New Video for "Oh Yeah"

Jun 11 2009

You may remember hearing them talk about this video in the "Oh Yeah" episode of the 12 Days of The Foot, and it is finally here! Check out Joe, Chad, Mike and Sammy in the first Chickenfoot Music Video which combines live performance, rehearsal footage, and a very special bbq solo section. Available in the Chickenfoot Widget here on the news page as well as in the Podcast and on Youtube and Facebook.

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this video rocks!!!I love`s like Satch,Chad,Sammy and Michael say: "that`s us, that`s chickenfoot "

This video is awesome! Thanks for sharing.


Great new music love it, get out of Europe and back in the US!!! Can't wait to see you guys live!

that is the best music video I've seen since pink floyd the wall!! I laughed so hard. And sammy, digging he smart car, very nice.

Love you guys!
This video is what it's all about!
Great to see you all so happy!

The album is taking off bros! :-D
Don't forget to bring those rockin' shoes!
Or was it ROCKET shoes????? LOL!!!!
You're gonna need them soon!

Have funz y'all!!!!

JA /|\

Every time I think they've outdone themselves, they outdo themselves again. These guys don't need any frills. There's no B.S. here, these guys are just having fun and playing Rock & Roll! LONG LIVE CHICKENFOOT!!! \|/

I love how you got Sulley in there! LMAO!!! Classic!

Senor Waborita

This song is the best on the album! Rock on Chickenfoot!

after I saw this movie, I bought the album straight away,

hey Sammy,
please stay away from the guitars (sorry mate) I just want your singing pls

Great Job, I liked the BBQ segment. You should have thrown some test show concert footage in. That group in the video looks all sleepy and brain dead. The Filmore show in NYC was packed with screaming lunatics (the way it should be).

That's the way we like it! :)
See you in Heerhugowaard....I can't wait! Just 2 more weeks!

Hènke from Holland

Looks like the guys are having fun. It's how a band should be. Let's hope the guys can churn out a few albums, and cement their place in Rock History. The "CHICKENFOOT" LP is a classic.

I love the video....make more :-)