Nov 08, 2011
Webster Hall
New York, NY
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So on 11/4 my buddy says you gotta go to NYC with me to see "Chickenfoot". WHO? "Sammy and Michael Anthony's new band, they got Joe Satriani as lead guitar, general admission at Webster Hall.." Always loved Sammy on his own, VH, and Montrose so I quick buy both albums and go to to see what songs I gotta learn in 3 days to see this show and know what the F is going on. I burned a cd of the songs they play and, holy shit, this is the best music to come out in years. There isn't a bad song on my new favorite, homemade album. I've burned a half dozen more and gave them out to friends, sorry if I'm screwing you guys out of album sales. The concert was fantastic, we were 10 feet from the stage on "Joey's" side, un-fucking believable. When are you coming back to NY???

What a great night with the great Chickenfoot! The band seemed to be as thrilled as the fans were, sharing the great Music this band comes up with. This is the fourth show ive seen, from front row no less, and every time they bring tons of energy and happiness to all in the room.

Joe was playing flawless creative guitar as usual, Sammy was interacting with the band and crowd alike, Mike was solid and his vocals were great and unique. Kenny did his job well but I missed Chad the wildcard who always seemed to have something up his sleeve to surprise the band and the crowd. I only wish they played Dubai Blues and Last Temptation but i will have that to look forward to next tour!

Meeting up with Chickenfoot Fans from multiple states was too a highlight. Every show ive gone to, ive met a few fans and now its becoming a familiar group of Pride and Rock n roll! Thanks Chickenfoot...i will never miss a show from you guys!!

The show was awesome, thank you soooo much!!!Great venue, great crowd, loved the set list. Joe, Sammy, Mike, and Kenny, you guys rocked. Don't stop doing what you love, it shows, we feel it. The Foot Rocks!!! Come back soon. Joe, Sammy, been a fan since you both started, your the best.

Awesome show! Lots of energy and it was a great way to spend a Tuesday night in NYC. Small venues are great, my ears were ringing for 2 days! I look forward to "The Foot" returning next year.

What an amazing night at Webster Hall!!! Chickenfoot rocked the house!! I'm so happy that I attended! Wish they would have done "Different Devil" as that song is probably my favorite on the new album but that's ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!! Thanks Sammy, Mikey, Effin Joe, and Kenny for making my night and year great! Hope to see you all again sometime in the near future!

Awesome show last night. LOVE THE SMALL VENUE. Hope the small venue theme keeps going. Need to hear "Dubal Blues" live some time soon! Everyone was on fire and sounded great! Loved all the extended music on songs and Sammy's reactions to how awesome Joe was playing. Mikey and Kenny were amazing too!

Set List
Lighten Up
Alright, Alright
Big Foot
Sexy Little Thing
Soap on a Rope
Up Next
My Kinda Girl
Down The Drain
Come Closer
Three and a Half Letters
Something Going Wrong
Turnin' Left
Future In The Past
Oh Yeah
Foxy Lady

I have 2 for sale as I can't go now......RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Can't wait, was at the last tour in NYC. You guy's are the best, been following Joe an Sammy their entire career's.
Now Chickenfoot rocks!!!!

Psyched, third NYC Foot show for me. Any good bars in the neighborhood for some pre-gaming?

What time do doors open? Is there an opening act?

Current schedule is : Doors @ 7pm, opener Ponderosa at 8pm, Chickenfoot at 9pm.
We don't expect it to change, but it's always worth doublechecking if you are making plans to come late.

One day to The FOOT!! NYC is going to ROCK!!!! I am soo pumped for this show and hearing the new songs! The new album is KILLER!! I'll be sporting a yellow florescent MIXX sweatshirt so make sure you say hi to me! LOL...See you all there!!


CAN'T WAIT!! See you all in NYC. :-)

OMG I'm sooo flippin' excited to see Chickenfoot in NYC...flying in from Phoenix, AZ just for the show!
Chickenfoot RAWWKS!!! I saw the first test tour in Hollywood, was unbelievable!
I'll be wearing my Jackie Chickenfoot HAT, so look out...I'll be ready to ROCK you guys!!!!!

Got our tickets yesterday. Going to be another awesome night with Chickenfoot! See you all at Webster Hall on 11/8!

New album is in my head all day long ..cant wait!

WOO HOO!! Got my 2 tix!! See you on Nov. 8th!!!

Got my tickets this morning! Can't wait, "Got both hands on the wheel and my BIGFOOT on the gas!"

Site for presale for New York says Avalon, CA. Any ideas. If you buy them from that link, will they be for NY?

That link was incorrect and was updated immediately at 10am to the correct NY link.

It was stated that i could get 4 tickets if i joined the fan club.
I joined but they only allowed 2 tickets! Not Cool.


The TWO TICKET LIMIT for fan club presale ticket purchases is only for these ROAD TEST SHOWS. This was done to bring as many members in to these intimate shows as possible. If a Fan Club member purchases two tickets to a Road Test show, they will still be able to purchase two more tickets for another Chickenfoot show with the same presale code.

It was stated that i could get 4 tickets if i joined the fan club.
I joined but they only allowed 2 tickets! Not Cool.


CD awesome and can't wait to go. Webster Hall bound.

its going to be an awesome nite