Oct 17 2009

The band is doing one final date for the year and for the tour before taking a break for the holidays. Sammy has also made 50 exclusive tickets available to his special opening event for his new Cabo Wabo nightclub as part of an one-time fan Meet & Greet package. Fanclub presale starts up Wed morning at 10am. Details over on the tour page!

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Hey crazy people! As luck would have it, my bro just got home from Afghanistan and we are meeting up in Vegas! Imagine my surprise to see that we fly in on the 4th. of December, and well you know! This is AWESOME!!! Looking forward to some good ol' ass kickin ROCK N ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!! Have not got our tickets yet, but we WILL be there! CRAZY EXCITED!!!

Going to my first CF show right here in my hometown... VEGAS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C YA Dec 5th!!!!!!!!


Got my tickets. Have not been to Vegas in 20 years. The show in Houston did not fill me up on the FOOT! I know you will be comin down hard in Vegas, I'm ready for the show! So excited!

Just wondering why there is no mention of the Jimmy Kimmel Show appearance...

it was in the latest email blast from last week and also posted as a news item here

Looking forward to seeing Chickenfoot for the 1st time! How many more days till Dec 5th?

Got my tix for the Vegas show - Oh Yeah!!! Patiently waited for a Florida date that didn't materialize, but psyched about the gig at The Joint!!!

Great to hear about the one final show!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are such a great band and hope to hear more from them in the future................
The Foot is also putting its stamp on ESPN. ESPN is playing "Oh Yeah" when they are showing some on the baseball playoff highlights. I noticed on one of their morning shows. Got me all fired up when I heard it!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the Great Album and Concerts!!!!!!!!!

Hey WTF guys? Love you to death and waiting patiently and NO SHOW in New Orleans? Come on you kiddin' me right, tease me with a special release bonus song all about my city and then not show up on the tour OUCH that hurt! We love you down here and you know you love us so HEY get your asses down here ASAP (plz). Joe knowes I was right in front at his last gig at the HOB, I would never miss the opportunity to rock my B**ls Off with you guys so come on.

I thought I saw the last Chickenfoot concert of the year down in Cabo!! I'm in!!!! Going to Vegas to do it all again!! Going for the MONSTER Package baby!!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

Doug, I was in Cabo too. GREAT show. The Cubs jersey Sammy wore singing Oh Yeah was mine. Very cool. We are checking out Vegas too. Anybody hear how much the big package is going to run?

I saw you there! I think I told you I loved the jersey! I'm a Die-Hard Cubs Fan & Chickenfoot Fan also!!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

I love surprises!