Nov 05, 2011
Chicago, IL
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Drove total 10 hrs. from Cincinnati round trip spent about $ 900.00 But what a great show !!!! Its been a long time for me and my wife to get away like this!!!! We owe one hell of a great weekend to you guys!!!!!! :) we had a great fu##ing time :) LIKE WE SAID GET BOTH HANDS ON THE WHEEL AND FEET PUSHED ON THE GAS AND GET YOUR SHOW TO CINCINNATI YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! What a show! Jam packed with people, this place was rockin! Great sound, great artists! Can't wait to see Chickenfoot live again! However, we were bummed they did not play "Different Devil" - that's a great song off the new CD! Hope they'll play that live next time! Great job guys! You rock!

What is there to say? You guys are the best live show I have ever seen. The venue only enhanced the incredible effort you guys pump into every moment giving your fans everything they could ask. It made us feel like we were onstage right with you guys ripping it up and just unbelievable energy the whole night. As a lifelong fan of every band member, Chickenfoot encompasses all there is to love about each one of the guys and you all are TRULY appreciated. Old school killer live show just like it should be! Keep Rockin' Guys!

Phenomenal show fellas!! Better yet, got to see this one with my brother. First time he has seen The Foot and he was not disappointed!! We were 4 deep on Mikey's side and the sound and atmosphere was next to none. I told my brother that I guaranteed that Sammy would compare The Metro to the Cabo Wabo and sure enough, he did!! The setlist was an awesome mix of both albums and I am glad that they are staying away from playing VH and Satch solo stuff. The CFoot material stands on it's own laurels quite well! A real highlight for me was Turnin Left!! Mikey and Kenny were just tearing up the intro with a little mini bass and drum jam and Satch's guitar just came screaming in at the right time!! Sammy continued to set the tone on the vocals as he came literally spinning around to the front of the stage and right into the first verse!! The energy never stopped throughout that song!! At the end of Turnin Left, My brother and I turned to each other and just said "WOW"!!! My brother also got a taste of what it is like to be a true Redhead/Foot Soldier! He caught the "See Ya in CABO" shirt that Sammy threw back out in the direction of the rightful owner. He thought that he got me a nice souvenir but I explained that he had to give it back to the guy that originally threw it up there!! He looked at me almost in shock but I told him, "that is just what we do". My bro really made that guys night as he thanked him and told my brother how cool that was of him after the show!! Guess its not only the mind blowing music, but also the little things like that that make a great rock n roll experience!! See ya this summer CFoot!!

Great fuckin show. Real high energy , real tight. Metro sucks. to small for this type of show. packed in like sardines. Never will go to Metro again , if at all possible. People pushing, shoving , and just plain rude.

I can't agree more 'bobhur'. We landed a nice spot and as soon as the band kicked in every douche bag over 6' tall pushed their way in front of us. My wife 5'6" was so fed up, she went up and sat on the couch. I rubbernecked to see the show, and we left early. . .whawhaaaa. The first show at the park West was stellar. I would goto the metro if someone gave me tickets. Great band bad choice of venue. . .The Foot ROCKS. . .\m/

WOW!!! - What a show! The atmosphere in that place was PUMPING! Sammy was all over the place interacting with the crowd and signing stuff left and right. Mikey was also going back and forth having a great time. Joe--as always, you are a god. The set was great, sounded like the CD with more crazy screams and killer guitar solos. Ended with "Foxy Lady" which I thought was kinda odd, seeing as its not a Foot song, but, oh well, who doesn't love Hendrix? GREAT show, GREAT guys, GREAT atmosphere, so worth it! Totally need to see them next summer!

We were at the chicago show last night. I really wanted to do a full review, but the night is a big blur. They sounded great and looked like they were having a blast. I can't remember all the songs played or really, most of the show, but I did wake up this morning, naked, on the floor of the hotel, just outside the bathroom. So i'm guessing I had a blast! Did make for one long ass, 8 hour drive home today. Can't wait for the tour this summer.

