Made it to Minneapolis!

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The Brick
Made it to Minneapolis!

Minneapolis! Despite the band's jokes in the Tahoe video, no lasik or other laser based operations have been performed with the lasers used for the light show!

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travelin' travis is a huge fan who managed to join the band on the road for the EUROPE ROAD TEST 2012.
In 2012 he was hired as the new E.D.C.F.R.N.R. - see more about that in the Different Devil Tour Announcement video.
You can also see more of his photos here.

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Where is Traveling Travis' buddy Clyde???

Clyde (RED monkey) is Travis' buddy and they met up again in Tahoe. Travis wanted Clyde to go with him and invited him on stage and to go on tour. Clyde was with Travis in the last picture in Denver. What happened to him? Did he not make it with him to Minneapolis? I'm his mom and I'm scared the carnies got him. Is he ok????

Where's Clyde???

Where's Clyde??? :-(