May 27, 2012
Catch the Fever Festival (Rocklahoma)
Pryor, OK
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Sorry I coudn't be there in person guy's. I watched you live on HDNet...!

You Guy's Rocked Rocklahoma!!!

Please pick us for the Meet you & Greet you for Rocklahoma! We would love to see this Banner on the HDNET Live Broadcast...Good job Michelle!!! We drove all the way from Charlotte NC to St. Louis to Winstar tonight and then FOOTSTOCK!!!! Hanging with the and loving life!
JoAnne & Bob Charlotte, NC

I have seen Sammy with Van Halen a few times and more as a solo artist, even one of the Montrose reunion shows, but this will be my first Chickenfoot show...I can't wait..and yes a meet-n-greet would be nice...I bought Red autographed but would love to get a handshake and autograph in person.

The Oklahoma Wabos have officially named this Foot Stock and will be making the "Foot Trip" From Charlotte NC to St Louis, then to Winstar, and then to "Foot Stock" Staying with our Redhead friends we met in Cabo, Now that is the way to Roll! Maybe with some luck we will win a "Meet & Greet" It's gonna be a Rock and Roll weekend for sure!!!
JoAnne & Bob
Charlotte, NC

I was soooo excited to see you guys as part of the line up at Rocklahoma....we are going to have a blast with you...thank you for making Oklahoma a part of your tour!!!!!!!

Totally stocked, this will be my 8 time seeing Sammy, and my second seeing Macheal Anthony.. Sooo Ready to Rock out ..

WE had an incredible time, it was so awesome introducing my 12yr old daughter to Chickenfoot. We decked the car from head to toe, we even made signs.. I didn't see anyone else with signs exceot me and my daughters..