther Burbank and I guarantee it will sell out fast, lots of Chickenfoot fans here in Sonoma County, I was at the BR Cohn show on 9/23 and everyone I met were at that show to see Sammy and Joe, and I am talking about people from Chicago, and other parts of the US, everyone was so disappointed that they only did a few songs and that was w/ the Doobies,

That would be awesome, Chickenfoot at the LBC.
Make it happen!!