"Something Going Wrong" Webster Hall NYC

Tour Date: 
Webster Hall

Last show of US Test run and the results are In!
These boys kick ass...and get an A+!

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Webster Hall Something Going Wrong

awesome song , Axe Shredder is spot on

Sometin' going wrong

Love this song. I was there!! it gave me the goosebumps!

I was pleasantly surprised

I was pleasantly surprised with the Foot playing this song. I too watch it over and over again. The audio is exactly how it sounded in the front!! check out my other 2 vids. Cant wait until they tour again!! I Love Chickenfoot!


Satriani plays the double neck with unmatched distinction!
So ultra-cool. I'll bet he engineered the stand for the guitar, too.

Excellent, would watch it

Excellent, would watch it over & over again.