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May 25 2009

You should now be seeing at the top of the page our brand new video serial, "12 Days of the Foot". Join Joe, Chad, Mike, Sammy as they share some background on each song of the new album. Also included are clips of each song so you can get a listen in advance of the release date! One episode, one song per day. Enjoy!

Visit the "12 Days of the Foot" page here ->

Also available on our Facebook and Youtube channels.

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Looks great, I love indepth info like this, keep it coming.

I have watched this video serial ,Very nice one. Thank you very much for share-------------Furnace Filter || Pet Bounce

Loves me some ChxFT....11 herbs and spices , washed down with 100 proof pure grain rock 'n' roll!!!HUAAAA!

I have been a Van Halen for about 30 years but all good things come to a end, Sorry eddie but chickenfoot just moved into the number one spot for me. Roth your a has been. Sammy you still and always will kick ass.
Mikey it is nice to see you having fun again. I have listened to the new cd and I love all of it, every song no filler crap here! Just down to earth rock and roll. May Chickenfoot kickass in 2009 and forever.


What a glorious day! CD release--check! Meet 'n Greet--check! (wish I could be there) Conan--check! You gotta love Chickmas in June baby! Planning on seeing at least 4 shows on the first leg of the big tour! Thanks for what you guys do! Keep it going because the Future is the Past!

so, we got a my kinda girl video coming our way? nice. any idea when that will be? id also suggest learning to fall or sexy little thing for vidz.
and what about the dvd? at the sf concert they said it was recorded for a dvd, and sammy said it'll come out the same day as the album. news?


In the words of Sammy, "Goosebumps, you can't fake that shit!" That is how I felt after I read what Joe had said about how they recorded "Down the Drain". Then when I heard them talk about it on the 7th Day, the bumps returned! That has to be the best story of impromptu I have ever heard! You guys are so professional and so much fun! Thank you so much for bringing this joy to us Feetheads! And Sammy I loved the Chicken hat in Chicago, I hope to see you wear that again down the road!

Right Now Foot is King
Right Now I cant wait for tomorow for another download of the 12 days
Right Now the other-Other Half Is gettin fat off the Nostalgia Tour proceeds and doing nothing for our ears.
Right Now the Only Half is again whole and Kickin' Ass in america.

So much fun, so much music, so many people, they did build it, and now we are HERE !


thanks for bringing it back, boyz of the foot ....

(in my best drunk voice)
I F@&%ing luv you guys !!!

Must have record....can't hang on much longer.....Please release it set me free.....
the foot kicked ass at the fillmore in SF. LOVE the drummer, he gave me the foot ;)


"Eye protection required"

This is probably going to be the greatest rock n roll record EVER!!!!

THANK YOU Chickenfoot (including all the techs running the show) for putting out so much content. I'm a giant VH fan and it frustrates me to not have any additional stuff to go with the CDs. The constant updates and video blogs are so exiting for me to watch and keep up with. I won't be able to catch any of the live shows, but PLEASE put out a DVD sometime this year or next.

Even more post video credit suggestions:

The thoughts, views, noises, and facial expressions of the band do not reflect the views of the record company, it's affiliates, or anyone else with any common sense or decency.

Don't cluck us, we'll cluck you.

Chickenfoot: Apply liberally to sore areas (including egos), rinse, and repeat until swelling stops.

I still like "If you build it, the Foot will come".

Thanks again, People of the Foot.

6 songs down 6 to go! I can't wait til next Friday. I tried to get out of work to go to LA, for the Meet and Conan, but I have to save SOME leave for Cabo after going to see the FOOT in Chicago! Can't wait to see you all in August/September, and I can't wait til this CD and Album comes out! I ordered copies for my friends, but there's no way I'm waiting to have it mailed to me, I'm picking my copy up at Best Buy on the way to work Friday! GET IT UP!

I really liked the video for "Get It Up" today.
This is one of the main reasons I love Sammy so much.
No matter what, he refusus to let things get him down and out and he exudes this
quality to others wherever he goes.

He sees people who are struggeling and wants, really bad, to help them shake it
all off and "Get It Up" and get back to being positive and up-beat again.
Believe me, sometimes I honestly don't know how I could go on another minute
when I'm really depressed, but all I have to do is put on something with Sammy
singing about being HAPPY and I can catch his vibe and climb outta the pit.

The major difference with THIS song from all the other inspiring songs he does
is that "Get It Up" will abrubptly slap that depression crap clean outta your
skull and gets you happy INSTANTLY.
No crawling outta the hole allowed. He grabs you by the (fill in blank) and
throws you skyward.
This song should be classified by the FDA as an intense mood altering substance
to be taken with extreme caution because the main side effect is euphoria.

Loved listening to Joe explain the technicalities of writing that
song...actually, I've enjoyed listening to him talk about ALL the songs so far.
He's so soft spoken and seems like the nicest guy you'd ever wanna know!!!

