New Music Video for "My Kinda Girl" (Single just released) !

Apr 24 2010
New Music Video for "My Kinda Girl" (Single just released) !

The next single from the album is out and we've got a brand new music video to go along with it! Check it out, premiered exclusively on - check it out here!. We call on all people of the foot to help us out by calling up your local radio station and requesting "My Kinda Girl"!

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Kudos on the video! Loved the hell out of it. I'm tired of winter and need a Chickenfoot concert to kick in my summer concert fanaticism! Boys Get R Done! Chickenfoot Rules!!!!


It IS time for new Chickenfoot. Please come to the Lakeland Center in Lakeland FL' Great acoustics, and good enough for Elton John, Jimmy Buffett Willy Nelson and a few others!

My friend Kaitlyn who is 5 (turning six next month) had a school rally last week. the music they used all week was survivors "eye of the tiger". Kaitlyn comments to her father who works at the school..."eye of the tiger again? I've heard this all week if they wanted something good they should have played "get it up" by chickenfoot. ...oh and she asked her mom "when is Sammy's band coming out with a new record i love the first one but its time for new chickenfoot.

viva la foot
Constance (ChickN2foot)

Thanks Jon!! Much appreciated, My Kinda Webmaster :0)

Love the live "Foot"-age from the first concert in Seattle at El Corazon!!!!! I'll be on the phone with KISW requesting the song today. Hopefully they'll give Chickenfoot some much needed air time up here.

Rock on,
Michelle - one happy Seattle chick!

PS - The Foot kicked major ASS in Cabo, it was awesome seeing them live 2 nights in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah Jon, "Vivo no worky in your country' mate......any chance of another site for Aussies to have a look? Thanks in advance.

You know it-- we'll have it up everywhere else very soon :}

this song is growing on me. the edit sucks where they cut out the sustain part on mr satrianis guitar solo.
you could go out for a bite and it would still be ringing