May 21, 2012
Beacon Theater
New York, NY
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Another awesome Chickenfoot show.

This one was extra special as I took my 9-yr old son with me for his first concert since he is a big fan of the Foot. We sat in the 2nd row and the band noticed him right away as he was swimming in a men's medium red Chickenfoot shirt and going crazy to every song. Sammy and Mike were great to him the whole show by recognizing him many times. Mike tossed him 2 guitar picks, Sammy called him up to the stage in the middle of the show and handed him 3 guitar picks. At the end of the show Sammy had a conversation with him from the stage about the importance of staying in school, getting good grades and only skipping school if he is going to practice his guitar. It was a magical night for both of neither of us will ever forget. We all know Sammy REALLY cares about his fans....this night was a perfect example of that.

Check out the picture I posted of Sammy talking to him.

Chickenfoot hit NYC and gave us all an awesome show! Did the meet and greet and met some great people and the few minutes with the band made it all worthwhile. You can't beat a front row seat and The Beacon Theater is a great venue to see them as you are right up to the stage with no security barrier in front of you, so great interaction with the guys. See you next time!

Great show last night !!! Had a great time and met some cool NY redheads. Thanks Lindsey, See you tomorrow in the Lou

Totally stoked for tonight's show. Can't wait. The Beacon is the best!
They kicked some major ass last time here.Webster Hall was a blast.

Couldn't make the Beacon. How was it? Crowded?

I was at the Irving Plaza for pre-release of the freshman album, then, Webster Hall for III.

Saw them at the Beaco last time they were on tour. Great place

whrere is the code for packages?

To view your code, first make sure you are logged into your CHICKENFOOT.US account and then visit the tour page. Your code will be displayed in big red letters in the top right.

I got that code, but it's not excepted for the Meet & Greet.

Check your password for case-sensitivity. The listed password is all-caps. Have you tried it hat way yet?

They rocked at Webster hall. New York. Looking forward to the beacon. It an awesome place for a gig

I believe there's seating at this venue, correct? I stood at House of Blues and Webster Hall and it was difficult for me.

yes there is seating...its a nice theatre..

Thank goodness, and it does look nice. I have a problem with my leg due to young onset parkinson's disease and barely made it standing through the Road Test show in NYC -- during the encore, I had to go to the side and my husband had to prop me up against the wall. So even though I loved standing in the first row, I just can't do it. No matter -- this will be my second time seeing Chickenfoot -- yay!!