May 29, 2012
Verizon Wireless Center
Houston, TX
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The Houston show was absolutely killer!! I wrote an official review of it for (and obviously said all sorts of nice things about the band and the show):

Very seriously, this was one of the best rock shows I've seen in the past couple of years, and I've seen hundreds (no hyperbole involved there) of bands over the years. I've played in a few as well, so I know good musicians, honest music, and when the personalities gel and they really want to be there. The Foot is completely legit in that pleased to see a group of hyper-talented and incredibly nice guys doing what they so obviously love to do!

I know that Joe will need to go off and record a new solo record every once in a while, but I hope that Chickenfoot remains a band in the long term and that you guys all focus on this as your primary project. IMO, it's worth your time and it's produced some of the most inspired songwriting and playing of your careers. Long live the FOOT!



Ditto - what Mike said!!!Foot fan for life.....soo much talent...I cant wait for the next one next year!!!Dont stop boys!!!

Even better than when I saw them in 2009 in Houston. The supergroup has become untouchable. Excellent show. I wanted Sammy's Red Rocker Les Paul when I saw it. Only 200 made and beautiful. I also was surprised to catch one of Joe's Chickenfoot guitar picks as he threw it. I am going to frame it with the ticket from the show and two HD pics I took at the show. Awesome!

One more day and I am Houston bound...I am so excited...congrats to rslane2005 for winning the meet n greet upgrade...see ya backstage in Houston!! Lookng forward to trying the new Rum as well...Gonna be one of the best days of my life to finally meet Sammy!!! Even if it is short and sweet I know it will be worth it...YooHoo....siked in Austin baby!!!

If the meet and greet was still available I would go regardless of cost. I am tempted to buy the backstage package, but not sure what that's going to really be like. Will that really be worth $325 compared to a normal ticket. I found there are plenty of rooms available at the two Holiday Inns about five miles from the venue, which isn't bad. It would be so cool to hangout with Sammy, but alas, the meet and greet is sold out. It may be a stupid question, but what all goes on or what is the backstage package like? I could easily afford the ticket, but am unsure of what I would really be getting.

For my show, the backstage tour included watching the sound check of the support band for a few minutes. We were then allowed to go on stage and take as many photos of the equipment that we wanted including things like Joe's guitars, Mike's Jack Daniels bass, Sammy's microphone stand, the set list. After that, we got a tour of the dressing rooms, tuning room and hospitality room which had a cool sofa with a Chickenfoot blanket and Chickenfoot pillows on it - good photo op. The dressing rooms basically just had the band members' clothes in them. It was a fun and if you are interested in those things, it is was worth doing it. You also get a good seat to see the show. The band was not even in the building during the tour so it would be unlikely you would see them.

The Meet and Greet part happened a few hours after the tour and it was just a very quick photo session with the band. You got 2 pictures taken and then you were escorted out. No autographs allowed or personal cameras or cell phones. There wasn't any time for any conversation with the guys, either.

After about an hour online and calling every hotel in Downtown Houston I finally found a room at the Holiday Inn Express...The Hyatt, the Doubletree, The Crown Plaze every hotel is completely sold out. Very surprised for a Tue night to not be able to find a room in all of DT Houston...Where is the band staying - I wanna stay where you guys are staying....hahaha

REALLY hoping to score a meet and greet ticket - your site send me to ticketmaster mobile with NO VIP showwing!!!!!

I as told they only sold 50 meet and greet tickets for this Houston show and they were sold out by 5:00pm the day pre-sales tickest went on sale. I bought mine at 10:01am that morning. $550 bucks but I know its gonna be worth every penny. Good luck to you if I hear of any tickets out there I will let you know.


Sorry to hear you were having troubles with Ticketmaster's mobile site - we did not check on a phone, but tickets were appearing properly on regular browsers. Hopefully you contacted Ticketmaster for assistance, or accessed from a desktop or laptop!

This is just the information I am finding everywhere. Thanks for your blog, I just subscribe your blog. This is a nice blog.

This page says the show is at the Bayou Music Center - another page says the show is at Verizon Wireless Center - can anyone clarify which venue this show is going to be - I need to book a hotel in Houston and am having trouble finding any avialable rooms in Downtown Houston by the Verizon Center - please advise which venue if anyone knows..

Hi - we have confirmed the correct venue name is Verizon Wireless Center and updated the listing above. Hope that clears things up for you!

"I'm going" hook a brother up with the upgrade mentioned on FB! Long live the FOOT!

I got my meet and greet ticket for Houston - Finally my dream of meeting Sammy Hagar is going to come true!! I cant wait... I know it's going to be worth every penny and many many more!!!

Hi How much were they, if you dont mind me asking. Thanks

$550.00 and I think they only sold 50 of them. Little steep but hey I am living a dream to meet Sammy so what the hell - we only live once...

Bought 3 VIP packages for my friend and a buddy!!! Can't wait for this show.

is the fan club system down, i can't seem to register....Please help I need my SAMMY FIX.

woo hoo, got my ticket for houston. coming from baton rouge, wish there would've been a new orleans show, but oh well. this will be my second time seeing the foot, who dat!!

Any idea how much the VIP and Meet n Greet packages will be and how many will be sold for this show in Houston??

When will Tickets go on Sale for Houston and Detroit? CANNOT WAIT!

Just posted the presale (Feb 28) and public onsale (3/2) dates for this show :}