May 25 2010

Joe, Chad, Mike and Sammy are focusing their time together for the rest of the year on material for a new album, but we are happy to announce they are getting together for what might be their last live show of 2010 Sep 11 @ HARVEY'S LAKE TAHOE! We have two exclusive premium ticket packages that will be available for this show.

Click here to visit the tour page for details.

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Still not got any info about the album, but I would search on and collect more detail about it. It sounds good from all the commenter on the site and hope it would be of grand success. I can have their live experience of talents if they could visit Nepal for their presentation. I am doing job as a musician and it would be also helpful in my profession to view and listen the songs by Sammy. What I got to know is that most of the music lovers in the place are not getting the ticket for the show. What I want is, provide tickets to all as per the levels and grade of tickets available. It hears good if it is adopted and more people can attend in the show to get the live view. This kind of post helps in optimizing people's knowledge of the show. So, keep on updating all recent and coming shows. Thank you...

Amazing show! I have always loved Van Halen, the Chili Peppers and ESPECIALLY Joe, and to see these 4 guys together was a blast. Sammy's son Aaron did a hell of a job getting the crowd warmed up, and it just kept getting better. I will not miss them if and when they return!

Have a great time in Tahoe everyone!!!

Jon, can I beg you to ask the guys to at least give me a hint if they can get to Australia next year when the 2nd CD comes out? We are OVERDUE!!!!! Tell Sammy we have LOTS of tequila down here. Thanks in advance.

Hey Skippygirl-- it's way too early to think about touring after the next CD, but when the time comes I'm sure they'll be looking to go every place they can!

Fellow Foot Fans: Is the Tahoe show already completely sold out? When do tickets to the general public go on sale since the pre-sale is over? Anyone have info? Thanks!

Got my tickets and will be seeing them again in Tahoe in Sept. I can't wait!!! Last year was so fun!

Got my GA ticket for the show! It will be awesome to see the guys play again live. They sounded great in Cabo last month, so I can only imagine they'll sound just as good if not better in Tahoe. Would be cool if they had some new songs to try out on us.

See everyone there!

Rock on,
Michelle - Needs another 2010 Foot fix!

Ticketmaster informs me after 2 hours of trying to get vip presale that its for US customers only , glad i payed for a fan club membership! Is there a reason for this??

Are you running any contests to win VIP tickets? I want to see them live SO BADLY but, HELLO ECONOMY! No money. I guess they only party with the rich. Must be nice! I live in Fl but would gladly travel to see The Foot.

Buying my way into heaven! Got my "Ultimate Tahoe Party Package"! I'm goin' to Tahoe in the Fall baby!

I also can't find the pricing for the packages? Would be nice to know what they are so we can decide what to do before the craziness at 10am tomorrow.

might there be ANOTHER drummer as well?? ;)

Nope, Chad on the drums.

Is there a price listed somewhere for the package? Can't seem to find it. Thanks!

Soundcheck: $309.50
Ultimate Tahoe Package: $559.00


Are the rest of the seats general admission? I hate to drive 9 hours and get a crappy seat.

If it's anything like the Vegas gig it's gonna be $750 & $375!!

HELL YA!!!!!!1

Sammy came out after the Tahoe Cinco de Mayo show and told the crowd Chickenfoot will be back on Sept. 11th
I was Stoked!! Been checking ticketmaster every freaking day since he said that!!!

Tommorow it's FOOT TIX!!!!

Seeing Sammy this Sunday in Sacramento with the Other Half Mr. Anthony!!!!

Will the drummer be chad???? if there is a substichad I'm going to have a broken heart. I almost went to cobo for my birthday (4/23)but decided not to and that night there WAS a substichad-Matt Sorum who was very good (saw youtube video)but.... i love me some Chad Smith. SO with that said,um, written PLEASE let us know if Chad won't be the drummer just so i know if i am gonna need to bring the superglue with me or not.

saw chickenfoot 3 times last year so I'm ready for this. wonder if they will play some new foot for us...
thank you


Yes, Chad is the drummer :}