Party with the Foot at the Cabo Wabo 20th Anniversary Weekend! LIVE WEBCAST ADDED!

Mar 24 2010
Party with the Foot at the Cabo Wabo 20th Anniversary Weekend! LIVE WEBCAST ADDED!

The boys will be helping Sammy celebrate 20 years of the Cabo Wabo Cantina down in Cabo San Lucas April 23-24th, 2010 and want you to come join them!

Sammy is inviting everyone who has ever been there once to be there twice and make this the most fun ever had in Cabo!! The foot plays Friday and Saturday, but the party starts on Thursday. Like Sammy's birthday bashes, tickets will be FREE and *first come, first serve* (No advance purchase). So that's three nights including two free Chickenfoot shows, so that's the why, where, when, so come on down and let's Wabo!!

JUST ANNOUNCED: LIVE WEBCAST from Cabo on April 24th at 9pm Mountain Time (8pm PDT, 11pm EDT)! More details with be forthcoming and you can rsvp for a reminder email the day before with the viewing link at

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I have two tickets to the October 9th show and now I cannot go. Does anyone know how I can either get money back or put up the tickets for sale to someone who is actually going to be there? I am not looking to make a dime off of this but to just recoup ticket costs

Guys, you kicked ass. Finally made the trip down there after trying for over a decade. Was not disappointed. Had an awesome time. Is anything from the anniversary gonna be put on DVD? I would definitely buy it. I know I got my buzz on!

Thanx to Chickenfoot, Best Buy and all the countless people that worked behind the scenes to make the webcast happen....... YOU Rawk!

Thanks team!!! The webcast was fab, this Aussie appreciates the chance to see the boys "live", Joe you were on fire as always.

for the webcast I’m thinking about a drinking game for example, every time Chad throws a stick take a drink when Sammy yells out “Smoke!!” take a drink ‘’] it seems like a good way to stay hydrated

Trying to convince my husband to TAKE ME DOWN to Cabo from Florida
for the 20th. Anniversary Celebration. I love those Guys!
Rock On Sammy. I ♥ U dude.

Wow! 20 years ago I was working on my motor bike in San Diego with the TV on MTV. There was a live broadcast" all day from the Cabo Wabo grand opening. Thought that was pretty cool. I moved to Cabo December 27th, 1990 and did Cabo Wabo for New Years eve. Saw a great show with "Iggy Pop" and that was it! I've been here 20 years now!!! Life in the Corridoor" is great!!!
See ya next week!
Bill Kreuzer
El Tule

OH, I wish I could be there but I'm going to be cramming for my finals. The semester is almost over. Too bad the anniversary wasn't wasn't May 24th. Have a great time everyone. Take lots of pictures!

This news could not be any better!!! We go to CABO twice a year and always miss Sammy by a day or two in Rocktober. Been a Sammy fan for 25 years; been going to Cabo for 20+ years going to be there from the 19th!!!! This is the best news. Our daughter who just finished medical school will also be with us this year; this is awesome!. We hit the Cantina just about every night and most of your staff knows who we are. Just want to make sure we can get in.. Hey Sammy we are also friends with your favorite stage toaster of CABO WABO TEQUILA with long dark hair (you know what I mean) any idea what time we should show up?? We will be present and accounted for 6am 10 am 2pm any hints would be appreciated!! From our family to yours LOL!!!

Look out we come!!!!! I went two yrs ago for my 50th & was planning on going back this yr.for Sammy's Bday in Oct!!! But the 20th of Cabo Wabo is going to ROCK & we will be there ready to ROCK!!!!!
Can't wait!!!!So excted!!!!
But.....does anyone have any details on how we get in? Do we need tickets, wristbands??? Please let me know if you have any info!!!

Happy Anniversary Cabo!!!! Sorry I missed you guys last summer, I didn't know about the tour ): Rock On Sammy!!!
Love Ya
Whats 4 Breakfast

My wife and I are going to Cabo for the first time for her 21st birthday on the April 25th but arrive the 24th. Hoping to come check this out sounds like a blast!

hoping to go, where is the best place to stay downtown?? send me an email:

I was already planning to be in Cabo for my birthday April 24th and then I got the insane news that Chickenfoot was gonna be there! You can count me in! I can't wait!

Hope those who are going will have fun.

1st time going to Cabo, can't wait to see the FOOT . Anyone know what day or what time to get in line for tickets ?


OH YEAH!!!! Chickenfoot in Cabo AGAIN! :)

What time does the Cantina open? I will be waiting by the door for my tickets!!! Been trying to get to the birthday bash for years. I saw this & finally said what the hell, I'm going. See you soon.

Herbie we're heading down & we're crashing at your pad. Cabo will be rocking & we'll be knocking!

Pluckin' A!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome news!! I cannot wait to see the Foot in Cabo. This trip is gonna ROCK!!!


How do I get tickets? I don't see links anywhere...I'm going one way or another!

You don't need to pick up tickets in advance, just need to show up early enough in the day to get a spot in line to get in!

lol..shouldnt you guys be recording in april? party sounds like a great party but to far for this NYer...i know those who make it will have the time of their life..thank God for Youtube...maybe theyll be a live broadcast?..fingers crossed X

Wasn't too far for this new yorker!!!! Thanks for a great time Chickenfoot! Im always in Cabo... in my next life i want to come back as Sammy. I don't think he has more fun than me, but he can afford alot more tequila.... lol I'll be down for Sammy's birthday in October. I'll also be celebrating my 40th! holy shit!

thank you!!!!