May 25, 2012
Winstar Casino
Thackerville, OK
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SO ready for this! Bring that BIG 'Foot to Oklahoma!

I was able to get some seats closer so I have these available if anybody is interested. I will give a Chickenfoot fan discount. Just trying to get some beer money.

31 - 32

Just snagged 6th row center for Oklahoma! See ya then Sammy!

7 days till the foot hits Oklahoma, this week better fly by! See you all at the show

24 days and counting. See you all at the show!

Driving down from KC to kick off the Memorial Day weekend with Sammy and the boys!!!

12th row center! I'll be there!

In honor of Ronnie, Sammy should do "Rock the Nation"!

I second that.

What a great way to kick off Friday Night in the Big Town with Chickenfoot!

Looking forward to Oklahoma!!

Got my ticket, see you at the show, hope I get picked for the meet and greet. That would be AWESOME!

I have 2 Tix in sect A A2 for sale if you are interested. I got better seats almost an hour later. Let me know if interested.

I still have these Tix for sale if anybody is interested.

Wtf- no meet and greet here?!!

Info for this show and the VIP tickets will be released as soon as we have it. Thanks for your patience!

Each site has somthing diff. Will the VIP be no sale today or at a date yet to be anounced. It is saying 8am but VIP nation dosn't have anything.

Well great- I went ahead and bought Tix because didn't know of there would be a M & G. I would still like the M & G, but I don't want to eat these Tix I just bought. Let me know something.

I will be there, I have been waiting for this show. Seen Sammy a few years ago at Winstar and the show rocked. I am planning on getting the VIP package as long as it doesn't cost an arm or a leg or I will be the one singing "I need a Job"

I'll be going BUT, I hate the concerts at the Winstar. The times are always cut short and the sound isn't that great. Disappointed Sammy isnt coming to Dallas.

Very excited for this show..saw Sammy there almost 2 years ago..loved the venue. This CHICK is ready!

Oh Yeah !!!! Can't wait to see you guys again. Thanks for playing in Oklahoma, the land od Rock N Roll!!!

Hell Ya I'll be there! I have waited to see Joe for many years, can't wait

Jesus, guys. Been waiting forever for the tour dates to come out and you're playing Thackerville instead of Dallas?? That's in addition to the Rocklahoma date two days later?? Everyone knows that the promoters have a deal with Winstar Casino saying that any band that plays there isn't allowed to play in Dallas. This ensures that those of us in North Texas s have to drive across the border and shell out money not just for tickets, but for a room at a jacked up price, etc. Lame. Will save my money for Van Halen in June.

Yeah, to not play Dallas is fucking lame. DFW has always been very supportive of Sammy.