May 23, 2012
Fox Theater
St. Louis, MO
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What an enjoyable time that was thank you very much dear and just keep up the good work.

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What a great show! The guys were running on all cylinders!

I can not wait for tonights show.

Yeah, who is the lucky winner of the meet n greet??? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

And the winner of the M&G is?????

Can lightening strike twice??? Would love to win the meet and greet for my wife's birthday tomorrow.

We are riding the hogs from knoxville to see the foot for the third time. See you in st louie!!!!
Jeff and lisa

Looking forward to our first Sammy/chickenfoot show. Was lucky to get decent seats with presale.

See ya then!

Im just glad im going i dont care where i sit i always have fun at a sammy show

Wasn't thrilled with the first 2 tickets row 5, stage way right. Backed out started over and got 20th row center. I agree that fanclub members should at least have a shot a some of the primo seats, but I would imagine the venue and promoter control all seats. Maybe the boys can choose venues that accomadate their wishes instead of the venues.
Still looking forward

Unfortunately, backing out releases the tickets held for you when you grab some seats and start the purchase process. Many other fans are doing the same thing, so tickets get sold to others while you're in that process. You're right that the venue and promoter (as well as the ticketing agent) control which seats are available for presales, so it varies by venue. We appreciate your membership and your feedback and will pass your comments directly onto those entities. Thanks very much!

Checked back last week, must have released some additional seats. Upgraded about 20 rows dead center. Looking forward to a great evening in STL!

Scored 2nd row seats!!! After 30+ yrs of attending Sammy as solo artist, VanHalen, Wabos, and Chickenfoot; finally luck was on my side. Can't wait, this show will be awesome. On another note RIP to Ronnie. Kristy

I was also if i had know the best seats werent for sale i would of just stood in line when they went on sale that way i wouldnt of paid the extra fees

Well I'm glad we got tix via the presale but I'm disappointed that the best tix I could get were in Orchestra Middle. I called Metrotix and they said that Orchestra front weren't released for the presale. As a fan club member that is disappointing. While I appreciate the opportunity to get tix early, I would think that one of the rewards of being a fan club member is the ability to not only get them early via the presale but also get tickets up front. Not sure I see a lot of value in the fan club membership based upon this experience. Really was hoping for excellent seats because it is my wife's birthday that day.

I concur,
I thank them for the early sale, but I got Orchestra VIP5, which isn't even in the center, its off to the right. I understand that they have to hold tickets for customers who are not apart of the fan club, radio stations (I'm sure K-SHE gobbles up a lot of the premium tickets) and for public sale, but I was expecting a little more being a member of the fan club. Other fan clubs I have joined have given a lot better rewards to their members. I'm still waiting for my Chickenfoot t-shirt, too, which I don't think I'll be getting, when I joined last year. Did any Sammy fans have this problem with Club 1013? I never used that one for tickets, though I was a member.

Sorry to hear you didn't secure better seats - it's sometimes a mystery how the promoter arranges their blocks of tickets for presales and understand it can be very frustrating to not get the best seats in the house as part of it! as far as the tshirt, if you still have not received it, please contact Live Nation Merchandise support and they should get you set up. if not, contact us as their contact info is listed on the FAQ page at

I agree. I am flying in from Europe to see a couple of shows and because of the costs of flights and hotels I really can't afford to pay the VIP packages (which I think are very overpriced given the size of the venues).

I've bought tickets for NY and this show and the best I can get as a fan club member is second section??? I suspect that they have held all these seats for VIP packages. If they are holding them for the public then it's just wrong.

And then what if they don't sell the VIP packages? Will the Fan Club fans get upgraded??? Will we get an option to pay the difference for better seats?

Very disappointing, especially seeing that I'm flying so far to see them. I had hoped for better.

I could not agree more!!!! I also thought that would be an advantage of joing the fan club. I waited in line for 5 hours just to get a seat when they played here in Nov. only to have people stand in front of me so I could not see so I really thought this time I would get a great seat.