Nov 04, 2011
The Pageant
St. Louis, MO
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One HELLVA show. The guys all fed off one another and the crowd. The place was packed and everyone rocked out!
The best part is that it wasn't a Sammy,Joe,Micheal,Kenny show, with each one doing their own stuff or groove. But a group of guys having fun and playing some rock-n-roll.
It showed...we felt it...and we will see them again this summer...
Let's do it under the Arch!!!!

Sammy, thank you for bringing the Foot to STL!! Loved the mix of songs from both CD's. You engery is contagious and you keep the crowd alive and at the edge of their seats.....personally, I stand and dance at all of your concerts. Your songs reach my core - my husband says I go into a trace when you are on stage and totally block out everything and everyone. First time to see Joe live and I shall never forget....he jams the guitar - loved "Future in the Past" and "Down the Drain". Mikey provides the best background vocals, your voices just mesh together as one and Kenny pounded the drums. Look forward to The Foot's return this summer. Hope you can secure a larger venue as you have many, many Foot Soliders in STL! Kristy

WOW...WOW...WOW....what a show...the FOOT rocked in STL...I have seen a lot of concerts in my time..from Head East(my 1st concert),the 1st "Farm Aid" in Champaign Il... the Eagles...Alice Cooper...Kiss....all the "Sammy" bands...and this was guys are keeping rock'n'roll alive....THANKS!!

Hello fellow Foot Soldiers! What an amazing show at The Pagent in St. Louis! Going into this show, I was worried that Sammy Hagar had hurt his voice on The Jimmy Kimmel Show the night before, but you would have never known. His vocals were spot on! Sammy is a genetic miracle running around the stage like a man possessed, and putting other lead singers to shame that are half his age. Joe Satriani dazzles us with his effects and guitar mastery, and makes the most difficult runs on the neck of the guitar look effortless! I am convinced that Joe Satriani is actually an alien. I imagine that after the show, after he hopped on the shuttle bus back to the hotel, he slipped away to his spaceship, and returned to his planet “Vox Ibanez” via “Wormholes and Wizards” style for 1 year, only to return a split second later, as he knows exactly how to defy the space/time continuum. Michael Anthony is unleashed, and at times, co-lead sings with Sammy, and provides his signature background vocals. Michael Anthony is some sort of John Entwistle/John Paul Jones fusion treating the bass guitar like a solo instrument! I would like to officially welcome Kenny Aronoff to the Chickenfoot line up. He has “Guns For Arms” and really uses them to punish the drum kit! I don’t think that his arms should get any bigger, as he would probably go through about 6 drum kits per night, and I don’t think that is in the budget. Kenny Aronoff does a superb job of sticking to the drum tracks Chad Smith has laid down, but adding his own flair, making it his own! If you want to see a real rock and roll show with no auto tune or f**king computers, go checkout Chickenfoot! You will never be the same, as you’re rode hard and put away wet…..bruised, battered, bow legged, and bewildered…..satisfied.....yet wanting more! Rock and Roll is alive and well, and Chickenfoot delivers!!!

The Setlist is as follows:
1) Lighten Up
2) Alright Alright
3) Big Foot
4) Sexy Little Thing
5) Soap On A Rope
6) Last Temptation
7) Up Next
8) My Kinda Girl
9) Down The Drain
10) Come Closer
11) Three And A Half Letters
12) Something Goin’ Wrong
13) Turnin’ Left
14) Future In The Past

15) Oh Yeah!
16) Foxy Lady

Was a great show. I had an excellent time. Never seen such a crowd @ The Pageant and i have seen sold out shows there before. I want to be entered for a chance to win the autographed cd since the band all boarded the Harrah shuttle and didn't stop and say hey behind the Pageant after the show...Wish they had! Ah well.

Not sure if my blog site will show up so here is the link. I reviewed the show with pictures and all!

Chicknfoot rocked Saint Louis Friday night!!! The show was a great mix of songs from both albums! We can really tell that you guys are really enjoy playing with each other and you feed off each other. Hoping that Saint Louis makes the cut for another show in the spring at a larger venue!! Thanks for including us on your road test!!! The show was awesome!

You guys were GREAT last night in St Louis...u guys need to come back to bigger place, u KNOW u would sell out in St Louis baby! How about the Family Arena in nearby St Charles!!?!?!?

You guys rocked some serious ass last night in St.Louis! Can't wait to see you again next summer! Hell yeah!

See you guys tonight!!!

What a great way to spend my 10-13!! Come on Friday already!!

I have a couple of tickets for this show... St. Louis.
If you are interested, send me an email at

Buddy that is in the Army at Ft Bragg in NC flying in for the St. Louis show. Chances are we may have a Waborita or 3!!!
Ready to rock the foot!

ROCKIN OUT the FOOT right " UP NEXT" KICKS ASS...... cant wait

to see you in St. Louis ROCK ON!!!

New Album is off the charts! Got my presale tickets for St Louis- definitely worth the 5 hour drive from KC.


Foot Soldiers wanna go!

Sorry, but no soundcheck/backstage premium ticket packages for these road test shows.

Got my ticket for the St Louis show in hand

Got our tickets, what a great night for our anniversary. Dinner, then the show...alrighty,alright,alright,alright! Then desert when we get home....

Looking forward to the 'foot, loved the live video feed last week. See you in the pit.

Does anyone know if there will be age restrictions for this show? My son wants to go in the worst way......he has been walking around the house all weekend singing "I need a job, I need a job......I'm willing to work, but I need a job!"

They have a special area for the under 21 fans, you pay a 2.00 surchage at the door for minors. I think club website shows the special area. Taking my son to be 13 year old for his B-Day present, he has been wanting to see Sammy for sometime now. Rock on good people!!

Event is all ages... just under 21 in a "restricted" area!

I believe it is a 'must be 21' to enter venue

I think it is 21 just for the balcony

Webcast was awesome! Love the new album. Will make the roadtrip from KC to see you guys in StL

This is so awesome!!!!! I have been a fan of Sammy for YEARS! Now I get to see him on my 40th birthday with friends I've met at the Cantina in Cabo!!!!!! If I get to meet him it will be a special birthday to remember and a bonus to meet the rest of the band!!!!!! I'm so excited!

How Much Are Tix Gonna Sell For?

Can't wait to see you in St. Louis! Love the new album! Different Devil is definitely a #1 hit!!

Looking forward to the show... what are the ticket prices going to be?

The FOOT is going to blow the roof off the place!! The new CD is fantastic, thanks for giving us a true Rock n Roll classic album, amazing sound and songs! Can't wait for this party!!

Super pumped for this show... love the new cd

Cannot wait for this show!!!

Love new album!! Webcast was really cool last night. I'm so ready to see you guys LIVE again!!! It's about time you get to St. Louis :)

When can we buy tickets????

I can't wait to see you guys. My husband and I have been huge fans for many, many years.

1000am, but what time zone?!?!