Awesome show. They were all so into it and they gave the audience an outstanding show. The new songs were great. Kenny did a nice job sitting in for Chad. The collective experience and musical showmanship of this band is second to none!

Set List
Lighten Up
Alright, Alright
Big Foot
Sexy Little Thing
Soap on a Rope
Up Next
My Kinda Girl
Down The Drain
Come Closer
Three and a Half Letters
Something Going Wrong
Turnin' Left
Future In The Past *
Oh Yeah
Foxy Lady

*Sammy forgot some of the lyrics

got two tics to the chicago show and can't make it....bummed about that!! anyone in the detroit area, they are for sale for exactly what i paid. i will check back to the site around noon today 11/3 and throughout the afternoon. leave good contact info. hope to make somebody happy!!!

I NEED A JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it. I work like a fuckin dog and because I worked today I missed the presale. I should quit on Monday!

Tickets bought and printed finally!! Can't wait!

Just got 2 tickets for the show, flying in from Buffalo, NY. Can't wait, haven't seen them since Lake Tahoe last year!!

We got ours too, driving 8 hrs from central Minnesota, gonna be people from everywhere at this one! They're gonna tear the roof off this place!!

do you know if theres a place I can find tour dates/places so I dont have to drive from MN to IL? Again...I might see them both times even but if they are coming here like to the myth again or wherever. Would appreciate any help...

thought for sure there was a limit of 4 for Chicago! WTF??

Just do it again and buy 2 more!

Just bought my 2. Smooooooth!

if you click on preview ,, it will take you directly to the proper place ,but you have to wait for the box office to open first

Yes can someone please clarify what site to get the presale tickets on? The etix site has no show listed for Nov 5th whatsoever - Metro has it listed as of yesterday with tix at $51 going onsale this Saturday at noon.....?!?!? Im not finding a link to click on to even use the presale code! Is there going to be a link to click on from the website I hope?

Looks like Metro's site is saying that we can only buy 2 tickets. Is that true?

Yes it is true,,, CHICKENFOOT also sent out an email yesterday that had the same information

Why are they playing this show at 18+? My eleven year old likes the foot and I wanted to take home to see the show! I know these venue does allow for all ages show!

Suds will be served foot style, you will have to wait until the regular tour for kids to enjoy, so drink up and enjoy some foot pounding soundsss.. seen both shows last time here in Chicago and you just cant hear how great these guys sound live. Can't wait for the 5th and main tour.

The venues website says they DO NOT use ticketmaster. they only use etix. this date is on the shows page, but when you click the "buy" link, it is not one of the options. just want to make sure I can get tix tomorrow. their site shows tix going on sale 10-8 at 12:00pm. will we be able to get them tomorrow during the presale? And 10:00pst, so 12:00cst correct?

this is all it says?? Chickenfoot
Metro- Chicago, IL
November 5, 2011 7:30 PM
18 & Over. Valid State/Federal ID required for entry.
Doors open at 6:30 PM.
Also Appearing: Ponderosa.

i am trying to buy them right now, but i dont even see on there calendar where checkenfoot is even coming, so not sure what i am doing wrong. but your comment says 10am pst which would explain its not 10am eastern, but i cnanot see where it is even showing a presale anywhere on there website?? I am on the metro website

Is that 10:00am pacific time?

the chickenfoot website says local time

good question. anyone know the answer?? my guess it would be central time since its a chicago show. but who knows. it may be eastern.

All presale times are in local venue time.

Why did the band pick a venue that only allows for 18+? You Alienate all fans under 18 and make it difficult for us parents who have kids under 18 to tell them why they can not see one of there favorite bands. Thanks again

Make sure you thank the band for playing an 18+ venue!

is this an all ages show????

Anyone who can get an extra ticket, I would be interested. otherwise I will try on the 8th, didn't want to have to join the fan club for 1 presale ticket. Joined to many other times.