All the guys are very talented musicians, but this dude, Satch, has the theories
and everything about his craft INGRAINED into his being.

What was it he was talking about today? Some kind of scale he says he used in
that tune....? I can HEAR what he's talking about when I listen to the song,
sounds, like he says, kinda exotic, like something from the middle east or the
orient, but I never heard someone ever NAME what scale that was! I couldn't even
begin to recall what he called it. That was very impressive.

IMHO, the overall level of musicianship in this band is on par with very few
others in the world of rock as we know it today.
Chickenfoot is it's own and I love it!

~JA~ :-D <---grabbing that positive spin with both hands and running with it
for all it's worth!

I really like van halen but you guys are going to kick van halens ass bigtime. I love hearing good old fashion rock and rock, the music and not the whole drama show just guys whole love playing together and making awesome rock and roll music.

I have to agree with Joe...sorry Chad.
This song would have been fine without the intro.
I mean, I dig it like it is, but it sounds like it could have started like "Loud" does, with just the 'boom-snap!' of the drums in the beginning.
Chad, sometimes you gotta just take the reins and be the LEADER! LMAO!
Seriously though (for a second anyways) I'm lovin' all the new songs guys and the "12 Days Of The Foot" vids are totally beyond cool!

Thanks for the Fillmore show. I did the VIP deal and had a blast!
Hope to see you all this summer...somewhere here near Central Cal.
Another intimate venue would be nice.
How 'bout Salinas? No? Why NOT?! Salinas is good.
Sammy's birthplace. We can dedicate a statue of him or something at the show.
You guys can play in our back yard and we'll BBQ some ribs and have some salad.
My B-day's on 7/ it...I'll make sure to keep the venue here open that day. LOL!

Oh, and careful man...someone told me that smoking too much good green will give you 'man-boobs'. HA! Made ya look. ;-)

Redlove & Chickenfoot(Peace!),

Jeanette :-)))

Here are my suggestions for future Chickenfoot Podcast episode credits:

Joes uses (list equipment), and Bic razors.
Chad uses (list equipment), and scares me.
Mike uses (list equipment), and has the secret photographs.
Sammy uses his voice, and likes pie.

Boy, that speed reading class really paid off.

If you build it, the Foot will come.

I need a nap.

Stop pausing, you're missing the song!

I am loving the 12 days of the foot episodes on the iTUNES. This band is really doing cool things for us all. I could not believe when I walked in the El Corazon (Seattle) to think I was going to see Chickenfoots first real show there. They could have easily played a big venue, but they decided to do something cool and unique instead. The show ticket price was reasonable even the VIP which I got (so many gooies came with that package - well worth the coin). Now, I got some music teasers online, got a full fleged show at a club no less, and now I am counting down to the album with a really fun set of clips. These guys are all legends and its nice and refreshing seeing them like this. The are laid back, having fun and giving us the best countdown experience to the album's release ever. This cd is going to be awesome. If the band reads these, I just want to say thanks for being so good to the fans. Chickenfoot is coming......OH YEAH!!!!!!

Check it out here...

What a show, and a great venue by the way! This is Rock like not many groups make today! Keep it up guys, hope to see you multiple times on the next tour!

Hey Guys,

Julianna here, from Music Connection Magazine, just thought you would like to know we are giving away a one-of-a-kind Ibanez GSA 60 guitar signed by, Chickenfoot this Friday, May 29 -- go to to sign up

Good Luck!

If I win I'll record a song for you with it!

Thanks for these videos and thanks for a great show in Boston. The Foot has landed in Boston!!!

Awesome! I can't wait till you boys hit Florida.


that song is sooo heavy
that it weighs tons!!!!

LOVING THIS!! Great way to keep us hyped til the record comes out!!



This is so great, guys!! I really enjoyed the first video, including the credits (YES, I was TOO CLOSE!). Can't wait to see a new one each day until June 5. What a treat for the fans!! CHICKENFOOT ROCKS!!! See you at the CD signing!!

I don't know if the 12 days theme was intended to be a play on the fact that there are also 12 inches in a foot as well but every inch we get closer to hearing the whole album front to back the better. I am still bummed that I was unable to see any of the road test-oh well hear it soon enough. By the way, have any of you other chickenheads received a shirt yet? I can't wait to strut like a rooster in mine.

This countdown through new videos each day is a real good idea.
Only 2 words: Thank You !
And See you in Montreux next 4th of July !

Was at the Chicago show Friday night, heard this song full on. I still get goose bumps or Chicken pox or whatever... Can't wait to get my hands on the disc...

Thanks for that! can't wait for the Philly show!
Everyone, pause the credits and read them for a laugh.

12 days to the album release and 4 weeks until the sheperds bush gig can`t wait for both.

What a great way to start a Monday! I can't wait for the next 11 days!